Sanctuary of Lighta

In God’s Love You Have Found Your Sanctuary of Light

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Hawaii Kai, Oahu, HI, USA
Date: March 13, 2018

Beloved Father, bless these, thy children who seek Your Light, whose souls crave for Your Love. May they find their at-onement with You and know the deep peace and joy that comes with this.

Blessed souls, the Heavenly Father has you within His embrace. He has enveloped you in Light. He carries you up into the conditions of Light, closer to Him as your souls expand in the blessings of His Love. Beloved children, be with God. Know that God is with you. Know that within you is all that is required to know God, to be with God in Love. As you continue to pray for this blessing and open your hearts to His Touch, all that you require to know and perceive the Presence of the Creator within you, being awakened by this blessing of Love.

Each of you desires to be a channel of Light in the world, to bring comfort to others, and Truth. It is in your relationship with God, drawing from the Source of all, that you may be a powerful channel, a beautiful Light in this world. In this simple way, in this simple prayer comes all the gifts, all the awakenings, all the perceptions, all the compassion and Love. In this simple prayer, God transforms your soul and brings you to at-onement. Be fully in this Light, beloved souls. Be fully in the awareness that you are loved.

God gently caresses you and nurtures you and guides you upon your path. As your eyes open, so you will recognize the mileposts as you walk forward, knowing that you are indeed upon the right path, the path that God has designated for you, giving you every opportunity to grow and to be in harmony and to know your own true selves. It does not require a tremendous amount of effort on your part, merely faith and prayer, trust and knowing that God is guiding you. God is guiding you in Love, knowing your needs before you know them for yourself, seeing the steps before you take them, opening the doors before you even see them. So you must walk in this simple faith and trust, be His child trusting, knowing, being in this Love.

What greater blessing is there my beloveds? Do you know anything that is equivalent to this? To luxuriate in the Love of God, to be close and in this Light? Nothing can compare, beloved souls, and what you feel at this moment is merely a glimpse of what is possible, endless joy, deep profound awareness, compassion, Love. These things, so rare upon your earth yet so bountiful in heaven. You may bring the feast that God puts before you to this world and you may bring into yourself an endless supply, the gift of this Love. God does not limit you. God releases you. God does not demand of you. God encourages you. God does not tell you who and what you must be. God releases your true self so that you may truly be that unique being that you are. He liberates your soul. He helps you to know your true self. This is all part of the power of Love.

Each one of you is drawn to this glorious gift because within you, you know this is right and is meant for you. As you express your aspirations to serve in Light, to be a channel of Love and Truth, so this Love will enhance your journey, bring greater depth to your expressions, bring a fullness of compassion and understanding of your brothers and sisters, and bring to you such strength, the strength of knowing that you are truly bonded to the Heavenly Father. In this, no matter what may happen in your life, that strength will persist, that joy will come upon you, that awakening shall grow evermore as you walk the path of your life.

Remember, the highest calling is to Love, the greatest blessing is Love. All else falls into place as you continue on in this journey of knowing the Love of God. Know the fullness, my beloved souls, of your beautiful soul. May it continue to awaken within you, bringing harmony to all parts of your being, bringing Truth to your awareness, bringing peace to your countenance, and bringing authority to your expressions. So, many will notice you, my beloveds, many will come and be drawn to you because you carry the mantle of Love, the  mantle of Truth. You seek this, beloved souls, as every awakened soul must be a channel of Love in this world in some way, in accordance to their unique expressions, their unique gifts. So God will use you to touch many others and as you touch them, God touches you. All are blessed. This is not a service and journey that depletes you, beloved souls. It is one that enriches and strengthens and carries you forward. In service and humility, you will find the grace in your life. In honesty and integrity, you will receive the admiration and respect from others.

There will always be those who detract from you and judge you. But when you are with God, when you serve God, it is the acknowledgement of God that you seek. Those who do not see you as you are, bless them, beloved souls, say a prayer, have compassion. For when you walk the earth in Light and Love, you walk as a sort of confrontation to those in the darkness and they feel this, they sense this and wish to put out your Light. You must, beloved souls, continue to be close to God to sustain this Light within you, to be strong in this Light, to be steadfast in this Truth of Love. Those dark souls and spirits cannot touch you, will not, because God’s Protection is upon you. Seek for the highest, know that God will always guide you upon the straight path. Listen, pray, sense your way along your life’s journey.

You will know what is right, what is meant to be. There will be no confusion, no fear, no anxiety, no struggle other than that which you make for yourselves with your mind, for your soul is at peace. Your soul is the resource that each of you knows is of the highest order and the greatest good. Be in the flow of His Love. Thirst for this blessing. These Living Waters shall flow into you for all eternity, my beloveds, if this is your choice and your desire. You just begin. You have tasted the sweetness of this water, you know the nourishment that it brings. Soon it will be an endless flow and your souls will awaken with such fervour and joy, such wisdom and peace that you will hardly know your own self. With this the work begins, with this recognition and awakening, the work begins for the world is in sorrowful need of transformation and He is calling His servants of Light from all corners of the world to step forth and declare the power of Love, the supremacy of Love that it may be the currency of this world someday. So, His workers must toil and strive to bring this message forth. In your efforts you will be richly blessed, beloved souls.

Though you may struggle through these conditions of the world, know that God has your soul within His grasp and will ensure that you will carry on. No matter what conditions you may face, you will surely carry on and be in the flow of His Will, His Love, His Light. Feel the joy of the Touch of God within you. Know that you are on the road of transformation and redemption, that you carry a powerful gift and Truth within you. This will serve you well, my beloveds, and it will bring you to places and experiences and revelations that you do not know of at this time but are coming. Let His Love and Will wash through you, my beloveds, and take you upon this journey as you step within the river of His Love and are carried. Its flow increases, the journey becomes a fascination and a joy as you experience the awakening of your souls.

God bless you, my beloveds. I am Jesus and my love is with each and every one of you. I am with you and I shall not leave, ever, for we are brothers and sisters upon the sacred path and we shall be together always. God bless you, beloved souls. May His Love continue to flow within you in ever greater portion, in ever more ecstatic expressions and awakenings. The Light of Heaven is upon you. Drink deep, beloved souls, and know that you are truly blessed, blessed in such a darkened world. You have found your sanctuary of Light. God bless you. My love is with you. I love you. God bless you.