Earth Changes to Come
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 13: Earth Changes to Come

June 25, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

This is Jesus. I come to speak of times that are coming in your Earth plane and to assure you that a changed world will not be a world that is hostile to humanity but rather, a world that brings further nurturing and support to those who live upon the Earth plane. It is humanity that has caused itself such great difficulties and erected such barriers against the natural flow and natural order that God has created in your world.

It is only just recently that humanity has come to realize this, that indeed their actions day in and day out multiplied by not just millions but billions of individuals upon this world has created such a condition of stress, imbalance, and disharmony that the world is reacting and responding in ways that your scientists cannot truly predict nor understand.

Your world has its own consciousness. It is not an individual with a soul like yourself but there is a sense of self within the world, your planet Earth. As in all creatures of God, there is instilled within it the capacity to be self-sustaining. There is a wisdom within the consciousness of this planet that will ensure survival of all things within it. God created your world with such intricacy, harmony, beauty and what your scientists call biodiversity.

But I am always surprised when those individuals of high intellect suggest that all that is of Earth came about in a random way with no plan nor structure intended. Rather, they suggest, all has come to this point through trial and error and randomness. This attitude so much reflects the human condition in which you live, that the intellect is supreme and has authority and understanding that cannot be easily shaken by alternate thinking and perception.

It is a strictly material perspective of life. This material perspective of life has come to motivate many in actions that are truly atrocious and are contrary to the well-being of your world. This I have spoken of in previous lessons. I do not wish to belabour the point other than to say that each and every soul upon your world needs to shift their consciousness towards harmony, light, and truth. This shifting cannot happen without some form of integration of spiritual understanding with material reckoning and without a balanced perspective, one that sees beyond the obvious and the superficial and has an intuitive understanding for that which is of God. I do not speak of a god that has been fabricated in books, described and designated as having certain personality traits and expressions which wholly reflect the human condition rather than that which is and will always be Divine.

Until humanity is willing and able to look within their hearts to see the perspective of their souls, and thus to come into alignment with God, they are blind and deaf and dumb to the truth. As such, they walk in the world unaware that each step they take has a consequence and each thought that they have has an effect upon the world. As you can well imagine, the collective influence of humanity is that of a sort of virus that is destroying God’s creation. I am not suggesting that every individual is evil and dark in their motivations and actions. Merely that through their blindness and inability to go beyond the recognition of their simple needs in life and the gratification of pleasure in their lives that they cannot see beyond this rudimentary expression of a life gifted by God.

God has orchestrated coming events that will force the awakening of humanity so that a different sort of consciousness may flower within a substantial portion of the human race thereby giving impetus and power to actions that are in greater harmony with God’s creation and in time neutralize the damage that has been done by the impact of human endeavours.

God is expressing wave upon wave of blessings and energies that will bring reactions and responses within the natural world and the human world for they are two separate things at this time. These reactions will be baffling to scientists. Much will come in the stead of God’s influence upon your world. It will come over a period of time that in the considered history of your world is very short indeed. These energies and reactions will build over time and as they build, they will create adverse conditions in your climate, in your oceans, within the air. This will result in further disruptions of humanities’ endeavours.

You have recently experienced such a disruption as disease has threatened many. I am saddened to say that more of this sort of disruption will come in your world and will intensify. It will overwhelm the capacity of your medical professions to cope with such things. It will create chaos and difficulties for all upon this planet. These things are not a direct correlation of God’s Will for humanity but as I have said, your world within its consciousness is fighting back, so to speak, against the great burden that humanity has put upon it.

As in every system that God has created, it seeks balance and wishes and intends to move forward in greater harmony. So humanity must suffer for its actions, not because God wills it but because humanity has blindly stumbled and considered its own actions as that which gratifies the needs of the mind and the body rather than considered movement towards harmony and grace. Yet humanity is capable of harmony and grace. Humanity has all that it requires to consider what is indeed in harmony.

Unfortunately, the powers that be in your world are so obsessed with power, wealth and control that the finer aspects of life and survival are ignored. So your economic systems and priorities will be changed, not willingly but forcibly, by the changing conditions of the world. Every civilisation requires a form of commerce and a way in which a sharing of resources may take place. This will not be lost but changed. The way in which you do business, as you call it, will be very different indeed in times to come. The way in which you share your resources will be more localized and will be simplified. The prolific forms of travel and interaction between countries and all that is entailed in these complex structures will crumble.

It is not that you will be isolated, for you will be able to retain some of your technologies in order to communicate with one another. Indeed some interaction and travel back and forth will be possible, but the mechanisms and machinery that are required in order to sustain such intensity within these avenues and arenas will be lost in the tumult of Earth changes. Humanity will begin to appreciate the small luxuries that are available to them rather than a gluttony of indulgence, of movement, of busyness that is so prevalent in your western world.

As you can well imagine, there will be great fear and anxiety as these structures collapse and life changes dramatically. You have tasted some of this with the onslaught of the virus that has attacked humanity. In God’s mercy, these waves are calibrated in such a way that the intensity will increase as time goes on, as humanity adjusts and becomes strengthened by their resolve to counteract the conditions and challenges that have come with a changing Earth.

So you will become strengthened beloved souls. As we have told you many, many times, that it will be in prayer, in opening up the centers of wisdom within you, the channel towards God that will bring the blessings and understanding forth. As I speak these words of prophecy and prognostication, it is so to inform those who are willing to listen and to warn those who are vulnerable that these conditions and changes are coming to the world.

I urge you to prepare yourselves for what is to come. We in the Celestial Kingdom and many spirits in the bright spheres of spirit will be by your side. Although we cannot interfere with your free will, we will do all that is possible to uplift, to protect, and to guide.

Within three generations, your world will be a very different place but that world will be beautiful and express the true intention of God to make this a place of paradise that is in harmony, a world that sustains itself beautifully and opportunities for humanity to grow and to live in ways that reflect true physical and spiritual harmony. There will be no wars. As for your physical bodies, they will be strong and vital. Your life spans upon this world will be longer than they are at this time. You will have great respect for one another, love for your children which is deep and abiding, and much time to come together in the joyous activities and creative outlets and expressions that are a part of your human nature. Love will proliferate upon your world with this new beginning. As with any storm, the aftermath will be peace as the sun shines once more and nature comes back to glorify God in the expressions of His creation.

Many of you have incarnated upon this world to be a part of these great changes. Each of you have a purpose and function in the reclaiming of your world by God. You are and will be His active agents upon this planet. Those of you who are stepping forward know within your hearts and your souls that indeed God has a plan for you. I urge you to continue to awaken your souls, to truly come to understand your true selves in all their glory and intricacies and wonderment for within you are the seeds which need to be planted to regenerate the Earth.

You will be guided. You will come to know God deeply and powerfully within you. You will come to seek His Love, the blessings of the great Divine Love, with ever greater intensity and desire. There will be many opportunities to help teach humanity the way of true love and soulful understanding. As the old ways crumble, so they make way for something new and wonderful.

God will ensure the survival of humanity, not that all souls upon this world will be able to weather this storm and many will pass into the world of spirit where they will continue on in their progression. But those who do survive, who are in alignment with God and who will be guided each and every day in their actions and expressions in order to serve humanity and bring truth forward, they will be the leaders, those whom others will look up to. Many will seek comfort and security with those of you who are strong and forthright in your endeavours to serve God.

For the time being, a wave of change has abated in your world but I assure you, more are coming. This brings an opportunity for all of you to enjoy the last vestiges of human creation, to be in the world as it has been but cannot be any longer. In times to come, I urge you to live each day with a sense of joy, of appreciation, of love, to work together and strengthen your bonds together so that you may support one another and a be a strength for one another. That love may indeed strengthen this great Lattice of Light, and with love you may be instruments to facilitate more Portals of Light in your world for these portals will play a significant role in bringing forth guidance, manifestations, and blessings to many.

For those who are guardians of portals, I say to you, be forthright and committed to your responsibilities in this regard. Continue to pray for these places, these manifestations and blessings of God for the benefit of humanity and the healing of your world. I urge you to continue to awaken to your souls and to continue to endeavour to forge your relationship with your Creator. Seek out His Love with greater intensity and frequency. Utilize these times of peace and calm to continue to strengthen your life in light and to be open to God’s guidance and Will in your life.

All need to continue upon their journey of soul awakening and strengthening. Each of you needs to be strong within your physical and clear within your mind so that all the aspects that God has given you, all of these gifts that make up your beautiful soul and being need to come into greater alignment and harmony. You must slough off all that is not in harmony with God’s creation. This is crucial, to look within yourself and see those things that need repair, healing, and harmonization.

This is a great challenge, I know, but as I have indicated, each of you have chosen this challenge. Each of you continue to uncover the great mysteries of your own soul and the purpose of your soul that God has imbued within it. These things come as you awaken. You will find yourself coming to certain truths and insights and shifts of thinking that at times will astound you and surprise you. Indeed, your soul is full of many things, many aspects that you are yet to discover.

These blessings will come to you as you grow in light. You will find yourself with a sense of greater freedom and detachment from the human condition as you allow the release and healing that comes with the gift of God’s Love. May you find your way along the path that God has designated for each one of you. May all who are in light in this world be strengthened and blessed by God, awakened and guided thereby knowing the Will of God with each breath.

You will find yourself in circumstances that will surprise you and also require a great deal from you. During those times when you are guided and needed, God will give you the strength and blessings required in order for you to fulfil these requirements and edicts from God to support and sustain your brothers and sisters. You will come to know His Laws of Creation in great detail and depth. You will be able to see your way through to a place of clarity and have the ability to guide others as the world rebuilds and is reformulated.

Many of you have gifts and talents that you do not realize you have. These things will emerge in times to come. Many blessings will flow through you. A great strength will build through you and be sustained through love and by God’s Touch, and by your angel friends who walk with you.

In times to come much will be accomplished by God’s servants upon the Earth. May you find themselves among the elected few who have been so deeply blessed by God. May you come to that place of great wisdom, strength, and love that opens the door to untold opportunities of service and comfort to many. Each and every one of you will be channels of healing and love for your brothers and sisters.

As the weary and tired masses huddle together for comfort and out of fear, you will wade within them and speak of truth and radiate love and warmth. It is important that you carry within you a deep sense of humility for these things that you do and will do for God are not of your doing but of God’s doing through you. To maintain that equilibrium within you and through you to God and through you to your brothers and sisters is crucial.

The old ideas of power and adulation cannot be sustained in a new world. It is the power of love, humility and grace, where there is no judgment, no favouritism, that all are equal and loved and cared for no matter their station in life, no matter who they are in your world at this time.

I urge you forward, beloved souls. I urge you forward. Continue to pray, to seek greater light, to prepare yourselves, and to be within the joy and light of life as it is at this moment, a gift to you.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and friend, Jesus. God bless you.


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