Start in the West

It Shall Start in the West and Move Around the World

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: November 23, 2015

Blessings for your brethren as we pray as well for all of those who are God’s children in Love. For each unique child, precious soul in this world, who chooses to step upon the Path Divine, to walk in this Light towards at-onement with God is especially blessed. They, in their commitment and choice, receive the blessings of God’s Love within their souls. They also receive an angel designated to be with them through their lives, as God pours many blessings upon each child who is open to His Touch in this way.

God walks with each one of you, my children. He walks and He speaks to your souls ever seeking greater communion and greater understanding within you of how much you are truly loved and how much God desires for you to be with Him in all the joy and the bliss, the awareness and the Love that He has to give to each of His children. For He is joyed when a child, a soul, reaches for Him and takes His Hand and says “Father, I am with You. I trust in You. I have faith in Your loving grace and blessings and protection and guidance. I have faith that You will carry me through my life upon the road that is meant for me and I want to be a channel of Your Love in this world, walking in this flow of Love, opening to the flow of wisdom and guidance and blessings that flow through me as Your instrument of peace in this world.”

Beloved souls, I walked the Earth as a channel of God’s Love and I understand your struggles, your dilemmas, how your souls desire so earnestly to be pure and to be in alignment with God’s Will. Yet your mind struggles with the earthly conditions and often you must battle your own mental constructs and ideas as to what it means to be God’s channels of Love. Though I had the great advantage of being born with a purified soul, I did walk this Earth amongst mankind and had my struggles to be heard, to be understood, to bring this powerful teaching of Love. 

As you know, some turned against me and curtailed my mission., but this message continues on in the world for God’s Will is not thwarted.  It shall continue on until all souls have had the opportunity to receive this blessing of Love. Some will turn away and others will accept this invitation, and it is for you, my beloved, dear beautiful souls, to express this invitation in your lives merely by being who you are as God’s channels of Love.

Express this as you walk this road and carry this Light, this lantern of Truth and I urge you to continue to be a clear channel of Love in the world. Do not allow your minds to prescribe what this is, but plumb the depths of your souls to truly know what this is, so that you may to be that simple channel, loving without judgement or conditions. It is difficult, but with the power of God’s Love it is possible and it is required. May you find peace within, my beloved, beloved brothers and sisters, peace within you and Truth, the Truth of God’s Love that burns within your souls and will carry you in this world. That you may meet many others, that you may pray for many, that your family of Love in God’s Love will grow and grow so that this beautiful network of Light will encompass your world and bring healing and harmony.

Yes, this message will come from the West and encompass the world for in these places there is an openness and a desire for True spirituality and Love. And you will journey forth, my beloveds, encompassing the world and bringing change as God’s channels. Be open and receptive to your guidance. Walk this Path in humility trusting in faith what God means for you to do. The many aspects of your gifts to open and flourish expressing in every way the Truth of God’s Love and the power of God’s Love. This will unfold within each one of you and I know that you are eager and you are impatient and you struggle to overcome these feelings as you attempt to truly love yourselves and to be at peace.

My beloveds, you are in God’s Care and Grace. You shall be and will always be in this Light. Each day is an opportunity to grow, to be closer to God and to be close to your purpose, what is meant for you in this world. Have faith that you are indeed stepping forward, reaching your goal, reaching that which is meant for each one. Prepare yourselves in prayer, always in prayer, receiving His bounteous blessings, for in this all things will unfold in harmony and a rhythm and pace that is divinely orchestrated. You will know the joy of fulfilment of your deep purpose, your soul’s desire, your blessed, blessed selves being fully expressed in Love.

God bless you, my beloveds. May the peace that passes all understanding be a mantle upon you and a joy, a joy that is deep and abiding, be within your consciousness and being. I am Jesus and I am with you always, my beloveds, as you walk in this world carrying the Light of Truth. You do my work and follow God’s Will in the world. Beloved souls, drink deep the Love. You are truly blessed, I love you.