God’s Love is the Only Way for the Salvation of Humanity
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 20: God’s Love is the Only Way for the Salvation of Humanity

November 4, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

Beloved souls, I am Jesus. We have come close to the end of our dissertations on spiritual truth. This instrument has spent many hours along with his beloved mate recording these truths and sharing them with the world. As is always the case, there is much more in the way of truth that may be shared but we wish to feed you that which is most relevant and useful in your lives. In due course, you will discover the details which fan out from these truths and the universal awakenings that come as you apply these truths to your lives.

We have made a concerted effort to educate those who are willing to listen, to read, to absorb, and to practice the simple truths that we have put forward. Indeed, there has been a concerted effort in the world to bring forth the truth in many ways. At this time, there is a great flood of information, a flood so great and intense that one is almost drowning in words, descriptions, ideas, and concepts. Millions of books have been published and shared on countless subjects. Yet, humanity continues to walk the road of ignorance, to walk that road that does not bring betterment or truth or higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Rather, most of humanity is engaged in the mundane practices and patterns of material life. They are willing to acknowledge those scientific advances that have been obtained over the years as their minds are more inclined to listen to that which is of a material explanation of the world.

When one ventures into the spiritual, there is less appreciation or interest. The mind is greedy for that which feeds the mind. In the intense search and procurement of fact, there is little room for that which goes beyond the intellectual and the mindful. Yet, the salvation of humanity lies within the recognition that life is more than just the material experience and mindful understanding which comes through the senses. There is something deeper within all of us. That, as I have explained, is the soul. Without the soul being nourished and coming to wakefulness, profound ignorance will continue to be the hallmark of earthly life because there is little that material life can bring to the individual in terms of spiritual awareness.

Your scientists, researchers, doctors, and educators are focused upon the very obvious and palpable of the material existence using scientific methods of research and proof. There is no way and means to prove that which is spiritual to any great degree using material methods of deduction. Those who are firmly embroiled within the mental perspective will not accept proof even of life beyond the material plane. They live with blinders firmly in place unable to venture beyond the strictures of their perspective and paradigms.

Yet, this is slowly breaking down, even as those who are in power and have been empowered by their great intellectual prowess and cannot see beyond the barriers of their own makings and therefore live in a world that sees only one perspective, one fraction of what is the truth of the universe. They wait for material proof to bring greater awareness to them. In terms of the mechanical universe, this perspective has borne much fruit, but what of the deeper parts of humanity? Those who study the brain tend to dissect consciousness and label it so that the function of the brain is the only avenue of consciousness, those parts identified and categorized.

Yet, there is something more than just material consciousness. Even a child understands this. Every individual feels deeply, can intuit many things, has within them a deep sense of what life means to them and reveals to them. Those who have set these sensibilities into religions and belief systems come closer to the true meaning of life though often they fail because too many use the faculties of the brain and mind to discern that which is of the soul.

The soul remains inaccessible to many in your world because they are overwhelmed by the human condition, the great flow of information and stimuli which comes with modern life. Those peoples who lived in simpler times had greater access to deeper levels of consciousness and soulful knowings. They were not obstructed by the great demands of life in your modern world. The material life certainly puts its demands upon the individual as the earthly life insists upon doing, but those demands were not so great that there were times of deep contemplation, of considering the deeper meanings of life.

In your fast-paced world, there is no time for such things unless one segments that time and utilizes it with intensity and purpose. Even then, the energetic and psychic conditions of your world impinge upon the consciousness of every individual. It does indeed take a great deal of effort to go deep within. Some have made going within a mental practice and found some gratification, insight and experience by calming the mind. Yet, we teach something different, to not only calm the mind but to go deeper and discover the soul, putting aside the mental biases and barriers which limit the experience of spiritual awakening. Many are reluctant to include God in their spiritual search as has been the case in humanity from the beginning. There is a deep inclination to be self-absorbed and self-empowered thereby neglecting the potential for a deep relationship with their Creator. As I have taught for thousands of years that in this relationship with God, your Creator, what I call our Loving Father, there is the sustenance that can be given to the soul to awaken it and empower it. That sustenance is the Love of God.

Unfortunately the concept of God and Love put together is a very foreign idea to many. Often, the concept of God as taught by orthodox religions is of a being full of wrath, rules and judgment. In orthodox Christianity, I have been associated with these ideas. They have gone as far as to include me in the Godhead, the trinity as has been taught in biblical scriptures. Yet, this is entirely false. I am not part of the Godhead. I walked the Earth as a man but a man who received many blessings from God and was given the Truth of His Love.

I shared this Truth with my brothers and sisters as best I could. My travels and experiences and teachings have been shared in the Bible to some extent but is more often than not distorted and redirected so that it reinforces certain ideals and concepts of who I was. I have come to the Earth again, although I have never left in many respects, to teach the truth that I taught those 2000 years ago, to do so in the language and ways in which I hope you will understand, be inspired by, and put into practice.

These truths, the wonderful opportunity that God has beset humanity with, to awaken to and be awakened by the great Essence of God, His Love flowing into your souls. It is a treasure made available to every soul, yet there are few takers. Few truly understand the wonderment and immensity of this gift that is offered to every soul. So, we are here today and have come many times to speak of this truth and this opportunity for it is the key to the salvation of humanity.

Humanity continues to be on the brink of great disharmony, even self-destruction. The time is nigh for those who see beyond the superficiality of materialism and wish to go deeper into their own spiritual selves and potentials, to speak up, to share this truth, to implore your brothers and sisters to come to God in prayer, to seek humbly His blessings.

So much fear has been sewn within the hearts of men regarding their relationship with God. In truth, God is all-loving and forgiving and merciful. God does not judge. God only loves. So, we cannot judge. Rather, in the flow of love, we are God’s servants who are here to assist humanity to struggle toward greater light and truth.

The simple truth has been given. It is now for those who wish to aspire toward that which is higher and of the highest to apply these truths in their daily lives, to walk upon this world as a light and to be an example. An example worth following that inspires and draws many to them. I was such an example upon the Earth. I invite each of you to follow my example which was to give love, to give comfort, to give truth, to be a channel for God to bless humanity. I know that this is not an easy task for even in my day, those who knew me laughed at my efforts. They did not understand. Those who were threatened by me eventually removed me from the scene. Today, however, there is more flexibility of thought and more receptivity of ideas and spiritual practices. So, I do not believe that your lives are in danger by speaking the truth. Rather, it is your own reluctance to be criticized and to be shunned by those you love that often stands in the way of acting as God’s pure and beautiful channels for the world.

Many of you are comfortable in your daily life. You have attained a measure of wealth, are settled in your ways and ideas, and casually entertain these truths of which have been given. Yet, within your souls is a great yearning to further commit to these truths, to awaken more fully to these truths and to live a life that is more in alignment with these truths. That you may put love beyond all other things in your life, that you may express love in a multiplicity of ways, and you may indeed be in alignment with God in a conscious and powerful way. All these things are possible and plausible given your willingness to awaken and commit to these simple truths. Understanding that the life that you live upon the Earth plane is but a mere drop in the ocean of your continued existence. But indeed, this first step in life as a realized materialized being is crucial in terms of the direction and flow of your life when you enter into the world of spirit. It is of the utmost importance that you come to realize that what you feel and think and what you do has a great bearing upon your future existence.

So, we have come to help you understand how this is of such importance. I believe if you read through the many lessons that have been proffered to you, you will obtain a picture that is wide in scope and knowledge of what is truly the reality of life, what God has created, and what you live. We have urged you to release the illusions of your mind to that which humanity has created and insists that it is the reality of life, to go beyond this reality to that solid ground of God’s creation, of your relationship with your Creator so that you may find freedom and joy in this, so that love may abound within your hearts, that knowledge will come to your soul and your mind, that truth will become the credo of your existence rather than to subscribe to the old and tired ways of humanity’s erroneous vision and depiction of what life truly is.

Materialism is the great Achille’s heel of humanity. It continues to hold the consciousness of man to the very ground rather than inspire their higher selves to something greater and more in alignment with their true natures. Materialism is also killing your world as you continue to strip it of its resources and vitality in order to fabricate things that you believe you need and want. There is causing a great imbalance that needs to be rectified and brought back into the harmony that is intended.

You are all responsible to do your part to bring that balance to the world. As you grow in Divine Love and your soul is awakened, so you will see how you may do so. You will see the great openings and opportunities that God will place before you so that you might be His active instrument to change the world.

The power of love is the greatest power of all. Yet, it is that power that is ignored by man. Man has romanticized love, made it into something that is more aligned with his material and animal nature rather than that which is of the higher self, the soul. This message has been repeated over and over again. A message given to your children who grow up and give to their children and so on but true love is the expression of the soul awakened by the Essence of God given as a gift. This Higher Love brings with it many blessings and opens many faculties, allowing the individual to see and feel and know with more clarity and understanding of the true essence of life and the true meaning of life.

It is time for humanity to awaken to these things. As humanity continues to degrade in its human expressions and lower animal instincts so it is in danger of descending into deeper darkness, thereby making their struggle something that is tremendous in scope and difficulty. Humanity sits upon the precipice, yet God has deemed it possible that all manner of assistance, support and upliftment is given at this time.

A great door of opportunity has opened for the world and God’s blessings continue to flow in ever greater intensity. These blessings are helping to ignite transformative elements and aspects of the material world and the spiritual world so that humanity is uplifted and the entire world is receiving the benefits of healing and re-alignment. It is a great choice given, an opportunity to see beyond those blinkered perspectives that humanity has developed and so desires to uphold so that it may come to a great shift of consciousness and recognition. There is so much given at this time, my friends, so much that we can do, your celestial helpers, so much that is given even from souls who reside upon other planets in your galaxy and universe and of course, from the Creator Himself. Powerful forces are in alignment at this time. You may all take advantage of this for support and assistance, guidance and love, all given freely and abundantly.

Is this a God who judges? No, it is a God who loves all His creatures and loves most of all those whom He has created who possess a soul. God in His mercy and love for humanity has opened many doors heretofore that have not been opened and is giving all that can be given to help awaken humanity. So we find ourselves together in a great quest to disperse the darkness in the world, to give humanity hope, to bring humanity to truth, and to show humanity the way to true love. So much is given, and it is given in love. A great love for all the souls in this world and the world of spirit no matter their condition, no matter who they are and what they believe and how they live, they are loved, truly loved.

If they can receive even a measure of this Love within them and accept this and nurture it, humanity will be well on the road to change the course of history from that of continued degradation and inhumanity toward harmony and peace. It is a choice for as I have spoken of, free will acts as the great element of the course of history for each individual and collectively for all of humanity.

So, it is for you to decide. Those who are willing to listen to these words, those who feel inspired within their hearts as these words are read or spoken to choose light, to choose your higher self, your soul, over that which has been imposed upon you by generations of men who wish to establish power and predominance over the world. It is time to liberate yourselves, to go beyond the rudimentary thoughts, actions and priorities that so many have established in their lives.

A great shift is required, a shift of consciousness, a shift in thought and action. It is for you to decide. Though you will not step forward in the world completely free of these conditions of which I speak, you make a beginning. You may go beyond the constrictions of a mind filled with error and distortion and in time will come to know your own soul, that true self that endures.

Humanity must endure and thrive in your world. God created this world for a purpose and God created each of you as a part of this world and purpose. May you find your true selves and true purpose in life. May you find this in the outpouring and outflowing of love that you may have for your brothers and sisters, you may have for yourself, you may have for God. Love is the key. Love will always be the key to spiritual growth and awakening. To go to the highest of love, that of God, is to fuel your trajectory towards spiritual development and awakening in an intense and exciting way. Life will take on a new hue, a new perspective. Indeed, those old and tired priorities will fall away giving way to new priorities, new perspectives, new desires.

The soul will be an active part of your being and expression thereby giving great wisdom and great resources to your actions and your life. To be an active agent of God is to be a powerful agent of change, is to be an example of love and truth. It is the transformation of the soul through the blessing of God’s Love that will bring these things to you and make many things possible through you. Seek the Love of God, such a simple thing but one that has alluded so many.

May you go beyond the barriers, distortions and fears of your mind and to discover the wonderful world of the soul in all that your soul carries within it waiting to be explored and awakened. God will touch your soul over and over again until you are awakened and the great shift of consciousness comes to you. Certainly, it will come gradually but in a firm direction that will not be thwarted by your mind. Though your mind may resist, it will in time capitulate to the soul for the soul is far stronger than the material consciousness. Once empowered by Love, it becomes the predominant aspect of your being and will guide, influence, and help you in your choices toward greater light.

May God bless you all upon this journey. May you come to hear my words in the sincerity, power of truth and love that it is given for I love each and every soul upon this world, each and every soul that God has created. When one is in alignment with God, this love for all grows and grows and will not cease. It is the truth that comes with the great blessings of the Father’s Love.

God bless you, beloved friends. May He keep you in His care and Light. May He guide you and show you the way to the salvation of your soul where you will be reclaimed in love, bathed in love, healed in love. All that is given in the great and wondrous power of Love that is the Soul of God. God bless you, my beloveds. I am your brother and friend Jesus and I love you. God bless you.


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