Divine Love | What Is Divine Love?




“This Love has no counterpart in all creation, and comes from the Father alone.” –-Jesus of Nazareth


Sep 29, 2023

Divine Love is the love that is God’s love, or said another way, Divine Love is that Love that belongs to or is part of God. It is different than the love you have for your spouse or children; it’s different than the love you have for family, friends and neighbors. That is natural love, man’s natural love. Divine Love is more — much more!

Divine love is different from natural love of man in that Divine Love is the Love of God, and it contains His Essence, His Substance. When man possesses enough of God’s Divine Love in his or her human soul, it makes them in essence like the Father, and have secured themselves a place of everlasting happiness in the Celestial heavens.

What Is Divine Love As Described by Jesus

Here is how Jesus described it on May 15, 1917, as he wrote the message through James E. Padgett:

“Now, it had better be understood here what this Divine Love was and is, for It is the same today that It was when man was created in the image of God. This Love differs from the natural love of man with which he was endowed when created, which belongs to all men, and which they all possess in a more or less perfect condition, in this: that the Divine Love is that Love which belongs to or is a part of God, possessing His Nature and composed of His Substance, and which, when possessed by man to a sufficient degree, makes him Divine and of the Nature of God. And God intended that this great Love should be received and possessed by all men who should desire to receive It, and who would make the effort to obtain It.” (What is Divine Love from True Teachings of Jesus, as compiled from various sources.)

What Is Divine Love and How Do You Receive It?

Divine Love is God’s greatest gift, and it is available to anyone! It does not matter if you belong to any particular religion or no religion at all. God’s gift of Divine Love is for anyone who asks for it.

How to ask for Divine Love

Divine Love is available to each and every human being! But God will not force his Love because that would violate a person’s free will. But anyone can receive the Divine Love by simply asking God for it. If you have a sincerity of mind and soul and come to the Father in faith and earnest aspirations, this Love will never be withheld from you. Simply ask for God’s Love in a prayer, a prayer of earnestness and longings of your soul that the Father will open up your soul to the inflowing of His Love, and then may come the Holy Spirit to bring this Love into your soul in such abundance that your soul may be transformed into the very Essence of the Father’s Divine Love.

Take the test

You may ask yourself, “is this for real, why should I believe you?” You don’t have to “believe”. Now you can have real, physical proof of God’s existence and of His Divine Love available to anyone who asks for it. Even Jesus told the Hebrew rulers to take the test:

“… test my teachings that the Father’s Love was now available, and pray for it to the Father in earnest prayer, and see whether, if this was done in sincerity, the Father’s Love, conveyed through the Holy Spirit, would burn and glow in the soul, by which sign they would realize His Love was present therein.”

− Jesus of Nazareth

How Do I Test?

Find a quiet place and time and earnestly pray for God’s Divine Love and feel the glowing of His Love in your soul. Jesus gave us the prayer, the only prayer needed for anyone to receive Divine Love.  But you do not have to memorize a prayer and repeat it by memory.  No, praying for Divine Love is all about your desire to have a relationship with God.  That desire is coupled with your soul longings so that you take the overt action of actually praying to God from your heart and soul, and it can be in any words you would like to use to ask God to send His Holy Spirit to bring the gift of the Father’s Love into your soul.

James E. Padgett What are the Padgett Messages?

If you still have questions or are having difficulty in receiving God’s Divine Love, pray to the Father to receive resolution to your outstanding issues so that you may know what is Divine Love.