Door is Opened

The Door is Opened for Each of Us

Spirit: Jesus Medium:
Al Fike Date:
August 14, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am your friend and brother; I am Jesus. I urge you to pray together earnestly, each one. With the earnestness of your soul, pray for the opening to receive God’s Love within you. For as you know and as you have experienced, this blessing is the key to all other blessings. The power of this Love that is God’s Essence will uplift, transform and bring to you the truth. May you come to know the truth in a conscious and powerful way, and to live that truth with every day. May you come to nurture faith within your hearts and souls that you might live the truth more fully. May the Light of His Love grow within you so that you might be an example for others, a true example so that where you walk there will be light. With whom you connect with, may there will be a flow of love. How you are in the world, may you be an example to many.

It is God’s Will that His children walk in harmony and light. It is God’s desire that each of you chooses the blessing and the Truth of His Love, shining within you, beloveds, shining as the bright light in the dark world. For God’s Hand rests upon each of you in a powerful way. God’s blessings continue to flow to you unreservedly and abundantly.  May you be open and desire to be in alignment with all that God has to give to you, for it is you that chooses, beloveds. It is you who makes certain the alignment, the openings and the flow of Light that is meant to enshroud you and uplift you and show you the way towards greater truth and greater love. We are all His children. We walk together. I walk with you, my beloved brothers and sisters, I walk with you daily as you continue to find your way into greater light and truth. Have faith that indeed, all that you desire and all that you require is given in love, provided it is in harmony with God and His Laws of Love. 

Beloved souls, may you be the teachers, the healers, those who bring the truth of love forward in the world. It is your choice to do so. When that choice is made and your commitment is firm with God, then great doors of opportunities will open to you and wonderful blessings will flow through you. Beautiful light will enshroud you and carry you wherever you may be, bringing its protection, bringing its peace, and you will feel the joy and wonderment of God’s Presence with you, beloved souls. This will be your ministry. This is your ministry, beloveds. Those of you who choose to step forward into the truth will have angels by their side, will know the great blessings of God’s Hand upon them, His Light and protection always with them, and they shall be guided powerfully and clearly as they walk as His instruments in the world.  We walk together, beloveds. We are His children in the light. So we are truly brothers and sisters all, within the grace of God, the Touch of God, the blessings of God.

May each of you come to that place of conscious recognition, of powerful blessings known and felt and understood from that part of you which is your soul’s perceptions, your spiritual sight, and your mind’s acknowledgement. These things are available to each of you, provided you are willing to move beyond the clutter of your mind and the distractions of the material world, to that quiet place with God. So the awakenings will come. So the truth will be known. So you will feel the joy expanding and growing in love. You will be uplifted, beloveds, beyond the conditions of the earthly plane to such an extent that these conditions will not touch you, will not distract you, and will not take you beyond your commitment, your soul to God’s Soul. You are meant to be in this condition of light, this blessing of love, this upliftment that brings to you alignment with God and in alignment with all truth.

May His Love continue to grow within you exponentially, so that you are strong and mighty in the truth, in the light of God’s blessing and care and ministry toward you and through you. I give you my blessings, beloveds, my encouragement and my hand upon you in blessing, proclaiming you to be my disciples, proclaiming you to bring the Truth of God’s Love, this simple yet powerful truth to humanity. May you take up the banner of truth, beloveds, and carry it forward in the world, that the light shall diminish and bring the darkness at bay so that light may be within your world and harmony may flourish there upon. . Beloved souls, it is for you to accept the gift of God, to accept the Will of God, to bring forward the truth that is, that every soul upon this world is deeply loved and deeply cared for. May you turn their eyes, their thoughts and their longings to God, beloveds, so that they may know this truth, that they may live this truth, for this will save the world. It will bring the light and harmony that is needed.

Beloveds, know that I know each one of you and have prayed with you individually, and continue to minister to you all, as do all the angels of the Celestial Heavens. Know that they are with you in love, in encouragement, bringing their guidance, protection, and truth to your consciousness in prayer, in influence and in light.  We gather together many folds, many folds at this time. For as we are here together, so a light is built that is powerful, a beacon to the world and a beacon to the dark spirits of the spirit world and to all who are seeking within that world. So we gather and bring this blessing forward as God’s channels together. Together we serve in love. Together we are a channel of love and light for the lost ones, for those who are dark, desperate, and lonely, we bringing comfort, bringing the blessings of light, the warmth of light to the world and all that is in darkness.

Beloveds, we are together as God’s channels of light and love. Feel the unity of your souls merging together in this purpose. May God bless you fully, powerfully, deeply, with His Love. I am with you, beloveds, and we are together in this prayer for the well-being of the world and the well-being of all who suffer within it. God bless you, beloveds. I love you. I love you dearly. Each of you, each of you are loved. God bless you, beloved souls. Be at peace and know that God is with us.