Contemporary messages from Jesus in 2017

  • A Blessing

    A Blessing

    Spirit: Jesus Medium: Al Fike Date: December 14, 2017 Location: Gibsons, BC My beloveds, you are no longer lost. You have truly found the Truth, you carry it within your souls. It is readily seen by the Light that you carry my beloveds. Now it is time to carry this Truth to the world, to bring this Truth in many ways, to demonstrate this Truth, and to make your lives an expression of this Truth in every way. Walk in this Light beloveds. Walk in this Light together, in this glorious Light and Love, and those that carry this Truth will be mightily blessed in this world, mightily blessed with…

  • The road is clear before you

    The road is clear before you

    Spirit: Jesus Medium: Al Fike Location: Gibsons, BC Date: January 2, 2017 God bless you beloved souls, I am Jesus. Look up. Look up with the eyes of your souls and see the Light of the Holy Spirit which descends upon you all at this time. Bringing the inflowing of the Father’s Essence, touching your souls deeply with Love, bringing the change so needed within each one of you my beloveds and to this world. Yes, you bring this Light with your prayers and your desires and your expressions of love. You bring this Gift from God. Beloved souls, you are forever bonded in this Love for you are each…