Effecting Change in the World
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 15: Effecting Change in the World

August 6, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

May God bless you and bring His Love deep within your soul. I am Jesus and I come once again to speak about matters of your Earth plane and to inspire those who are willing to listen to my words so that they may effect change within their lives and within this world.

How does one effect change in an ever-changing world? How does one make their mark upon this world by their actions and efforts which have their effects upon this world? Each is endowed with the gift of free will, with a mind, a spirit and a soul, all of these things collaborating together, bringing the individual to decisions and choices with each day. Yet the vast majority of souls in your world feel impotent in the way in which they may effect change upon your world.

It is indeed difficult from the mind’s perspective to make choices and to formulate actions and ideas that may be contrary to the culture and flow of thought of those within their communities. Yet, this considered effort must indeed come with the harmonization of the wisdom of the soul combined with the desire of the spirit and the structure of the mind working together to enact those efforts that are designed to bring change and to effect change in the world.

Unfortunately, humanity is stuck within the ideas and perspectives of the mind and rarely goes beyond this perspective. From this perspective alone, there is little that the mind can truly perceive and do to effect change that is positive and reflects wisdom. Instead, most take the road of least resistance and act out their lives in accordance with has been taught and what you call “programmed” into their daily routines and goals. Because your world focuses upon materialism more than anything else, then often these goals reflect this focus.

Few are able or have the desire to go beyond this focus for the goals of materialism are to thwart fear, the fear of being poor, being helpless, being without. In your material societies, the message is to work hard, to consider accumulating as much material goods as possible, and to live a life that is, in the eyes of your cultures, successful and abundant. Unfortunately, this perspective brings to humanity a great price, that of a world out of balance, that of a life out of balance, a life that is filled with material thoughts and desires but lacking the substance of love, light, and harmony. In this condition, indeed the individual is quite impotent and unable to effect any serious change within themselves and within their lives. They are lost within the flow of the human condition and for many, they are unaware of this plight.

This is why we suggest that humanity is sleeping, for the level of their awareness is small to miniscule in comparison to what can be within the individual. Their day-by-day actions and plight merely reflect and reinforce the darkness of the human condition which is governed by materialism, greed, fear, and the desires of the flesh. Indeed, it is a very sad state of affairs, one that is in deep need of healing and rectification.

We from the Celestial Kingdom and the bright spirits from the spirit world work diligently to help rectify this condition, to neutralize the ignorance, fear and darkness, helping to inspire humanity to higher thought and motivation so to be in the world as an individual empowered, full of possibility, full of the ability to act in ways that are more in harmony with God’s creation and laws. Without wisdom one cannot act and bring forth change that is in harmony with God. Wisdom must come from the soul and bubble forth into the consciousness of the individual.

Without a foundation laid in alignment with God, in harmony with love, that which creates light, truth, and a life that is filled with the deeper fulfillment of the soul and the spirit, then that which you see that is embedded within the human condition continues to proliferate.

Beloved souls, it is time for change. Every soul upon this planet is feeling this need. Every soul knows within its very depths that there is a need for change. That there is a need to seek something higher, better, of greater light and greater harmony. The soul within the individual has a desire to act and express itself. Yet, because it is buried under layer upon layer of thought and conditions which have accumulated from the very beginning of their life, it is difficult for the soul to communicate in a conscious way to the individual. Within them a flame continues to burn, however. With the muffled awareness of that flame, often there is anxiousness within the individual, a sense of unease, a sense that not all is well. In order to assuage this uneasiness, the individual often busies themselves with many things that entertain the mind and keep them occupied to such a degree that the longings of the soul seem very distant indeed.

Each of you entertain these patterns to some degree or another. As you do so, you empower your mind to continue on its course to be in control and to act in accordance to those paradigms and structures that are embedded within the mind. Yet humanity is on the verge of great change, change that is coming because of the great resistance within each individual upon this planet of yours to truly affect change within their lives.

This resistance comes with a deep reticence to give up any and all of one’s material accumulations, thoughts and perspectives. To do so would bring deep anxiety to most if not all of humanity. Yet this must be the case to the degree that greater harmony will come to your world because the demands of humanity must be lessened and the material hunger dampened.

If humanity lives a more humble and simple life upon your world, this is not to say that all that you have created and all the technologies and inventions of humanity will be cast aside. But indeed, the world will demand that these things are within their proper place and balanced within a human life, that extreme materialism gives way to something that is less demanding both upon the individual and upon your world.

Therefore, your economies will change. Your motivations and ambitions will change. This is the first step towards gaining greater wisdom. God’s plan is a desire for humanity to come to its senses because God has placed within every mortal the capacity to truly live a life that is in harmony with God’s creation. Unfortunately, that sense of what is in harmony and balance is very much lost at the moment. Because of this deep loss of wisdom, humanity suffers greatly.

Although, when many of you look around in your lives, your families, your friends, and your loved ones, you see a contentment, material abundance, a life that is lived that is full and rich in many ways. But as I have said, this comes at a great price. With the mind fulfilled or at least filled with many material thoughts and ambitions, the soul is lacking and deeply deprived of what it requires to flourish.

Many of you continue upon this course of busyness, material and mindful engagement that fills your days, satisfying the desires of your mind and your body but not acknowledging the desires of your soul. How can you truly effect change, change that is harmony with God, if your souls continue to be malnourished and ignored? The consciousness of the soul could bring many solutions to your daily problems and dilemmas for the consciousness of the soul ignited with the gift of Divine Love, God’s Essence, enlivening the soul, the depth and breadth of wisdom that can be had by the individual through an awakened soul is truly astounding and remarkable within each individual.

In order to effect change upon your world, change that is necessary, change that is required at this time, the soul must be awakened. The consciousness of the soul must come into engagement with the material consciousness of the individual. In other words, each individual upon your world must awaken from their slumbers, stepping forward into higher consciousness, higher understanding of who they are, where they are going, and what purpose do thay have living upon this Earth plane.

With these things alive within the individual’s awareness, it will inform their decisions accordingly, informing their actions and their thoughts. Many of you speak of evolution, that indeed humanity continues to evolve and this is the truth. God continues to direct the world in such ways that evolution may take place, that humanity may evolve into a higher level of consciousness, a state of being that incorporates higher wisdom and higher thought and actions that are more in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation. But in order to do so, ignorance must be dispelled. This lower level of awareness, consciousness and action must be transformed so that humanity may see things from a very different perspective.

As I have said many times, prayer is the key to open the door to higher consciousness. It is important that each individual utilize this great Law of Activation that comes with prayer. That way, the deeper levels of consciousness may be awakened and come to full awareness. This is done as the soul is awakened incrementally with sincere prayers for the gift of God’s Love. This is the teaching which I taught 2000 years ago and the teaching which I still teach.

True change cannot be enacted without the soul being awakened. Yes, there will be evolution of men’s thoughts and paradigms of understanding in the material sense, but this is inadequate to rectify the conditions that have built over millennia by the concerted efforts of men to control this world and thereby control their destinies. Few understand that the wisdom that comes from the mind cannot fully understand or comprehend the wonderment of God’s creation or the wonderment of all that is around you at this moment. With humility, humanity can come to know that deeper place within them.

In your material world, there is a great reluctance to come to God for it is considered an act of weakness and supplication to something greater than themselves. With the vanity that is present within so many in your world, there is a feeling that they are powerful, most powerful, that indeed they can enact their desires without consequence. This is woefully wrong and brings much pain, not only to humanity but to all of the world. All the creatures, all that God has created suffers from the vanity of the individual and their collective imposition upon the world.

Few understand this nor do they wish to understand this. Even from a young age, the individual is taught to be powerful and this is the road to a successful, fulfilling life. Some upon your world have accumulated vast sums in order to fulfill this mandate of power and control. Many have suffered as a result of their accumulations and greed. Of course, these individuals have buffered themselves from their suffering by piling luxury upon luxury around them, distraction upon distraction.

These poor souls have sacrificed much within their own spiritual selves in order to comply with their desire to fulfill the need for material goods and power. It is not just the wealthy. It is many of you who continue to put their focus upon the luxuries and the material gains, the material world, so that you are deeply bereft of a fulfilled soul. Many of you stand with one foot in the spiritual consciousness and one in the material. This at time causes you some distress. You cry to God, “Why are you not blessing me in a way that I so desire to be blessed?” Often that blame goes to God, from your mind to God’s Soul. Yet the answer is that it is through your own free will that you choose. It is through your actions that you reap the rewards and the consequences. It is through the conditions that you make within yourself, the actions that are in your daily life, the thoughts that you carry, the fears that you hold onto, the error that continues to exist within you. All of these things inform your life and your spiritual awareness.

So, rather than blaming God or even having a sense of frustration and weariness, I say to you, exercise your faith. Bring yourself to prayer. Not a pleading prayer that says: “God, heal me of these conditions. Take me away from the burden that I carry.” Rather: “Beloved God, open my soul more fully to your Love. Help me come to that place of true soul awareness and understanding. Help me to be strong enough to make those choices that will reinforce this awareness and this condition of soul.” For your salvation lies within your souls, beloveds. That which holds you from your salvation lies within the choices that you make on a daily basis.

The material world pulls you in many different directions. The desire for material reinforces your mindful considerations and actions. These things in themselves are not a sin but as I have indicated, these conditions and actions are out of balance with God’s laws and need to be placed back into balance.

You have a mind, a mind that is willful, a mind that makes choices, often consciously. Yet, you do not utilize your mind in a way that will neutralize the conditions that you so suffer from in this material world. If you set your mind to a desire to be in prayer and then release your mind’s compulsion to entertain many thoughts that are not relevant to prayer, then you are well on your way to opening the door to your soul.

It requires discipline and deep desire and longing. But with a mind disciplined and a soul longing, you will inevitably come to a place of knowing and acknowledging your Creator and feeling His Presence with you. His Presence is always with you, beloved souls, as are the many angels that come to support and uplift you. But it is for you to struggle towards that awareness, that consciousness. With success in these efforts, you will truly be able to enact change that is in harmony with God, God’s Will, and God’s laws.

It often feels from your perspective a great leap from all that you have known and all that you aspire towards in terms of the material world. But indeed, this great change must come. A change that must come with each individual. Provided there are a number of individuals who have truly come to this soul awareness and understanding, then they together may enact a great change within the world for the power of their light and their consciousness, wisdom and understanding, love and the grace in which they walk and act will influence the conditions of your world. They will push back the darkness and the ignorance that is so profound and prevalent upon your world.

It takes one to begin. Yet, God gives you many to support you and to support one another. God has guided many of you together, has taught you many things and brought through many truths and understandings of the soul, the spirit, and the mind so that you may ruminate and consider these things within your mind in hopes that these truths may sink down into your soul and help you open those great chambers of your soul.

God provides all for His children. In this material world, much is provided for your sustenance, for a good life. Yet, so many have such a deep hunger, an insatiable hunger for more of the material in order to escape from the anguish that lies within the soul. That anguish often feels like a great emptiness within. So, to fill the void, the individual seeks conscious stimulus, satisfying the desires of the flesh and the mind, continuing to sustain the consciousness on that surface level and understanding that cheats the individual from the true wonderment and expression of their beautiful, individual selves.

So, I speak of enacting change in the world. I say to you that change begins with the individual. With the experiences that one will encounter through knowing God and awakening their own soul through God’s blessings. It is inevitable that that individual will act differently within your material plane. That difference will be noticed by others, some who will reject this new expression and some who will be drawn and assist you upon your journey.

This is the way of the world as free will is embedded in everything that humanity does and is. Yet, when the soul is awakened, it begins to understand another way of being, a journey that includes God and God’s guidance and wisdom that flows into the soul. It takes a journey from the soul through to the mind, with a mind that no longer resists but welcomes the beauty and wonderment and insights of the soul and its understanding of truth. It encompases morals, ambitions and desires which bring greater harmony to the individual and to all that is around the individual.

Nothing is lost with God but all is gained in this great awakening, a changing perspective and depth of wisdom and understanding that comes with love. The power of love is what will change your world. The power of love expressed through each individual who is attuned to God and is a channel of love for God will affect many changes in your world for the soul who is attuned to God’s Love and is infilled with God’s Love cannot help but be an agent of change in the world. For to merely to walk in the world as a light so imbued by love is to bring change, to affect all around you.

With a soul attuned to God and receiving the guidance of God, the inspiration of God, they will know the routes and roads to take in order to enact God’s Will and to fulfill what is known as God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. Each has their place within that plan. Each soul that is attuned to God will know their place within it. So you will find your way, beloved souls, provided you know the way. I have spent many hours explaining to each of you the way. There are books upon books which have the truth of this way within it. There is no shortage of truth in your world, rather, there is a great lack of action. The passivity of humanity is great. Its resistance, its apathy continues to allow those who act for their own betterment and power to do as they like and to enact what they think is the right path in the idea that this is for the betterment of humanity. But because of the ignorance in the world and the error, a great deal of what these individuals do in the world, those with power, are misguided and often self-motivated. Altruism does not exist in your world. There are very few who practice altruism for the benefit of others. The scale of this is miniscule compared to the scale of those who are acting out of self-gratification and empowerment.

Many things need changed in your world. God will ensure that those opportunities and doors will open for change to be enacted in a way that will bring greater harmony. Those who are willing to act and those who are in alignment with God and with all that is of God’s laws and all that is of love and those who are strong enough and willing to step forward in this way will be greatly rewarded and greatly blessed and will have many opportunities put before them in order enact God’s Will and plan.

This is the only way that true change will come to your world, a change that does not include nor encompasses the will of man, that reflects the evolution of the mind and ideas of man. Rather it is a way that strips man of his sense of entitlement, power and control and brings them to humility and a choice to follow that which is of God, or to be alone without power, without all that made him feel powerful and comfortable within his error and darkness.

Unfortunately it is a harsh reality that is coming because humanity has refused to look and continues to sleep. So God will rouse them from their slumbers and force them to re-evaluate their lives, themselves, those conditions in which they live. Yet through these difficult times will come many opportunities for those of you attuned to God to help educate, comfort and heal the lost souls who have been awakened by God’s Touch upon them.

A time of preparation grows short. Your time of dedication must be a powerful motivation in your life. You must come into greater alignment with God, coming to know your true selves. Seeing that all that is around you that is life at present is the delusion of man rather than the Will of God. It is not for you to lash out and correct this unfortunate situation. Rather, it is for you to go within and be with God at this time, to truly allow God to transform your soul with His Love, to awaken thusly so that you may act in harmony and reflect fully the Will and plan of God.

I ask much of you, beloved souls, but indeed, much is required at this time. There is much needed. There is a great awakening coming and for each of you, great possibilities and opportunities set forth upon your path. Be strengthened, beloveds, in all of your being, your physical, your spiritual, and your soul. Be strong. Be in alignment and attunement with God and you will find yourselves upon a wondrous path, a path that will avoid much of the suffering that is coming, a path that will bring you fulfillment, a path that will bring you joy.

God’s Love for you is great. His desire for you to be in alignment with Him is great but God will not usurp free will. So it is for you to choose with each breath the alignment that God has proffered to you with His Love and Truth and His angels by your side.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. I am your brother and friend, your companion upon this journey. I am Jesus and my love for each of you, for all of humanity is great. May light come to your world. This is my fervent prayer. May all upon your world find peace and harmony, love and truth. God gives all of these things to those who desire to receive. May your desires be strong and the Love of God within you flourish so that it is expressed with every breath and every aspect of your life. God bless you. God bless you.


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