Your life will have purpose

Your Life Will Have Great Purpose As You Follow God’s Will And Truth

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 12, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I come. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I come to speak to you today because I have observed your time together. Your time together has been blessed and somewhat orchestrated by us because it is important that you all have the opportunity to be in this Circle of Light that will allow you to grow and to understand one another and to come closer to truth.

Great effort has been made to pour truth out to you, beloved souls. Great effort has been made to gather you in this light and the many aspects of blessings and light that have been poured upon you so that you may have the desires and needs of your soul met in love. So we have given to you great treasures of truth, blessings of love, healings and peace. And you have come to drink of the well, the well of love. Together, beloved souls, you have gathered putting forth your souls’ desires for God, for love, the many blessings that God has to give to each one of you. But as is the tendency of the mortal, you seek evermore, you have a great hunger for truth and yet that which is given is often cast aside and forgotten, not applied, not recognized, for the power and beauty that is a truth given by the angels of God.

You cannot horde the truth, beloved souls, it has no purpose. What is purposeful is to take each truth that is given and apply it thoroughly to your lives for a truth is worth nothing without its application but a truth is worth everything when it is taken into your hearts and minds and souls and applied accordingly changing you in this process, enlightening you as you learn to grow with this truth. And so we feed you what we can, not giving you such a rich diet that you cannot keep up, so to speak, with what is given.

You must pace yourselves, beloved souls, pace yourselves and you must consider as a group within this Circle of Light that you are performing a service for humanity in bringing forth truths to some degree that will benefit those who are seeking. It is in this act of giving, beloveds, that you receive and it is in the receiving that you are awakened if you absorb and acknowledge what is given. As for the application of God’s Will and plan for the salvation of mankind in this world, it is a very complex matter since the world, your world, is always in motion and movement, interacting, reacting, changing and these patterns created by humanity and their decisions and thoughts and expressions in your world make for a very complex and difficult condition that is often of darkness, contravening the laws of God, contravening that which may benefit and bring light to humanity.

Instead, the baser inclinations of humanity are expressed in foremost ways and that which is of higher thought and condition and love is supplanted by the conditions of darkness which has been chosen with each moment, with each individual, with each choice and expression. So the condition of the world is in great crises where spirituality is not well understood, love is not the foremost expression of each soul, life is perverted by the will of men. And so this cannot continue in your world, for if it does continue it will mean the sterilization of this beautiful world of yours where all life cannot exist and this cannot be and God will not let it be. God has a plan to bring the world back into balance and harmony.

God makes available to every soul the opportunity to know this plan and to acknowledge this plan for He has implanted into each soul this truth that they must come to light in whatever path that they choose. There must be this choice. The opportunity lays before you and all to choose light, to choose to live in your world in light. Yet you wonder how will your brothers and sisters know of this truth, how will they know that which is known within the soul but not known within the mind and this is the dilemma that you acknowledge in your world. For the condition of mind is powerful, the condition of thought rules this world and there is little opportunity or acknowledgement of the soul and its operations and information that can be given in a conscious way to every individual. Yet God sends His great blessings, His angels, His Love forth in the world and there are those who respond such as yourselves, souls eager, souls that have been stirred, souls that recognize the truth that they must yearn and progress in light. This blessing and energy that comes from God that touches every soul in your world will continue to have its influence and bearing upon the soul. This will intensify, beloveds, it will intensify and that awakening, that acknowledgement that there must be change, there must be healing, there must be truth, there must be love, and it will continue to beat upon the souls of humanity. This is causing a great unease with many for it challenges what are the patterns and behaviors, truth that is of the mind amongst all who exist here in your world. This tension continues to elicit a response within each soul and a sense that change must come. With this blessing from God comes other manifestations and blessings that will continue to usher men towards light and we have spoken of this, I have spoken of this on other occasions and that there will be great changes in your world.

There must be a re-calibration of sorts of the conditions in your world in order to foster the light and harmony within all the races of mankind, all who exist here, a great shift of perspective and even a great shift of conditions in which you all live. This is God’s effort in love and mercy for your world and all who reside within and all that is within your world to bring things back to light and harmony. This is the great compassion of God Who wishes for all to be in harmony, for all to live in love, for all to know that they are loved. So when I walked the earth so long ago I brought with me the seeds of this change and so it began and so you continue to feel its effects. Though little understood it still continues to have it effects upon the souls of humanity. The truth of love will come and will be expressed in this world. Your children’s children will know this, for this change will come that swiftly to your world.

You are sensing it now, you are seeing the changes, the physical changes of the world and this will intensify. You are feeling a sort of restlessness within your soul which continues to yearn for God. You may interpret this as a desire for truth, for greater truth, but I tell you, beloved brothers and sisters, you have enough truth at this time to bring you to God in at-onement in the power and glory of your soul’s communion with your Creator. What more would you require to grow in your soul, to shift in your consciousness, to understand, truly understand the Will of God? There is much that is coming, beloved souls, and yes, the will of men continues to thwart the Will of God but you cannot underestimate the power of the Will of God to manifest in your world and to bring about the changes that are necessary to bring about the light that is destined to be a part of your world. You know this within your souls, you feel the stirrings, this deep desire to come to that place of truth and peace and love.

This is happening with each one of your beloved souls, as it is happening to many others. There will come a time when you will acknowledge one another. You will see with your eyes, the eyes of your soul, a kindred spirit, one who is with you in this great effort to bring peace and harmony to your world as an instrument, a channel of God’s Will and Love.  We continue to prepare you, beloved souls, to help you to see clearly, to help you to understand your true natures, to help you to open to God unrestricted by the barriers of thought and error. Each soul who desires this, who makes effort, who capitulates their willful nature to be independent from God towards God, towards communion, towards love will be blessed deeply for great effort is being made in your world, great effort indeed. This shall intensify as God’s Will continues to manifest and be made clear amongst humanity and each of you are needed in this great effort. We need your prayers, we need your light, we need your efforts to reach out to continue to build these networks of light around the world.

You have been given every opportunity and facility to accomplish this and this shall continue. Nothing will thwart your efforts, nothing will stand against you, beloved souls. Those obstructions that are placed before you, you will easily and readily overcome for you who are complicit with God’s plan for the salvation of mankind will be shown the way and the expression of your place and purpose within it with each day that comes. Pray to be guided, beloved souls, pray to know your way through these changing times, pray that the changes that are necessary may come to your own soul and your own conscious self so that you are informed and strengthen and shown the way towards love and truth and peace and wisdom and joy. We continue to make great efforts to communicate this truth and reality of God’s Will for the salvation of mankind.

This time that you live within is a very important time and is crucial, for humanity is given the opportunity to rise above what has been their fate for so many years to something higher, something more in harmony with God’s laws and creation. Choice is always given, beloveds, and you who are here have chosen the light. Continue to strive towards it and you, beloved souls, will teach this and share this good news that is the Love of God available to all. You will be guided, protected, enveloped in light.

Pray for this protection always, pray for this love. May it be a constant desire within you that you may accelerate the transformation of your soul, that you may awaken to all that is within you and is given to you by God. May God bless you, beloved souls. I come as a teacher to you, I come as your elder brother, I come to give to you my love and blessings. I know that when I speak in this way I often speak in sobering terms that often challenge your thoughts and your ways of life. But this must be done, beloveds, this must be done for each soul upon this world for the time is now to sound the bell that will bring God’s children back, back home to truth. God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and I am with you always as you continue to seek truth and love, as you draw closer to your Creator, our Heavenly Father, I am with you. Know that I am with you, know that I shall always be with you, my beloved brothers and sisters, and I will uplift you in light. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you deeply. I am Jesus and I love you.