Calling All Light Bringers to Help Build a New World
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 16: Calling All Light Bringers to Help Build a New World

August 10, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

I am Jesus. I come once again to speak, to share my perceptions and wisdom with you, for as you know, the world is in deep need of truth, of understanding, of light, of wisdom, of compassion and love.

The alarms are being sounded around the world at this time as each individual soul begins to realize that all is not well. Even those who insulate themselves well from the earthly conditions that are unpleasant and threatening are coming to realize that life as they know it is coming to an end and that great changes are upon all of you in your world.

Within the atmosphere of your world is a sense of distress and those of you who are sensitive will feel this unpleasantness and will allow it to colour your thinking and your perceptions for the moment. There are those of you who are more detached and find that the events of the world are at an arm’s length rather than having your own emotional reaction inform your actions.

It is important at this time to have great faith and yes, to calm yourself in the face of what appears to be great danger and upheaval, for as we have spoken of in the past, so these things are coming to fruition and you are looking upon a great wave cresting before you, threatening to engulf you. Indeed your primal reaction is that of fear and concern. But I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, that there is little you can do at this time to prevent the events that are imminent other than to be in a state of prayer, to trust that God will guide you and protect you through all that is to come.

It is likely that some of these events will touch you for indeed some are so powerful that you will feel its touch and effect upon your lives. You have already done so to a degree but you have seen others suffer more. You have recognized that danger is present. You have taken the precautions required in order to insulate yourselves from these things. Many are very fortunate in terms of their geography and their material circumstance so that they are not as easily affected by these conditions. Each of you have perceptions, intelligence, a sense of what is needed in these conditions. You also walk in faith allowing God to guide you forward through the tumult of the Earth changes and upheaval.

These things will not come as one giant, cataclysmic event. Rather, conditions will worsen in certain area at certain times. Each of you, as I have said, will feel the touch of these changes upon your life. It is my hope that you prepare yourselves accordingly for each of you are required to fortify yourselves against this tumult. It is done primarily through prayer and faith, expunging the fear from your mind, replacing it with a trust in God’s Will and guidance.

As such you will be instruments of change in the world. You will assist God in ushering in a new world, a new beginning for humanity, a beginning that will include wiping away much of humanity’s blight upon this world. In this preparation and understanding that comes, you must see how you too contribute to this darkening of the conditions of the world for none of you are immune from this responsibility and the actions that have been taken by all of humanity which has desecrated much of your world.

I have spoken several times of this condition that has been created and this error and ignorance that is proliferated throughout the world. But now comes the time when humanity reaps the whirlwind of their actions. The power of humanity upon the world is great and so the reactions that come are great. Great swaths of humanity will suffer and lose their place upon the material world and exit into the spirit world as these conditions manifest and reactions bring harsh outcomes to the world.

It is often the poor and the ignorant that suffer the most. Those who are empowered in the material sense and use their minds and intelligence to thwart and avoid the reactions of the Earth rebelling against humanity tend to immunize themselves against the harsh outcomes which manifest. Although, even those who are in this group will suffer eventually as conditions in the world intensify and change comes in such a powerful way that none can avoid it or hide from it.

As I have said many times, these are serious times. Much is coming that you cannot predict. Much is coming that without deep faith and listening to your own guidance, you will not be able to avoid. Yet, I assure you, beloved souls, those of you who walk in the Light and Truth of God’s Love and those of you who have awakened your soul to some degree and opened your minds to greater truth, those whom you call “light bringers”, will be guided and protected and shown the way forward. It is not that you will be immune from all that will come, but you will survive these outcomes and find yourself in positions of leadership, positions of teaching others what they must learn in order to adapt to a new world.

So we prepare you and we offer you sanctuary from the darkness. We show you the way forward, the way to truth, the way to God, the way to harmony. We uplift you each and every day. Yet often you take for granted these efforts that are made on your behalf. This is a reflection of your own humanness and the human condition, for the material world distracts you. Your minds continue to play out their patterns and perceptions that are often distorted and in error. Yet you continue to pray, to reach out to God, to seek greater harmony. Although that harmony is often fleeting and comes with the ministrations of the angels.

There are many in your world who have incarnated at this time in order to help facilitate the changes that are required and are coming rapidly upon your Earth. Within their souls, they know this. They sense a greater purpose that awaits them. God in His wisdom and timing will reveal to each individual the purpose that has been implanted within their souls. This will come often in a revelation, a dawning of awareness that reflects the progress that has been made by that soul towards light. When the tipping point in the soul is reached, then all becomes clear. There comes clear understanding, clear perception, and clear purpose. This comes with a soul beginning to awaken, a soul emerging into the consciousness of the individual for it is within the soul that these things reside. It comes with the soul having a voice as clarity comes to the consciousness of those who are seeking truth, seeking to serve, those that have great love for their brothers and sisters. This consciousness is strengthened day by day as understanding trickles forth into the mind of each individual, building and infusing truth and clarity with each prayer and each day that unfolds in that individual’s life.

As conditions intensify in your world, so there is a speeding up of the process of awakening and understanding. God is ensuring that many of those souls who have been seeded with purpose may awaken before the time comes where they must act. God is doing so through blessing this world of Earth with many energies and elements that are expediting the awakening of humanity.

Within every soul upon your world, there is an inkling that something greater is coming. Unfortunately many greet this small perception with fear and seek to hide from it. In the time that is coming very quickly, humanity cannot hide and will have their eyes opened to the truth of their existence, of their actions, and their spiritual and material condition. This will be a time of great anguish within the world. Many will be greatly disoriented for the underpinnings of their life will no longer exist. They will feel as if they are set adrift in a sea of emotions, perceptions, and needs.

Stability will come with the ministration of God’s agents upon the Earth. Those of you who are willing to take up this call will be guided and know fully what they must do in order to bring calm and peace, wisdom and solutions to humanity. There will be many of you who will take up this call. There will be much to act upon in your world. Yet, at this time, those of you who hear these words are not entirely clear as to what they are to do and the destiny they are to fulfill.

In time, this will come. As I have said, it requires a maturity of the soul. The understanding that comes with the soul awakened by the gift of the Father’s Love upon it and within it. Your time is coming, beloved souls. The opportunities will be great. The challenges will be great but you will be prepared. Like all things that are part of God’s garden, He seeds His garden with many seedlings and some will sprout and some will not.

It is my wish that those of you who take seriously these words and feel within themselves a sense of purpose, a sense of moving forward as God’s instruments, that you will take these things to heart and pray for the awareness and understanding to come. How else will the world be saved but by those who are willing to act on God’s behalf in the world, to be guided daily, moment-by-moment, to sacrifice their own needs for the needs of others? In this way, all needs are met. To love your brothers and sisters as you love yourselves and your families, and extend this love out to the lost and hungry children of your world who are continuing to cry out in need and despair.

As God calls upon you, He will require extraordinary efforts from you and through you. You will need to be strong, beloved souls. You will need to faithful and diligent in your prayers and clear and pure in your motives. If you are tainted by the fear and the error that persists upon your world, you cannot be an effective teacher and leader in the world. You must be in the world but not of it, beloved souls. You must carry the banner of truth and love for humanity and point the way.

Many will follow given your steadfastness and light and love. So you cannot waiver and doubt as the world crumbles when the reality of man gives way to the reality of God, for when this transition is complete, the great reward will come to each of you and all those who have survived this change. Your world will then be in greater harmony. The stresses and difficulties that you experience today will be replaced by opportunities and possibilities that will come with the new conditions of your world.

I have spoken of these things already, that much support and help will be given to humanity in this time of great need and great possibilities. You will find great joy at the end of these great challenges. You will find peace and you will see the way forward for God will give you the vision and the understanding required to see beyond the limitations of the human intellect through to the awakenings and knowings of the soul. A soul which will have far greater capacity to express and to make real in the world those things that are required for human survival and human life that is in harmony with God’s laws.

Your dilemmas will no longer exist. They will be replaced by wisdom and a deep understanding of the mechanics of God’s universe. In this way, many new inventions and ways of providing for your material needs will come. A sort of paradise on Earth will emerge in time. This will foster greater light, truth, and understanding, deeper wisdom and knowledge within humanity.

In this reset of humanity’s onward progression and presence upon this world, the harmony of creation will flourish. The truth about the purpose and meaning of life will be evident within each individual. There will be no more misunderstandings and distortions of the spiritual life of man. Truth will reign supreme upon your world and love will be the currency.

I know this sounds unrealistic and very idealistic but it will come to pass. It must come to pass at this time. Otherwise humanity will continue down a road that is very destructive indeed. God’s intervention, the intervention of the angels, the intervention of Mother Earth, and all the forces that conspire and are a part of life will ensure that the correction is made, that the world will know greater harmony. This will reverberate through the spheres of spirit assisting in the healing of many who are in darkness at this time.

It is a time of great momentum, of powerful change, of the unfolding of a new world. May you all be midwives in it’s birth and be used in accordance to your purpose, your gifts and abilities. May you be pure in thought, strong within yourself so as to thwart any darkness and error that may try to impinge upon your thinking and your actions. You are needed as God’s instruments.

I wish for each of you to spend time in contemplation and prayer regarding this message and to ask God to bring clarity to your mind and your soul. That His Love may open up that passage of understanding so that your relationship with God will be strengthened to such a degree that nothing will inhibit your efforts and instrumentality which will express God’s Will upon this world.

You are all lights. Those of you who can hear my words know that within your soul is a great light, for within your soul, what I have spoken resonates with truth and assures you that what is meant to be will come to pass. You, beloved souls, each one, are God’s beloved children who will find their way upon this unstable ground that is the world in transition. You will walk upon a path that is guided by God. You will know your purpose and find your way beyond the speculations of the mind and see clearly the power of your soul’s knowing. Many will follow each one of you who are willing to do this for God and to do this for your love of humanity. You will save many souls from great turmoil and suffering. God will guide you in ways that will bring refuge and peace and comfort to your brothers and sisters. Light will shine upon you, beloved souls, and manifestations will emanate through you in order to assure those who are lost that there is hope and there is direction towards light.

Much is coming, beloved souls, as you feel and know. The world that you know now is a mirage, an illusion created by man. The world that is coming and emerge in this time will have a powerful reality that is the manifestation of God’s creation and Will rather than that of man. May your eyes see clearly, beloved souls. May you come to understand who you truly are. May you come to see life as it truly is, which is a passage to greater soul awareness and development, transitioning from being human towards a soul awakened to it’s great potential which dwells in harmony with the Divine through the gift of the Father’s Love upon it.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. May it be clear. May it be joyful. May it be filled with wisdom and love for this is God’s desire for all of you, that life may be an awakening, a knowing, a joyful journey towards greater alignment and at-onement with God. I am with you on that journey and shall always be with you.

God bless you, beloveds. I am your brother and friend, Jesus. God bless you.


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