Shattering the Error and Illusions of the Mind
Jesus Messages - Volume 1,  Recent Messages

Volume 1 – Lesson 9: Shattering the Error and Illusions of the Mind

November 26, 2020
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

May God bless you, it is Jesus and I thank you for welcoming me once again in these times of sharing truth in hopes of uplifting and guiding humanity towards light and love. We speak often of the human condition and how this is the great barrier to God. I wish to speak of the mind and its great dominance in your world and upon the souls of your world. This was not meant to be, this great power that humanity has given to the material mind and it’s workings.

Since the fall of man, this has been the great instrument that humanity has developed and nurtured in order to formulate and express their will in great detail and great complexity. The world that you know today is the creation of man. Though it is overlaid upon the Creation of God, in many respects, most of humanity lives within it’s own creation and perceptions, dictated by mental biases and mental formulations.

Those of us who have progressed beyond the Earth plane into higher spheres of life and the Celestial Heavens have attuned ourselves and come to a higher place of understanding and awakening to the potentials of the soul and releasing the hold that the mind has upon the consciousness of both mortals and spirits. Our great work is to help release humanity from this powerful hold, this reality that is man-made rather than created by God.

Humanity has done a great deal of research and has found much in the way of understanding of the human mind and the human brain. He continues in his adoration of these faculties and abilities contained within the mind and nurtures the mind from the beginnings of life, seeing that the expression of mind is the great power of humanity and so it is. It has become a great power, expressing and manifesting all the creativity, all the intellectual understandings, the openings of various truths and realities of the material world, from the very microscopic to the existence of the material universe. Discoveries continue to unfold day by day so that humanity’s fascination with dissecting the material Creations of God has become its obsession, its great desire, seeking greater power over the material world, seeking dominance of all that is within the vision of man. God gave humanity, each soul, great powers of observation and deduction, of creativity and expression. These things in terms of the mind have been well-developed and have brought many interesting and wonderful expressions and inventions creating evermore of a synthetic reality, one that is built upon the mind of men rather than that of God.

Thus is the great dilemma that humanity faces, for rather than integrating the Truths of God, the spiritual nature of life, humanity has turned its back on the Creator and continues as it did in the beginning to carry on with a life that is independent, exercising the power of free will, and exploring all the potentials of the material man.

As many of you know and is quite apparent, there is a great inequity in the world, a great imbalance caused by this pursuit of material gain and power and exploration. It is not that God wishes to withhold the truth on any matter from humanity for God has given humanity the capability to observe and understand and recognise the great complexity which is the material world and the universe of His Creation.

The great difficulty comes when man lacks a moral compass, an inability to discern what is in harmony with God’s Creations and Laws and what is not. Rather there is a great expression and intention to dominate the material world, to be that being which has power over all. Humanity continues to build upon this original intent by the first parents to be all powerful and independent from God. Thus all the expressions of man are continuing to pollute the Creation of God.

Though not all is inharmonious, there is a great force and direction of these intentions that is bringing deep disharmony and suffering, not only to humanity but all of Creation. This is because humanity understands certain aspects of themselves, certain beautiful gifts that God has given, but does not understand fully the embodiment of what is the human creation.

We make a great effort and expression through instruments such as this individual and others to help humanity understand its true nature, to be fully aware of all the aspects, complexities that is this wondrous and most beautiful creation of God. As we have said many times, humanity has great potential but that potential cannot be realised fully without establishing a true and clear relationship with God. To do so would be to open the doors to many other realisations and understandings of the universe utilising not only the mind but the wondrous soul which has greater potential than the mind.

Humanity cannot continue to see the world from its limited perspective. Though so very fascinated by these discoveries and thoughts and speculations about the universe and about the human reality and truth, the possibility of awakening deeper capacities and to explore the true nature of man are pushed aside in favour of the material truth. Yet humanity is more spiritual than it is material. The journey of an individuated soul merely begins upon this material plane and carries forward through many experiences and realities, dimensions that are not of the material.

Although man may look into all the intricacies and complexities of the material world, he has not learned to do so with wisdom and true appreciation of these discoveries. With an activated soul, the ability to see and understand even those things of the material nature is greatly amplified. These understandings are reflected through many prisms of the mind of the soul when activated and alive. Humanity is meant to evolve, to grow, to become powerful in its own way but that power, that expression of the true potentials of humanity cannot be realised without the awakening and true understanding of the abilities of the soul.

Thus humanity comes to a crossroads. Will it continue to harbour its great fascination with the power of the mind and the expressions of itself through mental deductions and expressions of the intellect and those perceptions of the mere senses of the body or will it come to realise greater truths, deeper understanding that is not just of the mind but of the soul thereby balancing the human expression? Once this balance is achieved, then humanity will move forward in leaps and bounds. The great aspirations to come to know the universe, to make contact with other beings within it, to express wondrous inventions and capacities, to live in the universe in harmony, to be truly of light, and to expunge the darkness, to bring harmony to the world, these things can and will be realised if humanity is willing to step forward and relinquish its great desire to control all and to ignore the Laws of Creation.

There are few in your world who truly understand that of which I speak, for they have not come to know their own soul. They do not see a way towards this understanding nor do they value this gift of soul awareness. Yet in a subliminal way, all of humanity is influenced by their soul. That influence may be weak, diluted and distorted by the mind but it is still an active part of every being.

Yet, as I have spoken of often, it requires great effort to push away those barriers of the mind and come to understand the reality of soul and God has provided a powerful yet simple mechanism to do so. Prayer is the key to awakening the soul. This is known to some of you but it is not truly understood by many in your world.

If your scientists applied their ways of deduction and experimentation to this truth, they would find it to be a reality, to be a mechanism that can be used to awaken soul exploration and experiences. So we continue to urge all of you to go to your souls in prayer to God, to seek out the truths of your own soul, to activate your soul through receiving God’s great gift, the Essence of His own Soul given to you with love and a deep desire to awaken all the potentials that exist within every individual within your world.

The world of man cannot solve all the dilemmas that it faces. Humanity isn’t capable of solving these things with the mere abilities of the mind. Most often they create greater dilemmas, more complex and disruptive responses from their activities and inventions bringing humanity deeper into darkness. Yet with the activation of the mind fully realised, it is easy for humanity to see the world in a way of its own liking rather than in the way that is truthfully apparent.

Humanity walks in their own delusion believing that the world, the material world continues to provide for them in all the necessities and ways that are required to sustain life and to give the material man all those elements that he desires to recreate in his own image and his own ambitions. Thus it is important that there be a break from this delusion, a shattering of that which is not real and created by the mind, for God’s reality is quite different from that of man’s.

Since God has given each a soul, the reality of God may be understood and realised through the activation of the soul. The mind of the soul operates from a very different set of principles from that of the material mind. The vision and senses of the soul and its faculties, are more complex than that of the material mind and are able to understand deeper truths, to understand many complex aspects of the universe, and to understand the Soul of God in a far greater and deeper way than that of the human mind.

Until humanity comes to this realisation, it will be stuck in a downward spiral created by their illusions and their actions contrary to the Laws of God. All will be affected by this general trend and desire by many to continue in these ways of human endeavours without considering the consequences, without truly understanding with wisdom and love the true purpose of life.

Yet some find their way, as have all of you, to the Truth of God and the truth of their own soul. This begins in a very rudimentary way, the mind dominating and affecting the perceptions and experiences of the soul in such a way that the purity of the experience of an awakening soul is distorted greatly. Yet you, beloved souls, continue to struggle. You have faith. You have within you the strength of a soul determined to come to know itself and to come to the truths of our universe. This is a powerful motivator, the soul desiring to be with God and to be in harmony with God.

Throughout your days, I know that you have struggled. You continue to seek and to clear away the debris of all the errors implanted within your mind and all the emotional traumas, difficulties and memories that burden you as it does with every soul upon your world. It is a great struggle against the darkness, the illusion of man’s creation. Your journey of soul awakening must continue with each one of you so that you may see the truth clearly, awaken fully to all that is of God, of truth and of love, for without those brave sojourners of the soul, the world will continue to sustain its illusions and errors and proliferate the darkness.

I know it is difficult to strip away these illusions and to look clearly into the face of truth. For many this brings a great disheartening, an unsettling sense of a world that has run amok, a world that lacks love, a world deluded and distorted. It indeed does take great strength to look, to see beyond the veil of the human condition and to resist the demands of your mind, putting aside your desire for truth in this regard and to sustain the human condition that constantly demands of you obedience.

Indeed a great disruption of this human condition, a shattering of these delusions must come if humanity is to progress beyond its present condition. Although you cannot see the outcomes at this time, nor can you truly navigate clearly the road which you are meant to travel because the capacities of your soul are yet too limited to understand these subtle things. Yet I tell you, with faith, strength, determination, perseverance, prayer and the nurturing of Love within your soul, you will come to see more clearly as each day passes. You will come to understand that God is guiding humanity towards this great shift that will bring about greater truth and harmony in the world. The beginnings of this journey comes with a great trust in God, with faith, entrusting yourself to an awakening that challenges all of your ideas and errors of truth originating from the mind. This journey is an individual one. It comes with your relationship with God. In this relationship comes the awakening of your soul’s potentials as He pours into you His Love, the Essence that makes the image substance, for without the substance of His Love, this wondrous and beautiful gift, there can be no great realisation of the potentials of the soul and the truths of the soul. It is a simple law but it is a law that must be obeyed, that each soul must yearn for the alignment and relationship with God that will bring this great flood of Love and Truth into the soul.

The awakening of the soul cannot come in any other way. Humanity has tried many ways with the mind. Indeed, the Earth and all the spheres of spirit are filled with many, many souls who continue to believe that their spiritual awakening and the potential of unlimited progress must come with purification of the spirit and the education of the mind. Yet this is merely one aspect of the human potential that I have spoken of, that is not balanced with an integration of the whole that is human in all its wondrous potentials and beauty.

The power of this gift of Divine Love to awaken the soul will bring the keys to understanding to all aspects of the individual. Though this journey may be an individual journey and will bring about unique gifts and qualities that are inherent within that individual, yet collectively, a great wisdom is spawned by the awakening of many souls. Thus a collaboration, which is a part of man, to work together will bring about the solutions for those many dilemmas that humanity faces at this time.

Harmony must ensue as an outcome of such collaborations and efforts on humanity’s part to explore and recognise their true natures, their true potentials. It will not come with one individual but with many. This awakening must be realised by a substantial portion of humanity. Without it, greater suffering, greater disharmony will be the dominant reflection of human life.

God does not mean for humanity to live in the way that it does in your contemporary cultures. Though there are many things expressed and created by humanity which are admirable and which assist humanity in its struggle to sustain life and to sustain a life that is harmonious and provides for its needs, the spiritual part of man is lost to many. It is time to awaken this part so that humanity may continue to progress and progress in harmony with the Laws of Creation and the Laws of the Universe.

There will be little advancement or true progress without this. So I beseech you all to seek your own souls, to find your relationship with God, to awaken to the many wonders of your being, so much that is hidden, so much that lays dormant within you but can be awakened by this most wondrous gift of Love from God. With soul awakening, you must be in the world as a great example and beacon of this truth assisting God to awaken others so that the flame of truth may burn away the error and lack of love that is so much a part of the human condition.

Each of you are precious to God. Each of you have been given a great gift of life. Each of you have within you many answers, many truths, much wisdom and a great capacity to love. This lies within your soul. It is the last great frontier for humanity, to truly understand the workings of the soul. If only many may be inspired to awaken in this way, starting a great revolution of thought, understanding and truth that will guide humanity beyond its feeble awareness and expressions in life towards the greatness and wonderment of the potentials that lie within each individual.

This is the great journey that humanity is on and must come to see as it’s focus and priority. To awaken spiritually to their own potentials, to their own beautiful souls, which will pave the way to a better world, a more harmonious world. To shatter the illusions of the mind is the great challenge of humanity. To go beyond these illusions towards truth is what is required at this time.

We in the Celestial Kingdom will continue to assist you upon this journey and will help you to garner the strength to shatter your own illusions and errors and to see truth as it is, to see the world as God created it, to see yourselves as a loved and beautiful gift to this world. God’s plan continues to unfold. You will see your way towards awakening within yourself that purpose and aspect within that God has implanted that will assist Him in awakening humanity, of changing the world, of bringing light and pushing back the darkness.

You will find your way, beloved souls. Listen to my words. Take into your hearts the truth. Be strong. Apply these truths to your lives. Seek out God’s guidance and counsel and love. In this way you will find what can be in your lives, what may manifest in surprising and wondrous ways to bring about your own true awakening. Thus you will carry a flame that will touch others and assist God in awakening all, all your brothers and sisters in the world.

It begins with a simple effort in prayer. Where it will end will be truly awesome and wondrous in scope. It is your choice to walk this path of truth, to ascribe to the truth of your soul rather than nurture the illusions of your mind. All who are brave enough and strong enough to truly walk this path will find themselves in great light and joy, in truthful understanding and vision and will to come to appreciate the wonders of God, all of His Creation, all that is in the universe and all that you are within it.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. I am Jesus, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I come to speak to you, to uplift you, to encourage you, to tell you what is coming and what your journey may be like so that you are well-prepared and cognisant of what you are meant to do and come to see the truth of your own soul beyond the illusions of your mind. God bless you. I am with you. I will continue to speak of these things. My love is with you always. God bless you.


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