The Power of Love to Heal the Human Condition
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 4: The Power of Love to Heal the Human Condition

April 20, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

I am Jesus. I have come once again to elaborate upon the human condition and to further express our perceptions and concerns regarding the conditions of the Earth plane. Though in the past I have spent much time and effort describing this perspective, I wish to continue with some further details as to the causes and effects of human behaviour in your present modern life.

These things seem so very obvious to us who look down upon the Earth plane and observe so many of the patterns of humanity upon this plane of yours and there are very common aspects that signify your humanity and your behaviours as children of the Earth. The corruption and distortion of the individual from birth onwards continues to be a powerful directive towards one’s expression of life. The child within the womb is deeply affected by the conditions of the mother and the father and all of the atmosphere that is of your earthly conditions. Yet the innocence of the newborn and the young child continues to predominate. We also see that that innocence is replaced by the human condition at a younger and younger age as the child absorbs whatever information and stimulus is given to that child. This in turn begins the journey of formulating the reality of that child as he or she grows up and becomes an adult.

As I have said the great many avenues of communication that are available to each individual in the modern world are powerful instruments that influence the child greatly. A child is a sponge that is open to receiving all information that is available to it, for this is necessary for the maturation process of the growing child. Yet the parents often are somewhat careless as to what that child sees and hears and experiences in their growing environment. This is not done purposefully or consciously, rather it is the result of a parent who is distracted, often consumed with the responsibilities and stressors that are put upon the adult in daily living.

This too, serves to reinforce distortions, error, fear, and even a lack of love. Yet the parent has great love for their children and does not wish any harm upon them. But with the great currents of dark energies and thoughts and images that constantly bombard each individual upon this world, it is inevitable that these conditions will infiltrate the minds and even the bodies of these innocent children. The power of these currents, this continued evolution of the human condition, the perspective and the energies are so great that very, very few can escape them.

This is why God sets forth a plan to circumvent these currents of negativity and darkness upon the world. God will ensure that the innocence of the child will be intact and that the compulsions of the parent or adults, whomever they are in the world, may be circumvented by changing the conditions of this world.

Humanity has brought too much darkness upon itself and done so because they value so highly the possibilities of the exertion of their free will and desires in whatever ways and directions that they so choose. This is not done with wisdom. It is done out of ignorance. It is done out of a desire for pleasure, for power, for control, and at times, for love and recognition.

The creative spirit of humanity is great. It is full of many possibilities and potentials. It is often governed by the imaginations of men who desire to accumulate wealth and to utilize these creative forces within them and that which comes together collectively, producing all manner of inventions and material items which they proclaim to benefit humanity but in truth, often hobble the spiritual journeys of the soul. For as I have said often, humanity continues to ride upon the surface of consciousness rarely going beyond that shallow depth of thought and emotion to a place of true experience and openness of the soul.

As this current, this great power of human endeavour and thought continues to grow and cover the Earth creating an influence and reactive condition that brings all of God’s Creation upon your Earth plane out of harmony with its intended flow and expression, so humanity has dominated the world. And over the eons of time, even from the very beginning, it has been the great goal and desire to have control over all, to be the predominant force within the world thus dictating how the world may come into compliance with the will of man.

This condition is now so prevalent, powerful, and destructive as the many species of the world succumb to the acts of mankind, consuming ever greater portions of the natural elements of the world in order to create objects and items for which humanity has an insatiable desire to consume. The great flaw of humanity is that it is difficult for the individual or even a society to see beyond the obvious material manifestations of their actions within the world.

Ironically, humanity has a great capacity to see beyond the superficial view. Within themselves is a great capacity to see a greater picture, to understand with deeper wisdom, a wisdom that emerges from the soul awakened, even from the mind released from its blinkered perspective so that they may see for themselves the destruction that ensues from the obsessive and compulsive behaviours of humanity.

God gave humanity great gifts, great potential, and many capacities for creativity. God placed humanity upon this world of yours in the hopes that the presence of humanity upon the material world would enhance this world and make it more beautiful, a stewardship that would lead to greater harmony. There was a hope that humanity would guide the evolution of this world in ways that reflects their highest nature. Instead, humanity has chosen to follow the pursuits of their baser natures, animalistic instincts, and restrictive ideas and thoughts which come from a mind that is not fully engaged nor reflects the great potential that is there.

This comes as a result of a soul that is stunted, neglected, and not recognized by the conscious individual. This is not to say that all individuals upon your world reflect this condition but rather the majority within your world do so for they are the victims of this reinforcing cycle of which I have described that creates and is creating the human condition. Few can disengage from this but some do. Often they become great lights in the world. Yet, as they venture forth to teach others, to serve humanity, often they are ignored or even if they receive a measure of recognition in the world, they are given a deaf ear.

So, many of the solutions for your world are present at this moment. So much is offered to your world not only from those individuals in your world who have attained a higher capacity of understanding and vision and spiritual light but also the many spirits who endeavour each and every moment of each and every day to uplift humanity, to inform humanity in a way that may offer solutions to the vast dilemmas that human behaviour has created over the millennia of its existence upon this world.

Unfortunately many leaders believe that the world evolves in cycles and that they are helpless to contravene these cycles, where there is a rise and fall of various cultures and endeavours. This is a belief that has been garnered by observation of history. Yet it is time now to put aside these old ideas, these somewhat valid but irrelevant perceptions of the course of human evolution. Now is the time to see that many floodgates are open, of knowledge, of truth, of solutions to those problems that are so evident in your world.

But unless a firm and substantial majority of individuals are willing to set aside their old beliefs and their restrictive thoughts, opening themselves to something new and vital and wonderful that God is presenting to your world, then humanity is destined to walk a road that does yet again repeat itself into collapse and chaos, into the fall of that which has been built but cannot be sustained.

Yet with all your ability to communicate with one another, an ability that has never before been seen upon your world, one that connects so many together, there is the possibility of opening the world to truth. Thus humanity may indeed come to truly see itself for what it has done, and also for what it can do to create light and harmony, so that the great potentials of humanity may be opened and exploited and expressed in such a way that greater harmony and light may indeed be a part of your world. And in this way to make possible the realization of God’s destiny for humanity, for God created such wondrous gifts and potentials and possibilities within each individual waiting to be awakened and expressed in the world.

The time is now to release the error and, for this to come to be, it requires each individual to look within themselves, to take stock of their own condition, their spiritual lacking, their mindful ignorance. Identify those things that make them apathetic and allow that dark human condition to manipulate and to form them into the image of another’s ambition rather than for them to come to know themselves as the unique and wondrous soul that they are and have been created to be.

All these things are possible within your Earth plane for the unique nature of this earthly plane is that through the great power of free will and through the interactions and co-mingling of the many individuals upon this Earth, great creative forces can be unleashed. Great possibilities of knowing truth and expressing truth can be given and transferred to many individuals.

Even though this dark condition is predominant upon your Earth, there is also a great and sleeping potential to bring reform and light, joy, love, harmony, and peace to your world. We must awaken this sleeping giant which is within humanity to give to each individual the choice to awaken, to come to know their true selves. God is blessing this world with each and every breath. Every individual has the possibility of receiving great blessings, great light, healing forces, and the Great Love of God within them, given their desire to receive it.

So I come and others come who reside within the Celestial Heavens to awaken humanity as to what can be and what must be upon your world. In this awakening of the world will also come the waves and currents of awakening and light to those dark spheres of spirit. Like the ripples in a pond, so the Earth is that stone that enters the great waters of spiritual light and causes the ripples to spread forth touching many spirits in the spirit world. It begins here on this Earth as it has since the beginning.

Remember that one individual may cause a great shift in the conditions of humanity. I am an example of this. I continue to work to spread the word and light that all of humanity is loved by God and that God wishes for each of His children to know this and to receive His special gift, the anointing of the soul with His Love. With this great blessing, given to enough individuals upon your world who are willing to live and express this truth, there can and will be a great change, a great effect leading humanity towards greater light.

If the possibility of compassion was awakened within each individual, then how changed your world would be. Rather than each individual holding on tightly to their heart and not releasing their love and compassion for others, selecting only a few rather than all in their great expression of the heart, if this were released and humanity learned to trust one another and to give unreservedly to their brothers and sisters, the world would be the paradise that is meant to be. All those aspects of the human condition that have brought on war and destruction, degradation, a lack of love, a lack of truth, a lack of peace would be transformed by the mere actions of each individual soul to express love in the world unreservedly and fully.

It is love that will release humanity from its burdens, its pain, its disfunction. It is love that will cement humanity together as a family, recognizing that each is the great creation of God and God’s children. This cannot happen without the proactive efforts of each individual to turn their thoughts away from the great obsession of the material, the great fear that all will be lost and that all that has been gained will disappear from one’s life. Yet the truth is that when one releases their attachment to these objects and objectifies everything within the world then they will find freedom and great abundance in their lives. Much is dependent upon the individual’s choice for the great power of free will is substantial and a great determinant of all that unfolds in an individual’s life.

If one chooses consciously the journey towards light, then indeed all the resources of Heaven and Earth will conspire to assist that individual in their journey. There is much that can be given. As light continues to grow in your world, so the potentials of humanity will slowly begin to emerge. Just as the twig sprouts a bud which sprouts a flower, so humanity will come to know their own souls which are that bud within them, and which requires the blessings of God, the nurturances of God to bring it to life and to bring it to fruition.

May God bless you as your continue to walk upon this great path of life. As you walk, may you discover that you are not alone but that God sends His great spirits and angels to walk with you and that God is always with you. May you come to know the tender heart and the wonders of the soul blooming forth, creating its fruit which may be shared amongst humanity.

You are the blessed children of God. May you come to realize this and express this in every way and means that you are able to in this world. In this way you will help to transform your world into a Garden of Eden, that great utopia that has been dreamed of but never fulfilled. It is the blessings of love, the expression of love, the understanding and true embracing of love that will bring about the great transformation of the world.

God opens the gates of possibilities. He sends His angels forth to help guide humanity to that place of light. May you come to acknowledge and live this truth of love so to be within the great flow of God’s Love, so to express God’s Love through you into the world. May all those magnificent gifts, those creative impulses, capacities, and abilities of the human individual be expressed in light and harmony. Oh how wondrous the world would be if humanity could but allow themselves to love and to love themselves, to love their brothers and sisters, in a world infused in love where the currency is love, where the motivation is love.

So this is our goal and this is God’s plan for the transformation of humanity and this world. It will come in fits and starts, but still, the great impetus is there and shall continue to grow and bring about this great transformation. We will be with you as you witness within yourself what shall be within the world, powerful change, beautiful change and transformation as love governs all and is expressed in all aspects of your being.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am your brother and your friend. I am Jesus of the Celestial Kingdom and I shall continue to speak to you all about matters of love, of truth, of light, of healing, and of peace where joy is a true part of your being. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you. God bless you.


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