Massive Failure of Electrical Resources Coming to Earth
Jesus Messages - Volume 3,  Recent Messages

Volume 3 – Lesson 2: Discusses Massive Failure of Electrical Resources Coming to Earth

June 23, 2022
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

I come, I am here Jesus. We will proceed with our project by addressing various subjects that may be of interest to those who are considering the outcomes and effects of Earth Changes upon the world. Since you are at this time experiencing a power outage in your area, I will address the issue of electrical resources as it relates to Earth Changes. There will be a massive failure of this infrastructure in the world resulting from cosmic forces and the Earth shifting that will disrupt almost all of the electrical grid on the Earth plane. If there is one thing that will require great adjustments in the material sense, it is certainly the lack of electrical empowerment of your devices and your life for it is so dependent upon it.

Yet, when there is a crisis often conditions are such that doors of opportunity and ways of rethinking situations will come to humanity, for there are many more solutions to these problems than what is obvious and established at this time. With such great disruptions will come opportunities and that is of your stellar friends making themselves known to the world and helping humanity establish different approaches and solutions to these problems. Ways that will not impinge upon the natural world as they do now and ways that will allow resources to be utilized on a smaller scale yet will give adequate power to those things that you require.

It is not that the way in which you live at this time will be re-established and readily so, for it would be an impossible task to bring all that is now part of your structures and infrastructures back to life. Rather, you will be abandoning that way and means of procuring power and learn of other ways, ways that are already know upon your Earth and ways that are not but will be given by those of other worlds, not only those of the material world but of the spirit world as well.

You see, as things are greatly diminished and change rapidly, God always provides solutions and ways in which there is an opportunity to create greater harmony in the world. For things to change as they must, it is often required that that which is already established, whether that be attitudes of the mind or material developments of humanity or generalized ways in which humanity use the Earth, much can be repaired and new approaches established when those things are removed suddenly and definitively from the grasp of humanity.

In this one particular way, can you imagine the changes that will happen in your world if the very foundations of your way of life, the underpinnings of so many aspects of life, are removed? It would be a great shock, a terrible crisis in the world for you rely upon the electrical functions so completely that to have them removed would bring about a panic, so to speak, in the world. So many things of the human condition, the established human order, are reliant upon this one aspect of human creation.

There will be chaos, great concern, a terrible vulnerability within all of you for that which you have grown to rely upon so immensely will not be available to you. Yet, you must consider that it has only been 100 years or so that you have come to rely upon these things, that humanity existed without this resource for many thousands of years. Yet, you cannot imagine your life without these conveniences and to be empowered with these conveniences. Indeed, because of what comes of them and the great distractions that are available with them, humanity has established such a different way of thinking and acting in the world than what was in the past.

Of course, as it is with the human psyche, there is an assumption that all will continue on as it is. Yet, there will be great changes, not only in regard to what I am speaking of at this time but in many other ways. Many other aspects of human life will be forced to recalibrate and reassess and adjust to the new world. The removal of this capacity for electrical power will bring a great gift to humanity for in this one particular way, will not humanity have time to contemplate and reassess their lives? For what else might they do? There will be no opportunities for distraction. They will have to come to be within themselves and with each other in a way that will engender greater insight, perception, and hopefully love. There will be a great need for communities to endeavour to support one another as your economies will certainly collapse in response to this condition and situation. You will have to be reliant upon one another and seek the old ways of being together in communities, growing your own food, trading amongst yourselves, being open and generous with one another. This can be the only way that humanity will surely overcome these difficulties.

If individuals become polarized in their attitudes, fearful and greedy, then they will ensure their own demise for he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. This has been the way for all of humanity’s existence. Now is the time to re-establish a new order, a new perspective, opening up doors of opportunities that will surely come from the realms of spirit, the realms of your stellar friends, the realms of those upon the earthly plane who are willing to stand up and be counted as channels of light and wisdom and love. For those who are willing to stand forth in light will be guided and protected. Special dispensations will be given and needs will be met.

Yet, as you are well aware, those individuals who are truly of light are few indeed. But as God utilizes them to the fullest extent in such times, then their gifts and abilities and the blessings of God will manifest in powerful ways. This will assist humanity in seeing the way to the future, the way to greater harmony. We will manifest upon the Earth as has been your desire for many years now. Your stellar friends will come and be known in the world. As you can well imagine, this time of great crisis will also be a time of great revelation. Humanity will be given the opportunity to make right that which it has brought much suffering to. This earthly plane in such disharmony will have the opportunity to re-gain harmony and be in the light. God’s great blessings will flow upon this world with such an intensity that all will feel and know that there is a great boon of blessings given and an opportunity to be strengthened and upheld by them.

Wisdom that lies within the soul, wisdom that can come from your guides and teachers, angel friends, will arise within many individuals affording them the insight to bring about change and solutions to the human dilemma. Yes, many doors will open. Many individuals will discover things about themselves that they did not know, gifts that lie hidden. Their soul that longs to be freed from the tyranny of the human condition and the mind will rise forth in the consciousness of many. They will come to know their true selves and will come to realize that there is light within them and great wisdom.

During these hard times, times of adjustment, times of seeking to establish a new way of life in a new world, inner spiritual resources will emerge and bring beautiful outcomes and establish many things that are in greater harmony with God and God’s Laws of Love and Creation. Humanity will come to understand the laws which govern the spiritual as well as the material for this information is already available to you. These things are available in books, libraries and many places in the world. These things will not be lost but will be opened and the mind will be re-ignited with truth, for indeed, the gift of books will be a great boon in the future for you will not have your devices, those things you use to distract, for these things often bring a pattern to the mind or establish a way of thinking which is not deep nor is it permanent. The information that you glean at this time is often lost by the next day. It is a flow of pictures and words which dance upon the surface of consciousness but is not truly established within the mind and the deeper aspects of mental reasoning.

Even this aspect of humanity will change and adjust and will become more useful as each individual seeks to re-establish the resources necessary to live a life. Then of course, there is the soul, something that is not well-known by the vast majority of humanity. Humanity will have the opportunity to truly delve within their souls, to come to know that part of themselves which is so resplendent with resources and gifts but is unheeded and unrecognized. For without conscious and willful desire to come to that place, there is no way to bring it to consciousness, only a vague feeling that it exists. But the soul in many are active and yet, its manifestation within the individual is interpreted by the mind in such a way that there is no acknowledgment of its source.

Many seek to master the world through the mental faculties, through science, through bringing into the mind many aspects of human knowledge, thus establishing mastery of the world through utilizing the imagination and abilities of the individual to create machineries and implement technologies that on the surface bring great comfort to the physicality of life. Yet, these things ensure that the soul is relegated to the background of human consciousness. What is meant to unfold in coming years is the leverage that will be required to open the consciousness of man to his soul, to bring the awareness of soul and its potentials to the forefront.

In this, those of you who know the Truth of God’s Love may teach of how the soul may be awakened and strengthened, transformed by this great gift from God, for the gift of His Love will be intense and you will feel its intensely as these changes are in play and you come to know and rely upon your soul to ensure a stability, a strength within you in order to deal with that which is threatening and difficult. In your own endeavours to be with God, you must also find ways in which you may show and demonstrate this truth to others. As I have said, this will be manifest in many ways through you as many gifts will be opened within you. God will provide many opportunities to teach and show the way to your brothers and sisters who will inevitably feel lost and confused and in great distress.

Again, these are great opportunities for when individuals are distressed, they seek comfort. They seek a way to resolve their distress and discomforts. You will show them the way and the way will become obvious to them for we will be there to help comfort humanity. Many others will be there to help uplift and comfort those who are undergoing such difficult times. It is not that God wishes for humanity to be in such difficulties. It is that the result of humanity’s efforts and behaviours and endeavours has brought about such friction between the way of man and the way of God that there must be resolution, for this is a law, that that which is out of harmony must come back to harmony.

The ways in which harmony is accomplished must have a physical component as well as a spiritual component. We have gone to great lengths and efforts for those of you who have been willing, opening yourselves to our ministrations, helping you be prepared and developed in the spiritual sense for this will be the anchor that you must come to rely upon, as will many others. For the majority of humanity however, to truly take notice, to shift their consciousness, their understanding of life, unfortunately these events and conditions of which I speak must take place for one must realize that the world has its own consciousness. Gaia, as you have called it, is a being with consciousness.

At this time, the Earth is fighting back, responding to the pressures that humanity has put upon it. This is why you will lose your capacity to bring power to each household and cities and the world for it is Gaia that will ensure that your ability to continue on in the ways and means that you have at your disposal will be removed so that you must consider other ways and other means of living. This is where God will provide the openings and opportunities to do so. For with each difficult condition and dark response that may come to a life, God always provides a way through those conditions and darkness to light. This is the manifestation of God’s Love for each individual. That manifestation may be unique to each individual or it may come to the world as a whole, for God’s capacity and ability to bless the individual or the world or both is always present and is tremendous in scope.

As I have indicated many times, humanity’s free will is far greater than what God may give to you. The power that you wield within yourself is greater than the power of God to change you or to heal you. God has given you this gift so that you may choose. If you allow the door to His blessings and healings to be given, and so it will be given provided your mind is receptive and that you carry within you faith, for it is faith that is powerful and is the great antidote to any obstructions that your capacity for free will may impose. But of course, this is a choice. You must initiate and establish faith within yourself. Those who do so will have a far easier time in these times of change than those who rely solely upon their mental faculties and willful nature.

Each individual must come to realize the power that they wield, the power that influences and determines the outcomes of their lives even though they may feel a victim of these things. Indeed, at times, every individual is a victim of the collective power of choice that is their community or country or the world. Yet, within them are the resources to neutralize these things, to bring into themselves the blessings and healings of God, so to make right that which is wrong, that which is out of harmony.

As the world changes and conditions become acute and difficult, so humanity must utilize its inner resources to deal with and bring about greater resolution and harmony. Humanity must come to know what is within them and the faculties of the soul that will bring into alignment the blessings of God which with this alignment will manifest many changes of the material around them in time. The changing world will bring about great opportunities to discover these resources within, to discover the true nature of humanity and the true power that humanity wields, that they will come to realize that they have perverted that power, that they have twisted the intention of God for them to become the beautiful and bright souls that they were intended to be.

Humanity must come to realize that it must change its ways, change its course of evolution, come to integrate the power of the soul and the mind in harmony, and be truly within the flow and blessings of God, for this partnership between the individual soul and God is an integral part of the transformation and awakening of humanity. Humanity must learn humility and must come to realize how they are a part of and connected to everything that is God’s universe. Yet, they have an individual consciousness and are empowered with a soul and a mind so they may experience reality, a life from that individual perspective and journey. A journey that may progress for all eternity given the transformation of the soul with the great Essence of God within it to the extent that this transformation may be accomplished.

However, when the individual is of mind only and a soul that is purified but is not progressed in the way in which I speak, then its abilities, its capacities are limited for the soul is not truly awakened. It is merely bereft of all conditions that are of darkness and therefore, knows a lightness of being that is beautiful and joyful but it has not taken the next step, that step that is required to transform the soul into something that is truly divine.

I will leave you today with these thoughts and with this information which I am sure you will find important and interesting to consider and that indeed preparation is required. Though, the outcomes of those things I speak of are not imminent, they are close enough that you must consider your future and how you may establish yourselves in a world that will be very different from that of today. Life will continue, beloved souls. Humanity will continue to exist upon this world for the fate of humanity has been already established in regard to the reset of how humanity might live upon this world. There is no turning back, there are no, what you call, band-aid solutions to the woes of the world. You have gone so far in disrupting the harmony of God’s creation that indeed, the harsh responses that are coming are inevitable. Humanity must see that they cannot think their way out of these problems. Instead, there is a need to recalibrate their thinking and to make efforts to integrate the wisdom of the soul into these matters. In this way, permanent and harmonious solutions will be found. In this way, peace will reign upon the Earth in time. Wars will be banished and many sources of pain and infirmity will no longer exist.

God is offering you a sort of paradise, one that is in harmony and functions within the Laws of His Creation. Indeed, with the power that you possess, it is for you to choose. It is for you to choose with every moment. Can you see beyond your own superficial perspective and needs and look deeper into what is the meaning of life, the purpose of life? This will come as God and the forces of nature bring about the conditions necessary for this awakening, this re-establishment of humanity upon this Earth in harmony. It is coming. The faint rumblings are upon you now and this will grow and bring dramatic and traumatic results.

May God strengthen you in His Love. Know that we are close, that many are close to the Earth at this time. We are midwives to the birthing of humanity in a new way, within a new world. So, we will assist you. So, God pours His Love and blessings upon you. So, you will know a wondrous and miraculous change in your lives, truly wondrous.

May God bless you, beloved souls, and keep you in His Love. I am with you and shall continue to speak to you of things of the world and things of spirit and things of God. These things that are so very important are needed for you to understand what is coming and what is. Thank you, beloveds. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Heavens and your brother and friend. God bless you.