The Creative Power of Humanity will be Unleashed by the Blessings of God’s Divine Love
Jesus Messages - Volume 1,  Recent Messages

Volume 1 – Lesson 13: The Creative Power of Humanity will be Unleashed by the Blessings of God’s Divine Love

December 24, 2020
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

May the sweet Breath of God touch your souls, beloveds. I thank you for your prayers and your efforts to bring a clear channel of truth to the world, a channel that reflects the Truth of God’s Love and an effort that brings clarity to this pursuit and desire to share this truth with the world. For how else can we reach humanity but through God’s instruments, those souls who have chosen to be used as instruments by God and have allowed, through their gifts, the transference of information and the flow of Love that comes in this way.

Blessings to all of you who are indeed attuned and committed to the Will of God in your lives. With this commitment will come the power to change the world. Few are so fully committed but in this few is a great power of light and a great desire to do God’s Will. So they will be blessed and empowered, guided and protected as they continue to seek to be God’s instruments of change and light and love. You will see how God will guide you with each day, how the accumulation of the events of each day will bring you ever closer to the great light of purity and love that is your destiny.

Since you have aligned yourself in this way, so many blessings, so much will come to enhance and assist your efforts. My only suggestion is you do not second guess God’s Will, that you allow the flow His Will in your lives, day by day, that intuitive knowing, that soulful understanding that comes with this alignment and this desire to serve.

As we have said many times your world is the manifestation of the minds of men. Indeed your scientists are beginning to realise the power of thought and how the power of thought can affect the material world. Humanity has brought about the crystallization of a sort of reality that is imposed upon your world. Thus these conditions and realities bring about a perception of the world which is a reflection of the mind’s inclinations and biases. In this way a great barrier has been erected between the consciousness of men and the consciousness of the spirit world.

There have been many attempts and efforts to bring the realisation of the existence of the spirit world to men. There are some who are quite dedicated to this effort, yet, the vast majority of humanity chooses not to see the world as it is nor the truth of the existence of spirits. Instead there is fear and suspicion and undue caution for the myths and ideas of the existence of spirit have been so exaggerated that even a young child, who with their lack of mental programming as you call it, is more receptive to spirit and yet in these experiences often they become fearful. So those opportunities to make contact between bright spirits and angels and humanity are very limited indeed.

There are those who study metaphysics and put a great deal of emphasis upon the material potentials of spirit communication and have great understanding of these mechanics and yet often they lack soul development. They are like most in your world, finely attuned to things of the mind and material but have little inclination or desire to seek what is truly spiritual. Metaphysics is certainly a science of the study of the hidden nature of the world and the universe, that which is governed by energies and manifestations which originate from God and often are translated through humans and spirits alike. Indeed it does assist the progress of man to understand their true nature and the nature of the universe. There have been many manifestations through individuals upon your world, yogis in the Far East and gifted mediums and individuals in the Western world who have come to demonstrate the truth of the existence of the spirit world and have demonstrated the abilities of individual gifts and psychic phenomena – energies which may be manifested through their bodies and their spirits thus providing a certain proof to the skeptic that these things do indeed exist in your world.

I do not mean to denigrate those who put forth such efforts. Rather I mean to encourage those who are on a quest for spiritual truth, for psychic truth, for mental truth and for physical proof and truth. They must delve deeper into themselves, beyond the realms of the mind which is great and very alluring in its potentials and possibilities of manifesting unusual aspects of the world, manipulating matter, demonstrating that the material world as you see it is not as it is seeing but merely the illusion of the mind.

These things are valuable lessons. But it is like someone of wealth giving to a starving man a beautiful object that has value in the mind of the individual who is the giver but no practical value to the man who is starving. So it is with your souls. Though you accumulate treasures within your mind and each of you contributes to this treasure trove of knowledge, of metaphysics, of understanding the universe in all these material ways, yet the truly spiritual is neglected.

In this secular world in which you live, the ideas of God, of divine influence, intercession and blessings, are not easily entertained. Few go to the Source. Few understand that by going to the Source they will lay a foundation of knowledge far greater than that of the mind. The efforts of intellectual dissection, physic phenomena, discourse with spirits and understanding the universe in all its material manifestations, cannot be truly appreciated unless the soul faculties are awakened and utilised through what gifts are laid within the soul. The gifts of the soul may come forward and add the wisdom and perceptions that will bring heightened knowledge and the capacity to utilise these various fields of knowledge and understanding in ways that will enhance life in your world and bring greater light to your world.

The need to heighten the energies of your world, as those of the metaphysical community would call it, is often neglected in favour of the distractions which come with metaphysical explorations and psychic phenomena. These things are deemed to be crucial and important in man’s exploration of truth and to some degree this is correct. But it is the spiritual nature of man which must be explored more fully – those deeper realms of consciousness that are not of the mind but of the soul and that will bring awesome expressions and manifestations of the hidden physicality of the world.

The awakening of the soul, which I have explained, requires the inflowing of the Divine Essence of God, so that much that is explored now by those who are fascinated with these aspects of God’s Creation will manifest with such great intensity and clarity that the great efforts and struggles that so many apply today in order to bring results will not be necessary. For when the soul is in alignment with these aspects of the spirit, the spirit body, the mind, the consciousness of man and that Love is all pervasive within this consciousness and within these efforts, then the most powerful ingredient, that of Love, will empower the efforts to bring forth spiritual manifestations and reveal to humanity so much that is hidden at this time.

But like the explorations of man and his scientific efforts, these things can be used for good or harm, for they are powerful elements of God’s Universe and require wisdom and a sense of their limitations and appropriate use to help foster harmony in the world. Those who are tinkering with these elements and are making great efforts to understand them are not particularly focused upon their own spiritual upliftment and development. Though indeed there is an aspect of their efforts which brings greater light but the mind insists upon a more material and shall we say mechanical approach to these explorations.

So the soul is not considered. If the soul is considered, it is thought of as being irrelevant to these explorations. This is an unfortunate perspective held by many. Though they are engaged in ground-breaking efforts and explorations, like so much in your world, this knowledge, once discovered, is often misunderstood and misdirected. Though the intentions of those who are engaged these explorations are of light and desire to uplift and assist humanity in understanding the world and understanding themselves, the powers that are unleashed by their explorations are often far greater than the wisdom that they carry to harness this knowledge.

I speak of these things because it is important for those brave souls who continue to work towards such ends, that this effort to enlighten humanity must come with the realization that harmony may come with their efforts to enlighten their own souls rather than a more intellectual approach, that which the mind approves of and encourages and dominates.

Indeed humanity is on the verge of great discoveries provided they are prepared and able to utilise this knowledge in ways that will benefit all. Unfortunately few consider that deep spiritual preparation is required. Rather they move along a river of discovery allowing what may come to manifest, feeling satisfied with their efforts and desiring more and more manifestation and proof of these elements that exist in the universe. This has been the history of humanity for many years now, discovering one aspect and possibility of the material world after another, seeking greater power by utilising this knowledge and manipulating the materials of the universe in such a way that they may indeed acknowledge that they are powerful.

There has been little wisdom in the explorations of humanity in your world. Few stop to think of the consequences, though there are some indeed who are wise and speak up but their voices are drowned out by the onrush and desire for more and greater mastery of the universe, and of the physical universe. So even though humanity is on the verge of great explorations and realisations of material things, it is also on the verge of great destruction and misuse of power, for the wisdom of man is not considered a valuable thing. Merely the knowledge of mechanical matters, of scientific understanding and of mastery of the material world which brings accolades and acknowledgment, power and wealth.

This journey towards intensifying and expanding these perspectives and approach continues to wreak destruction upon the world. Though many things come and in some way benefit the human condition, there are some who do indeed benefit but many who do not, for they are left out of the equation because they cannot empower and bring greater wealth to those who are in control of a certain truth or mechanism that brings about these manifestations of material benefit.

This great imbalance in the world is often hidden to those of you who live in their comforts and personal realities. Though if you look around, you will see the inequities very clearly. It is unfortunate that humanity values materialism over spirituality for this has come at a great price, a great price indeed. The souls of humanity languish within the hearts of men. They are not acknowledged and the desires and capacities of the soul are little understood.

For many the belief of the existence of a soul in its true form is not part of the human condition and paradigm. Religion has fallen by the wayside, for too many abuses, too much error has come from these efforts to sustain humanity spiritually. Instead it has become another mechanism of power, control, and wealth.

So humanity finds itself in a great dilemma. For some, the wealth and the luxury of materialism has proven to bring great physical comfort. But yet within the hearts of humanity, those who are within this realm of comfort are not enlightened and do not know the joy and happiness of a true connection with their Heavenly Father, the Creator of All.

Many illusions of man are sustained by the sense that in the material world, which feeds the mind with intentions and desires and guides humanity forward in its illusions, the progress of man is a great and wonderful thing. In some respects the progress of man is truly great and wonderful but it is unfortunately built upon a foundation of sand that is continuously shifting as the world continues to evolve and change and respond to the efforts of man.

In time these great endeavours and accomplishments this wondrous creation of man will dissolve and what will be left in its wake? For without the foundation of a soul awakened and the desire for true spiritual foundations there will be very little left for humanity to grasp upon as the world of their illusions slip away.

So we come to speak of these matters, the importance of a soul awakened, of a mind turned not to its obsession with material life but towards aspects of the heart and the soul which reflect love, consideration, generosity and kindness. That there will be great compassion towards others, those who are suffering because of the inequities of the world, and that there will be a great consideration for the needs of your Mother Earth. And so that that which sustains you and nourishes you in the physical ways may be herself nourished and sustained by your efforts and that of God who created you, that you may come to know God as your personal God who loves you so.

I came to the world 2000 years ago to talk of these matters of the heart, to speak of the power of love, to encourage those who would listen to go to God in prayer and open themselves to God’s Touch, His Holy Spirit which infills and enflames the soul with God’s Essence awakening the faculties of the soul. Thus empowering the soul’s ability to see beyond the limited capacities of the mind and to demonstrate and express the great capacities of the soul in your world. To also understand that all reflects the power of love and that love is the great cohesive factor of the universe. For as we have said, God is Love, the great Creator of All is Love.

God in His Creation has infused love in all that He has created. That energy, as you would call it, that force of life that you recognise it to be, is a reflection of love. When humanity comes to understand and truly utilise the power of love in this physical plane, there will be a great flourishing of humanity, where all the dilemmas, inequities, lack of love, lack of balance and harmony will be transformed by the power of love.

Is this so difficult, beloved souls? So many in your world have dedicated their lives to scientific exploration and dissection, intellectual understanding, mindful pursuits and metaphysical pursuits. Many, many things have you focused upon and put your energies upon. Yet through all of these efforts, through all of this exploration and discovery, there is very little attention given or acknowledgment towards the power of love to enhance the creative forces of man, even the mindful aspects of your creation and all things of life. For when Love infuses your soul through receiving this gift from God, then inevitably it will be expressed outward, expanding outward and touching everything, not only within you but around you.

You will see that when you nurture your soul, when you put as much focus upon this nurturing of the soul as you do with other pursuits of the world, that all things of truth, all things that are in alignment with God’s Creation, all things that are of the spiritual nature of man, and all relationships and connections that each individual nurtures through their lives, will come into harmony. With this deep alignment between your soul and God’s Soul, it must be that all about you must come into harmony for the Laws of Love are then understood and obeyed. The Laws of Love become manifest in many ways and open many avenues of exploration and understanding of the universe.

The capacity of the mind, the material mind, is greatly enhanced and in time, merges with the mind of the soul. Thus great wisdom reflexively is part of the endeavours of each individual soul upon this world, those who have been redeemed by God’s Love. The faculties of the soul open one by one coming together, bringing manifestations and aspects and potentials of the soul undreamed of by those metaphysicians who have tried to bring forth spiritual manifestation.

There is much for humanity to discover. Given the right environment in your world, these discoveries will come forth. New understandings of the mechanics of the material world will be readily given and uncovered in your world. The great capacities of humanity, each individual soul, lie hidden within and are not realised because of a lack of love.

Those of the mind and the intellect see love as a sentimental part of humanity, one which they often care little for, for they are too engaged in this dry, analytical and repetitive strategy of understanding truth. There is no joy in this other than that fleeting joy that comes with a new discovery. But often that joy is related to that desire for greater power and acknowledgment in the world. Few walk in the world with humility, truly knowing that they are a child of God, reveling in this knowledge, acknowledging the joy within the soul which comes when God is allowed in.

There are some in your world who are beautiful lights. They will come more and more into light as they explore the potentials of their soul and realise the wonderment that is the soul aligned with God and His Love. There are those whose focus is upon the mind and the spiritual aspects of the mind who will also come into greater harmony and this harmony will be reflected in the world.

There is a great plan that God has for humanity, a great journey of evolution, discovery and awakening, of knowing your own true selves and the great potentials that lie within you. This comes with every choice, through every soul who align themselves with these things that are deeply spiritual. The world will be changed and saved by the light and love of humanity coupled with the Light and Love of God. This great bonding between souls, your soul and God’s Soul, is the key that will unlock all of the treasures, all of the possibilities and the potentials that humanity possesses and is capable of pursuing given harmony, balance, and humility and an acknowledgment of love.

So, I beseech humanity to go within themselves and ask this question: “Do I truly know what love is? Am I capable of being a channel of love, an expression of love in my life? Can I see beyond my own restricted vision to something greater than myself, something magnificent and of light and joy and love? Am I willing to have enough faith in this vision to elicit the Touch of God within me and through me, assisting humanity in this great effort to reclaim truth, balance, harmony, and love in the world?”

If you are truly committed to this, then I suggest that you put yourself to prayer. Ask God to guide you and bless you. Ask God to awaken you. Ask God to show you who He truly is, the power of His Love that will indeed transform your soul.

May you come to see yourself as a child of God, awakening those beautiful aspects within you that are your soul, to be in alignment, to be true to who you truly are, and to understand your purpose in the world. Find that deep meaning and trust in that soulful understanding that each and every soul in the world is meant to be in light, meant to know love, meant to express joy. With these three things, all the creative potentials of humanity will be realised and continue to unfold in this great journey of life.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. Come to know yourselves, to truly be yourselves, and to discover the power of love to bring harmony, transformation, powerful blessings and expressions. God is there to love you. May you come to know how much you are loved.

I am with you. I walk with you all. I am your brother and friend. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens. I am with you. My love is with you. My deep care and desire for your upliftment, your awakening comes as I pray for each of you and expressed through my efforts to reach you all. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.


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