The Coming Darkness Before the Light
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 22: The Coming Darkness Before the Light

December 15, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

I come to speak to you of all that is in your world that brings suffering and darkness to humanity. These things must come to the surface of the consciousness of man in order to be acknowledged and expunged from their thoughts and behaviours for without this effort to reach beyond the human condition into that of light and harmony and love, little can be accomplished in bringing the world back to harmony and grace.

It has been over 2000 years since I brought the gospel of love to the world. My teachings have spread far and wide and there are few in your world who do not know of them but it is with deep sadness that I acknowledge that those teachings have been perverted and express something far different from my intention and the truth. Many atrocities and wrong-doings have been done in my name and in the name of these teachings because humanity cannot and will not look beyond their mindful ambitions, their needs and wants and come to that place of connection and alignment with God, accepting that God is love and that God’s Love is unconditional, and that the power of God’s Love can bring harmony to the world.

These things were meant to be from the very beginning of humanity, for love to be the cornerstone and love to be the power and the light that would lead humanity forward in their progression, beyond that of their natural gifts and abilities to the expansion and transformation of their souls by receiving the great gift of Divine Love, the Essence of God. But as you well know, that gift was rejected and humanity chose its own course of development. In so doing they cut themselves off from the power and beauty of divine influence and the awakening of their souls in ways that cannot be accomplished without this gift that is the Divine Love.

As the years ensued, and there have been many thousands upon thousands of years which humanity has lived upon this world and created for themselves a reality and perspective, though diverse in culture and ideas yet so very similar in the wants and needs of men and their perspectives of the heart. Within humanities unbridled expression , wondrous things and horrible things have been created. They have come to a place so contrary to God’s Laws of Creation that indeed the human race is in jeopardy and is in great need of recalibration and a shift in direction that will bring them toward greater light and harmony.

Yet, humanity is blinded by their own ambitions, by their own patterns of thought and ideas that reinforces and creates over and over again the error and dark conditions which brings much suffering to the world, not only to the world of man but to the world of God’s creation which struggles and falters and is in great stress as it tries to uphold its own expression that is of God’s creation.

You begin to see within your own lives the results of this great struggle that is taking place upon your Earth plane. You are bombarded daily by many messages and ideas that often create fear and distortion and are not conducive to promoting a condition of love in the world. Few upon your world are awake to their own soul’s potentials. Few truly understand themselves but merely go moment-by-moment with the transient thoughts, feelings and desires which enter into the consciousness of each individual.

Underneath many of the motivations of humanity is a deep fear, a fear that they will not have enough, a fear that they will be a failure in the eyes of others, a fear that they will not be loved or accepted. So, they follow the wayward messages from those who wish to control and wish to manipulate humanity in order to garner greater wealth for themselves and their businesses, those ways of operation in the world. Your politicians do not see beyond their own fragile needs and ideas. Your religious leaders are often expressing their roles by following the edicts and doctrines of their religion by rote and not by the expression of their heart.

There are of course, in every sector of society, those who are of light, those who indeed struggle and try to express that which is of truth and light, for each soul has the sense of what is true and what is in harmony. Yet often, those messages from the soul are ignored and trampled by the human condition, by the choices of each individual to sustain and reinforce the materialism that is so predominant upon your world. What was meant to be a simple and beautiful expression of the human race upon this physical planet has been corrupted into such a powerful force for darkness and destruction that there is a need for all to be neutralized and swept away by the Hand of God.

This will not be the first time that God has intervened on behalf of His children. There have been other times in history which is far longer than what scientists have imagined to be the existence of humanity upon this planet where all that man has created has fallen asunder because the underpinnings and foundations of their creations have been based on error and based upon the selfish needs of men rather than utilizing their own inner wisdom, that which comes from the soul, to guide their actions and efforts in such a way that what is created is harmony with the Laws of Creation.

Humanity has come again to a crossroads where change is needed and inevitable. This change will come on such a massive scale and way that all will be affected by this great shift upon your planet for God will not allow this world to be destroyed and injured in such a way that it cannot recover. This condition is solely the result of men’s actions and choices, as so many upon your world continue to act blindly with little consideration for humanity as a whole or this world as it is and requires a level of harmony and balance in order to function and sustain life.

The layers upon layers of darkness in the world are so complex and so intense that it would take a thousand years of concerted effort to heal and bring back to harmony all these aspects of human endeavour. There is no time for this, beloveds, nor is there any true desire or concerted effort to make way for light and to release those things that are of darkness. Yes, there are efforts being made and expressions of discontent and concern expressed by many individuals and groups in your world but unfortunately, it is too little, too late.

Now, we come to that place of extreme measures and terrible consequences. You will see in the coming years such ferocity in your weather and climate that what you have experienced recently will pale in comparison. You will find that the efforts of governments and industry to uphold the systems and economies of the world will be thwarted by the natural conditions that will continue to bear pressure upon all the functioning and aspects of your physical world. You will find that humanity will lose its desire to be those productive and functioning individuals in the machinery of the economic structures of your world. A deep apathy will cover your world and many will be very discontent in their roles and efforts to contribute to the society and economy of your various countries. Deep discontent will rise up especially among those who are youthful and who do not see a viable future ahead of them. Old orders will crumble and great chaos will ensue as humanity tries to shift in response to the reactions and conditions of light that are coming to help rectify the disarray of this world. It will be a very challenging time indeed, my beloved souls.

I wish I could bring to you a message of deep peace and hope for the coming future, immediate future. But indeed, I cannot bring to you a message that is not correct or truthful. I and your angel friends and others can only come to support that which is of light and harmony and love. So, we come with our message of love. We come to bring to you the message that will bring harmony and healing to your world and will continue to do so. No matter what conditions may ensue upon your planet, we will continue to be with you and uphold you. As you continue to align yourselves with God, so you will have God’s protection and guidance. You will have our presence surrounding you all.

It will be a difficult time as you see your brothers and sisters suffer so greatly. Although, even now the suffering of humanity is great but much of this is hidden by the veneer of materialism, by the muteness of those who carry that suffering and bury it under layer upon layer of mental stimulation and material gratification. This possibility will no longer be available to such a great extent as to numb and redirect the individual from their pain.

There will come a time when it will feel as if the entire world is crying out and suffering. There will come a time when nothing that humanity has made and created for its own well-being will seem to function or be of any sense as the world shifts and as the consciousness of the world shifts to the light and perspective of God’s creation bringing harmony above all else.

This will be the time when you are greatly needed, beloved souls. This will be the time when your gifts and your intentions and your desires to serve God and to bring the Truth of His Love forward will be manifest in each of your lives. Your attentions to your material life and material well-being will be replaced by a deep desire of the soul to move forward as God’s instruments in the world, helping to bring comfort and truth to many who will be in deep fear and anguish and confusion. As you express God’s Will in this way, so many manifestations and signs given through you by God will come forward. In this way, humanity will be awakened to its true self, to God’s Will, and to God’s creation.

Those who cannot accept this, even when they have come to the place of wakefulness, will not survive in the new world that is coming, the world that has been freed from the encumbrances of man and given the gift of a new beginning, the dawning of light and truth and peace in the world. In your restrictive and heavy material world and conditions, it is difficult to contemplate and understand this vision which I give to you all. You cannot see how this can possibly take place or how you may find your role within this unfolding plan that God has for humanity, but you will come to see this with clarity.

God will bring vision to you, beloved souls. You will come to slough off the skepticism of your mind and see with the clarity of your soul. In this, a firm and unshakable faith in the Will of God will be forged in your consciousness. You will come to see yourselves as you truly are. You will come to understand the great potentials and gifts that God has placed within you. You will see the world differently. You will see your wants and desires expressed through the wisdom of your soul rather the inclinations of your mind and your physical needs. You will be guided in the ways of light, truth, and love and no other way will satisfy you, beloved souls.

Rather than fear and concern for the realities which you have created for yourself and engaged with many, many others in your world, as this crumbles and falls away, you will find yourself with a sense of freedom and joy, and an understanding of why this must be and how this will usher in a new world, a new existence for you and for all provided they are willing to accept it as a gift from God.

This will not be accomplished so much with obedience and bowing down to God in a passive and defeated way. Instead, it will be the result of the liberation of the soul and a new awareness that dawns upon each individual as they come to accept that they are truly children of God. The mind often resists because the mind is full of fear and apprehension of what is new and does not wish to release its hold upon the control and power that it asserts upon the individual’s consciousness. Instead, that deep desire to control will be usurped by love, by peace, and by a willingness and desire to be in harmony and in alignment with the Laws of Love and the Laws of Creation.

Although many will resist this for they are so entrenched within their mindful beliefs and ideas and are afraid to give these things up and adopt something so very new and radically different, there will be many who will willingly absolve themselves from the demands and expectations of the human condition and adopt a new way, a new understanding that will engender a sense of equality amongst all and an appreciation of love for all humanity and for all of creation.

Can you not see that such a radical shift of consciousness, of truth cannot happen gradually but must happen as a shock to the world of humanity as it falls and the necessity for humanity to adopt something new and of greater light? As humanity is impoverished by their own weak and feeble ways, so that sense of helplessness will override all intentions of insisting upon rebuilding the world in the image of the past. Rather, there will be no possibility of this, my beloved souls.

Though, of course your material needs must be met. There are things that humanity has created which are in harmony with God’s creation given the wisdom and expression of them in such a way that they benefit all and are in alignment with God’s Laws. This wisdom will come as humanity continues to step forward in the light.

I know there is a deep fear that those who seek to control humanity and have power to do so will instigate their control through these times of vulnerability and change. But I tell you, their power will be neutralized. Their ability to control humanity will no longer be present. You will see for yourselves how the actions of men who desire control will be neutralized by the Hand of God. This in itself will develop a great sense of faith and trust in God as you see that the darkness will be enveloped by light and truth and will be the cornerstone of all human action in times to come.

The time for deceit and lies and manipulation and lack of love are crumbling and will dissipate to make way for a new era of humanity’s existence upon this world. As this era is established, as this time becomes more pronounced and powerful in light, so this will reverberate through the spheres of spirit and influence many to give up those vestiges of darkness and adopt that which is of light.

The entire planet and all that is a part of this world of ours will be affected by what will happen upon the earthly plane and there will be greater, much greater light in the spheres of spirit and the many spirits that inhabit them will find their way to greater light. It will be a wondrous transformation, beloved souls, a great, great gift given from God to you, a great gift indeed given in love as God forgives humanity for its transgressions and as humanity forgives itself for all that it has done in the name of their truth which is not truth but error.

They will come to truth, beloveds. Every soul is meant to come to truth. That journey may be different for each soul. The consequences of their actions may determine much as they continue to move upon the path of their own soul’s progression. But still, underneath all that is in the world and the underpinnings of life is the expression of God’s Love for all creation, His Love for humanity is great, His precious children, those beautiful creations that were given the gift of a soul. In this gift comes the potential for the transformation of each individual from that of the purely human, natural abilities and gifts, toward the Divine and all that comes with the gift of the transforming Love so that humanity may indeed step forward into eternal progress, eternal expansion and awakening in this wondrous power which is God’s Essence. It is meant to be for humanity, this gift open to all, given in love.

Today I have expressed to you the journey that must take place for the continued advancement of humanity toward light as the storm fast approaches. It is tumultuous and powerful in its expression and effect upon each of you. But as you walk in faith, beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters, you will find that even through these darkened conditions, there will be revelations, blessings, and wondrous, joyful gifts given to those who are attuned to God and willing to walk with God.

As part and parcel of these conditions that God is bringing to your world, there is and will be greater possibilities of the opening of your gifts and awakening of the potentials of your soul, of the manifestation of your great and beautiful light in the world. This will bring you such joy and satisfaction that you will desire more and more of this expression, of this service in alignment with God’s plan. So, the doors will open and the possibilities will be great. You will find yourself walking in the light. You will find that God will give you the strength, the power, and the ability to do so uninhibited and hindered by human frailties. You will truly be God’s instruments upon the world and the powers of your beautiful being, this wondrous creation by God, will shine forth in all its glory and beauty and light. Love will flow with such power and wonderment that you will see the glory of God expressed through each of you.

You will find yourselves in situations and positions of great influence, touching the hearts and souls of many. They will turn to you as the lost children that they are and will come to recognize fully their own pitiable condition seeking relief, comfort, seeking truth and a way through the tumult. Indeed, the way will be given. The doors will be opened, the possibilities expressed and manifest so that you and many others of your ilk will be God’s channels, leaders, gifted individuals, healers, speakers, seers, all the spiritual gifts given through the many who are now being prepared and are coming into alignment with the great effort that must be made and will be made on behalf of humanity to seek the light, to bring harmony and peace to the world.

God is orchestrating this. As we have said many times, His plan continues to unfold. Be true to yourselves, beloved souls. Be true to that higher self which is your soul. Be true to God. All will fall into place. All will be in harmony and at peace. Even though you may see much suffering around you, you will be an island of peace. You will be an island of light in the tumult. Remember this, beloved souls. When times become desperate, remember that when you turn to God, when you seek God’s Touch and Presence, His Love within your soul, His guidance in your thoughts, His glowing peace within your heart, then you may be that light of which I speak, that channel of light for your brothers and sisters.

Do not give in to the pulsing darkness which will try to overcome the light. It will not succeed. The light is inevitable and will come, but at what price will be determined by the actions of humanity. What will come in your life is determined by your desire, efforts, perspectives and prayers. It is for you to decide, beloved souls, as God cannot decide for you nor can we. It is for you to decide whether you walk in light or join those who are fearful and in the dark. Let go of all that which is within you that is of fear, that cannot see beyond the mindful conditions that are so much a part of your world. Walk in light and walk in faith. Trust your Creator. Trust the love and the power of love to make your world a world of light.

You are loved. You are blessed. I love you and I walk with you. I am your brother and friend, Master of the Celestial Heavens. I am Jesus. I have come to speak to you of important matters and to reinforce the messages that have been given over the months and years and time that you have opened yourself to the truth and try each and every day to live it. May you continue to awaken to the Truth of Love. May you continue to find your way through the maze of the human condition toward the purity and simplicity of God and His blessing of Love for you. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you and keep you in light. I love you. God bless you.


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