A Blessing

A Blessing

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 14, 2017
Location: Gibsons, BC

My beloveds, you are no longer lost. You have truly found the Truth, you carry it within your souls. It is readily seen by the Light that you carry my beloveds. Now it is time to carry this Truth to the world, to bring this Truth in many ways, to demonstrate this Truth, and to make your lives an expression of this Truth in every way.

Walk in this Light beloveds. Walk in this Light together, in this glorious Light and Love, and those that carry this Truth will be mightily blessed in this world, mightily blessed with all manner of gifts, great power and Love will be yours my beloveds. May you walk within this Light always, and you shall be accompanied by the angels with every step. Great Truth is yours my beloveds.

The power of God’s Love continues to transform your souls and bring you to that place of true knowing and harmony. Step forward and claim your purpose, what you must do in this world for God, and it shall be given in full measure, in full measure my beloveds, it shall pour upon you, be expressed through you and bring the Will of God to this world in surprising and beautiful ways.

Open yourselves to the Will of God my beloved souls. Be in that great and beautiful Light of His presence. Walk in this world carrying the lantern of Truth, my disciples, God’s precious children, bringers of Truth. Be blessed, be blessed my beloveds and know that you are Loved, protected and guided. God bless you. I walk with you beloved souls always, always. God bless you.