Faith Can Remove Impediments to Knowing God
Jesus Messages - Volume 3,  Recent Messages

Volume 3 – Lesson 22: Faith Can Remove Impediments to Knowing God

August 22, 2022
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

Beloveds, I come. I am your brother Jesus. I come once again to speak to you, to help you upon your journey toward true spiritual awakening and attainment of light, truth, and love. May the Father’s Love continue to flow into your souls bringing to you great wisdom and knowledge, truth in all forms expanding within you and infusing you with all that is of God’s Truth and Love, and His universe, awakening you to the possibilities and potentials that lie within your soul, spirit and mind. All of these things are rife with God’s blessings, filled with great potential and purpose given their awakening and empowerment with Love. 

 I come to speak to you of the impediments of such awakenings, how you upon the earthly plane continue to struggle and often lack the faith required to move forward easily and with great purpose. I have spoken many times of this and added my commentary about your struggles and the issues that pertain to your modern life, as you call it. I have spoken of the power of free will to distort your true spiritual journey and awakening, the distortions of the mind that filters, directs and carries you along a journey that is not straight and narrow but meanders in the forest of thought and response to those things that are of your earthly existence.

I have spoken often about how your souls continue to be ignored by your conscious self, that its cries, pitiable as they are, go unheard or ignored because of the fear of the mind, that fear of losing control, that fear of truly seeing one’s self, naked and unadorned by the illusions of the mind. Yes, there are many complex aspects to the individual. As the many layers that exist within you interact, so, your conscious self, the condition that you carry and are aware of, is merely the superficial aspect of the great conglomerate of all of these internal interactions, that of the soul, that of the spirit, and that of the material mind. These levels of consciousness are operating within you at every moment but your awareness of such is often very meager indeed, for as you venture out into the world, the stimuli offered from the material world are often what your focus is upon. You walk in the world interacting with others, responding to whatever you venture upon and whatever thoughts are entertained within you. This, to many, seems complicated enough, navigating the world and navigating your consciousness as it responds in this way.

Yet, many other aspects within you are also responding, but doing so with what scientists call your subconscious self. It is, however, the conscious self that is not acknowledged to any great degree but is active and responding in every moment. Often, these interactions form memories in the individual that may come through in their dreams. Often, these things are lost in the realms of those aspects that are not fully consciously communicating with you. Nevertheless, these memories are stored, and these responses live within you, even within your body as you go about living your life, exercising your free will choices in every moment.

What comes of this is stored within you and does subtly influence you. At times, it can be quite pronounced. At other times, its voice is so faint that it cannot be heard. As the individual grows spiritually and the soul is awakened by God’s Divine Love, there is a greater awareness of those more subtle aspects that live within you. The soul’s voice is heard. The spirit’s complex interactions with you are noticed. Indeed, when the individual is in harmony with these things, the soul is in harmony with God, the spirit is in harmony with its vitality and interactions, and the mind is attuned to all of these things, then there is a deep sense of being alive and joyful.

Yet, how often does this happen for the individual? For many, it is non-existent, for some, a rare occurrence, and for those few who are fortunate, it is a daily experience. Yet, the goal is to be fully awake, to truly know yourself and all aspects of yourself, not in a way that the individual is confused and all the stimuli which come with this awareness creates a tangle of sensations, experiences and thoughts. Rather, as the harmony of the soul, the spirit, and the mind comes together and is integrated in such a way that love informs all, then these things are of a pleasant nature and experience. Within these things come deep wisdom, deep understanding, a deep sense of the wonderment of life and the beauty of life, for when you can see the complexity and wonderment of your own creation, it follows that you may see outside of yourself the same. In this, you are liberated from the heaviness and darkness of the human condition for you are looking at life through a different lens, a different consciousness. 

Though you may see and perceive more deeply darker aspects of life and with those around you, with the strength of Love within your soul, rather than the judgment of the mind comes compassion and love for those who struggle. So, these insights come to those who seek them. Unfortunately, they do not come as readily as one would like. It is interesting that upon one’s journey of discovering the truth that in the beginning is a great surge of joy, recognition and enthusiasm. The individual comes alive with this truth, seeking to know of it and experience it, seeking out God and experiencing the blessings of His Love, seeking out His guidance and the angels that are close, seeking to see the world through the lens of the soul and interacting with the world through love. 

Although this is not a universal experience that individuals have, it is common enough that it is a valid and important aspect of the awakening of the individual. They begin with joy and with recognition. But as life continues and the initial flowering of this joy fades somewhat and the individual makes for themselves a prayer practice and effort to reach God, then routines of the daily communion with God often cause the consciousness of the individual to fade somewhat. There is less experience and sensation because the mind, through its intentions to integrate and assimilate, will often dull the experience and make it into a mindful perception. Thus, the three aspects of the individual, the soul, the spirit, and the mind interact less powerfully together because the mind has acquiesced to a familiar pattern resulting in  less awareness of this interaction in prayer. Thus,  creating a modulating effect upon the individual’s prayer life. There are highs and lows. There are times when there is greater sensation, experience and perception and other times when this fades to almost non-existence. Rather, you are alone with your mind, those mindful intentions to be with God. This can be a somewhat dry and uneventful experience.

Many other factors get in the way of the conscious and beautiful experience when communing with God. There are physical aspects which draw the individual away from their condition and focus. When the individual is in pain or is not feeling well, then there is often a struggle to get to that place of harmony within you. As you interact with the world, you often bring with you the effects of that interaction in an energetic way, affecting your spirit. Without cleansing oneself from these conditions, just as one will cleanse the body, then these things which can be quite dark will affect your demeanour and will cling to you until it is cleared away. Your soul, though bright and beautiful, has often a subtle and gentle expression which can be readily ignored by the mind. At times, though you feel you are prepared for prayer and you eagerly enter into prayer, these more subtle conditions and impediments will keep you from having those experiences  you expect and anticipate.

These untoward experiences are all part of living on the earthly plane. The ebb and flow of the human condition and the energies associated with these conditions affect every one of you in this world. Yet, you have your guardian angels, your friends in spirit, and many who are with you to uplift you and protect you as you make your journey in life. They come in response to God’s blessings upon you and make efforts to help you open to His Love and Truth. God brings to you that which will assist you on this journey. The angels may indeed protect you from those nefarious conditions of the earthly plane but the angels cannot protect you from your own thoughts and what your thoughts may bring to you if they are of a dark nature. You must exercise your own free will, beloved souls, taking into account that each thought and each motive has its effects and will cloud the issue if they are of a lower nature and bring you to that place of disturbance and confusion. 

Faith is a powerful thing. Faith will bring you to God for it is trusting in God in this way, knowing that God is there and listening to you and knowing that you are loved and a precious child of His creation that will deliver you from those difficult conditions, awakening you to the wonderments and joys which come with your communion with God. This may come readily given your choice and the application of the truths that you are well aware of. As you continue to forge a relationship with God, then the power of your faith builds within you, ensuring further communion and deep connection. Faith is a powerful instrument that you must utilize in your efforts to be with God.

The mind mistrusts everything, must question everything and is curious about everything. But faith is not a construction of the mind. Faith is the knowing of the soul coming forth into the consciousness of the mind with the firmness and power that says “I shall be with God. I love my Creator. I am my Creator’s child and so I shall acknowledge and be with my Heavenly Father.” The trust of a child is what is needed to overcome those impediments which keep you from God. An inner knowing that is unsullied by your mental machinations and fears and distress must come forth. I urge you all to ask God to help you, to bring your faith forward, and to grow your faith in love.

Many of you know this faith, have felt it, and have exercised it in your prayers. I urge you to continue to grow in faith, to walk in faith, to trust God’s presence and guidance in your life for in this way, these impediments will weaken, falter and fall away. They must for the Law of Divine Love dictates that your faith will grow and all that which is not of love will fall away. Each of you must trust in this law and also have the patience that  in time, that which holds you back from God will fall away. As you continue to pray even though at times you may not feel the great blessing, the upliftment, and empowerment that comes with the Divine Love touching your soul, know that indeed, through your prayers, provided they are sincere, they will bring a drop of His Love into your soul.  That which will forever stay and be added to and grow in light creating the conditions that will in time overshadow all parts of you and bring greater harmony as a result.

Though there are times you may feel abandoned by God, lost, and full of fear and even anger that God has not provided the way for you to be free of these things, know that as these conditions rise up within you, those things that are unpleasant, those things that are memories of past unpleasantness, those things that cause you great grief and angst,  you must realize that it is God’s Love that is pushing them towards your consciousness. Through this, with faith, you must release them. Through your acknowledgment, as difficult as this may be, you must place these things before God and ask God to take these burdens from you. In this expiation, you are being cleansed. With the cleansing of your soul, those impediments around your soul, so it becomes easier in prayer, so your faith grows and brings with its power the opening way of God’s Touch upon you and the consciousness of it. 

Release that which keeps you from God. It is important that you allow yourself the freedom, the expansion and joy that comes with your relationship with God. Your mind may be filled with all kinds of ideas, expectations and judgments about what your relationship with God may be. But in truth, these things are irrelevant for true understanding and awakening of this relationship comes through the soul and the soul’s perception of it, as the mind of the soul is quite capable of communicating with God and recognizing God’s response to it.

Because you live upon the Earth plane, your common refrain and response to your spiritual experiences are to interpret through your mind, the material mind, that which the soul experiences and conveys to your consciousness. The less you can do this, beloved souls, the clearer will be the experience of it for it will be experienced in a pure way rather than that which is distorted by the mind. I encourage you all to find collaboration and integration between the mind of the soul, the mind of the spirit, and the mind of the physical. It is an ambitious effort to do so. It requires much effort and focus, not just of your material mind but of all parts of yourself. Yet, through prayer, as you invoke the laws and you seek the Divine Love to come into your soul, thereby drawing close to you the angels of the Celestial Kingdom, then you have great resources with you, supporting you and assisting you in this ambitious project. With faith, you must come to accept these things, those blessings that come and with the mind at peace, opening yourself to the consciousness and awareness of what God can give you as you continue to journey and awaken in truth. 

When you sit down to pray and your mind is full of many things and you are unable to shift your consciousness toward higher thoughts and higher desires of the soul, then indeed, you will have a somewhat lacklustre experience in prayer. There will be angels close but because of your mindful focus and intentions, it would become more difficult for you to know this. With God’s Touch upon you, there may be a gentle sensation, an upliftment, a softness around you that you will interpret as love or feel as a soothing blessing upon you. Yet, why would you accept and embrace something that is mediocre? Why not come to God full-heartedly with a true focus to receive His blessings of Love, expressing your love and appreciation for God, to be fully in God’s Presence without your mental condition interfering with this sacred time together? Yet, this seems to be the greatest challenge of all for those who live upon the earthly plane, their lives so full of so much stimuli, responsibilities, thoughts, plans, and intentions for the day. It is difficult for the individual to get beyond these things as they are embroiled in the earth-like conditions and responsibilities, feeling stuck within them.

The condition of the mind is like some armour that the individual carries, holding them in, keeping them from expanding out and touching the Great Soul of God. Yet, to go beyond this is what each soul must do, for the world needs you to do so, to shift your consciousness, expanding and embracing those things that are deeply spiritual, deeply of God. In this way, you may release these impediments, though not necessarily quickly but in time, as you exercise your faith and trust in God, so you may open the way to releasing the barriers and being fully with your Creator. I pray for this, that each soul in the world may come to this truth, for God is making every effort to make this so 

The light forces of this world and the universe are collaborating with God to help awaken humanity, to help shift their consciousness from the human condition, this construct which you call reality which in truth is not reality. It is the creation of the minds of men that has been part of the flow of human intention for eons, solidifying it into a reality which is of the human mind. It only exists within human consciousness. It does not exist outside of it. Yet, unfortunately, the consequences of this human creation touch every aspect of the earthly plane and the lower spheres of spirit. It’s condition is firmly set, almost as if made of concrete that cannot be moved or broken down readily.

Yet, the greatest instrument to break down and dissolve this condition, clearing it away, is that of the great Love of God, the most powerful and highest blessing that can be given. So, you are asked to continue to awaken yourselves in this Love through prayer and receiving this gift for as you grow within it, so you have the capacity to neutralize the human condition, not only within you but around you. So, you become God’s instruments, His machinery that will break down this heavy construct, this creation of man. As you grow in this truth, so your perceptions of truth and reality change and grow within you. As it has been said, faith can move mountains. Faith will move mountains given the power of faith that grows in God’s Love.

What a powerful force you carry within your soul! What a wondrous instrument filled with gifts and capacities that will change your world! May you come to use them, beloved souls. Use them well. Use them to the fullest extent. Use them in harmony with God’s Will. Use them in harmony with His Laws of Love. Each of you is a magnificent creation of God, filled with many potentials but you must overcome the impediments of your mind and spirit, and all that that entails, to truly step away from this condition which is empowered by your mind and seek those other parts of yourself that are less vulnerable to these conditions and more in alignment with God. 

As you continue to shift in your consciousness and allow yourselves to inhabit those parts of you that are so beautiful and of light, then the effects and power of this shifting of consciousness will transform the material mind and bring the material mind into greater alignment with those other parts of yourself. In time, the integration will result in a magnificent transformation. You will become that true and wondrous child of God, that which your soul longs for, that which your spirit is quite capable of acknowledging, that which, in time, your mind will embrace and have great revelations and joyful experiences in this newfound consciousness forged in Love.

May you find your way upon this journey, beloved souls, find your way in love, find your way in the light, and know that we are with you always. We are with you in love, in joy, in truth. May you find peace, beloveds, that through peace will come the acknowledgment of deep faith, deep joy and deep love. These things are a part of you, those of you who have embarked upon this journey of truth. They will come to the forefront of your consciousness given your desires, your faith, and your efforts. May you break through the great impediments of the earthly condition. May you break through all those impediments within you and be truly free in the Light of God’s Love and Presence. It is there waiting for each of you and it shall always be there. Indeed, your souls long for this. May you recognize that longing and be truly in alignment with it, bringing you to the presence of God, opening your soul to the flow of His Love, through the instrumentality of His Holy Spirit awakening you to all that is of God and God’s creation, shifting from the reality of man to the reality of God. 

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and friend, Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom, and he who loves you and prays for this world and for the healing and awakening of this beautiful world that God has created so that you may truly know yourselves and express your unique individuated souls along the journey of life. That your journey may indeed be eternal and toward greater light. May God bless you, beloveds. May God bless you and keep you in light. We are here with you always. God bless you. My love is with you.


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