The Nature of Reality
Jesus Messages - Volume 3,  Recent Messages

Volume 3 – Lesson 6: The Nature of Reality

July 2, 2022
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

Blessings to you, beloved souls. I come. I am Jesus. I come once again to deliver messages of truth, upliftment, and love to humanity. I thank those of you who are here in support of this instrument and our efforts together to bring these truths forward. Indeed, you have prayed to be an instrument, a channel of love, to be of service to humanity. Today, you are indeed serving in love. May the Will of God continue to be expressed through each of you, beloved souls. May His blessings of Love continue to awaken your souls and bring great light to your being.

Today, I wish to talk about the nature of reality and how reality can change as the condition of the soul and even the earthly conditions change. The vast majority of humanity upon this earthly plane view their existence, their reality as a physical manifestation brought about by their five senses and minds interpretation of the information that these senses bring. They also live with an inner reality which is comprised of their emotions, memories and those things that have been implanted within their minds which you call programming that has been well-established within the mind and in many respects, determines their interpretation of reality. I have also taught that humanity can create reality and does so with each day, their thoughts adding to the collective thoughts from around the world. This too helps to set the perceptions and the reality that one is experiencing on a daily basis. This is the man-made reality that is so powerful and has had a contrary effect upon God’s creation, the reality of God.

There are few minds and souls who are open to a shift within their reality. All are comfortable with what they perceive and judge as the truth and reality of their existence. Yet, even in the realms of science, your physicists are beginning to realize that the nature of reality that is commonly ascribed to is not the truth, that there are hidden dimensions of reality that are not well-understood nor commonly perceived.

There is a great challenge given to humanity at this present juncture of the evolution of consciousness within humanity. That challenge comes on many levels. It comes to all souls as a faint message from God to awaken. It comes in the way of various physical dilemmas and challenges that are evident in your Earth plane at this time. It comes with the Touch of God upon your world that is intensifying, with a deep desire to awaken humanity to their own true potential and beings.

Humanity is bombarded with a challenge to shift their consciousness. Yet, humanity continues to ignore this and struggle forth through these conditions, not realizing that what is being given is a message, an invitation to shift within themselves their perception, their conscious reality so that they may act and be in greater harmony with the Laws of God. God created this universe with set laws. Your scientists have put a great deal of emphasis upon the mechanics of the physical universe, believing this is the key to understanding all. Yet, these mechanics are but a thin layer of truth that reflects all of the reality of God’s creation. There is so much more to be known. But in order to be known, humanity must stretch beyond their linear, deduction of thought to that which is multi-dimensional and not linear.

This alone is a great challenge to the accepted norms of reality and behaviour in the world. As to see within these multi-dimensional perspectives it would be quite challenging to those who wish to live a normal material life because they will begin to see and perceive those other dimensions within their interactions not only in the world in general but in themselves. They will come to understand that they are not merely a physical being or merely a mental being, that the truth of their existence is vastly complex and intricate, and that these multi-dimensional realities continue to interplay within their being although this is not necessarily conscious nor understood.

If humanity could rise beyond the basic understanding of their existence, even to a small degree, can you imagine the changes that may take place on your Earth? How the values and perceptions and priorities of a society would change as many begin to see the beautiful complexity of life? There have been cultures before you that have understood this, they have intuited these realities and apply them to their physical life. There are those of you who begin this journey of awakening, this shift in perceptions and experience, yet the great momentum of human consciousness and reality continues to challenge all of you. Science has dismissed the possibility of these wide and varied perceptions of life for they do not meet their standards. That great thrust of protocols and edicts developed by the mind to validate a thing as being truth.

Unfortunately this very rigid and limited perception and method of discerning reality has brought great pain to humanity. It does not include those other dimensions, the sensitivities and perceptions of the soul and the spirit. Your world continues to debate whether life continues to exist after death, such a rudimentary truth and understanding that would bring great comfort to many. Yet, it is controversial in nature.

Because God has created a multi-dimensional universe, it is possible for humanity to interact and integrate other dimensions that are of God’s reality. There are individuals and stories of those who have done so. My own story is an example of this, how I was able to perceive things that others could not, to bring healings to those who were in need of physical harmony. I brought great love and comfort to many. I was also able to dematerialize my body after death and materialize it in the world.

These are ascribed to as miracles. Yet, they are not. They are merely the application of the multi-dimensional reality of God’s creation, in some respects, a limited application, for humanity is capable of many, many things if they but allow themselves to integrate these truths, these realities and dimensions of God into their lives. Though the mind continues to insist upon its rigid perspective, the soul yearns to be awakened and alive. This dilemma continues within your world and it is a universal challenge and struggle.

As you continue to seek for the Father’s Love, the Divine Love, His Essence dripping its Light and wonderment into your soul, new realities will emerge within your consciousness provided you are willing to allow this, desiring it and not dismiss it as your imagination. How much can humanity express and discover in their physical existence? Since you comprise a body, a spirit, and a soul, if these elements are integrated and empowered by the Essence of God, your capacities to align yourself with the realities of God are only limited by the amount of this Essence within, for this Essence awakens the faculties and abilities within the soul that have the power to awaken and manifest many things, things that your mind cannot and will not consider as possible.

Many impossible things have manifest in your world. Yogis of the Far East have done remarkable things. Some of you have witnessed instantaneous healing. Some of you have seen and have come to know visions that are out of this world, as you would say. You are coming to know your stellar friends, those who have a great proficiency in these other realities and can manipulate them to manifest many things because of their understanding of them to such a degree that their existence and their presence with you seems remarkable, even unbelievable.

Your mind continues to dominate your consciousness and to ensure that your reality is that of the physical world, augmented by the human condition. Yet, you are striving toward something that is in greater alignment with God, has a purity and a power that will open the gates of greater and more complex reality which is of God.

As the coming changes in your world strengthen, and indeed, the energetic conditions of your world become more powerful and clearly evident, it will help to break the hold that the mind has on human reality. Help will also come to assist humanity in understanding their deeper selves for God is empowering His Truth and reality in a way that might be considered Divine intervention. He is giving humanity a chance to ascribe to what is, in essence, reality, and to release their hold upon their considerations of reality. It will be a great challenge to those of you upon the Earth plane for those who are not willing to accept it and not prepared to absorb and embrace it.

We come to you with our messages of truth so that you are prepared and that you may get a glimpse of what is to come. Those of you who are sensitive and have come to touch upon some of these realities of spirit and of human consciousness often struggle to orient yourself to these things. Yet, you carry the Light of God’s Love within your soul. You walk a path with the desire to obtain truth, deeper, greater, wider truth. Even you struggle, my friends, with the Truth of God. Can you imagine humanity in a state of great confusion and fear and disorientation as this new reality dawns within the consciousness of all?

Although God does not force anything upon His children, He gives each individual soul a choice. He is also giving each individual the opportunity to see what that choice is, to accept something new and different and consequently to change their perspective and their expression in the world, for the reality of the world will shift and humanity must shift with it. This new reality has within it many potentials and gifts that humanity may ascribe to and apply within their lives. The great price that is to be paid is the release of that which is of the human reality and creation. As you might well-imagine, many will resolutely reject this offer, this invitation by God. But because God has ordained this to be so, they cannot stop the progression of the Earth that is in transformation. Those who reject this will be and feel completely disoriented, not knowing their place within this new world. Some will come to understand this and change their perspective. Others will be resolute in their rejection of it. In this regard, many will transition into the world of spirit because they cannot possibly survive in this new truth, a new truth where the reality of the world and the way in which humanity interacts with it will change dramatically.

With those who accept, their hearts open, their souls willing, their minds accepting, there will be a great joy, a great appreciation of life, a wonderment growing within their consciousness and a knowing of their Creator that will be predicated on love. With this foundation in place and those whose consciousness has been changed and transformed by what is coming, they will be empowered with perceptions and abilities that will allow them to move in the world in a different way. They will come to recognize their own innate gifts and abilities that go far beyond the mind. They will be able to perform miracles or what may appear to be miracles in the world. They will overcome their fears and expectations in regard to material needs and find their way to a place that is in harmony with God’s creation and the world.

Reality will shift as the vestiges of the human condition dissolve and be dissolved by the energies that God will bring to the world, His blessings upon it, thereby creating a greater alignment with God’s reality and creation. Those with great faith will experience elation, revelation, awakening, empowerment of the soul. His Love will be readily available to all, as it is now, yet, the conditions that are coming will ensure that a soul might readily experience and receive this gift.

For those who walk the world in the way of natural love will find much freedom from the inhibitions and conditions which keep them from expressing this love in its purity and beauty. Though the world will not become a paradise overnight, the world will be closer to that ideal, that harmony that is experienced in other worlds and is experienced in the higher levels of spirit and the Celestial Heavens.

This great intervention from God is intended to save humanity from its fate. Whereas humanity continues to reinforce its own reality and see the world from a place that is dark and distorted, there must be a solution. For the power of humanity upon the Earth is great and cannot continue to override and overshadow the reality of God. All of creation is suffering from this condition, including humanity. Though humanity continues to be blind and deaf and dumb in this understanding, the scales must be peeled from their eyes and the truth given forcibly and clearly to their minds.

Each will get a glimpse in a deeper way of their own reality and of God’s reality. This will shock and horrify many. Indeed, with the gift of understanding, it will ignite a desire to be released from the horrors of the human condition and ascribe to the beauty and wonderment of God’s Love and Truth. Reality must shift for without the disassembling of human reality, there is no hope for this world, beloved souls. No amount of intervention other than that which is Divine could possibly rectify and heal the world from what it is today.

Indeed, with human intervention, even with your stellar friends intervening, the powers to be in your world would continue to insist upon its hold on power and choice to empower the human condition. God’s dramatic intervention is rare in the universe and a great gift indeed. It is only used when the fate of His children are held in the balance and are vulnerable to destruction.

You are the last of the generations to live within this human condition and reality.

In a very short time, the disassembling of this reality will become overt. Those who are born into this world will know something different, a greater love and harmony than exists today. Those of you who are strong enough and have within the clarity, desire and empowerment of the soul through God’s Love, will make this journey of transformation more readily and will do so with great faith and great knowledge that will come from your angel friends and from God directly. You will be the leaders and the healers, the teachers, and the great source of love and comfort to many. There will be many souls in great need, for with the empowerment of God’s Love within you, your ability to shift in your reality is greatly enhanced and empowered by this gift within your soul allowing you the ability to respond in love.

Your minds continue to doubt, I know. You continue to struggle with those things within the mind which reject the very idea that your reality is threatened and will change in accordance to God’s plan. Yet, deep within you is a sure knowledge of this truth. This is where you must go to strengthen yourself, strengthen your resolve that you are indeed upon the correct path, a path toward transformation and enlightenment, a path toward true empowerment and the expression and realization of many gifts and possibilities within you.

You will embody the new man, the new beings upon your Earth. You will be an example of this. Each in their own way will find their way to this new reality and truth. It is unfolding at this very moment and moment-by-moment with each individual who is seeking the truth. There is little that can hold you back from this other than a mind resolved to reject it. Yet, with each day will come the validation and proof that you need that this is the truth. With each day will come small revelations and at times, tremendous revelations that will help you to see beyond the limitations of the mind and help to engender and empower the gifts of the soul.

Come to understand, beloved souls, that you are changing and that that change will be more rapid in days to come, that many things will surprise you, possibly even astound you. You will come to know gifts within you and manifestations through you that you have prayed to be so. You will see before you a path that God has designated which is extraordinary and beautiful in its nature and outcomes. Those aspects of yourself which are physical, those energies that are heavy and keep you to the Earth in such a way that you are bound to its painful experience and limited understanding, will be lifted from you, beloved souls. I am not suggesting that you will lose your physical body, but it is and will transform in accordance to the energies that are being poured upon your Earth.

You will also respond to the bodies of energies which come from your solar system, that of the sun especially, for this too is changing the very physical make-up of your planet.s. It is all part of God’s plan. It is being gifted in many different ways and expressed in ways that are hard for you to imagine from your present perspective but as you continue to grow in Love and your soul continues to awaken in this gift, your perceptions of these things will deepen and intensify. You will come to know the world from the new perspective of which I speak of. You will come to be in the world in a new way, a way that will astound many around you. Those fears that you carry, those inhibitions, those parts of you that worry about the judgment of others will become irrelevant as you emerge from the shell of your old self and become renewed and blessed by God’s Touch.

Transformation, beloveds, the most powerful element of the universe is transformation. It is a constant in your world and in the universe. How is true transformation achieved? Through the inclusion of God’s Essence, His Love into your soul. This is the highest truth of the universe. The truth which humanity must come to know and ascribe to for with the empowerment of this Love, they will be in harmony with what is coming. They will be able to cope and not only cope but find great fulfillment in these changes and transformation. You will speak to many, beloveds. Your souls will shine forth. Your gifts will manifest. Many will find and receive healings and comfort from you.

It is a tremendous time in the history of the world. You, beloved souls, have chosen to be a part of this. Your souls knew that you would be a part of this long before you even came to this world. So, you will be a part. We will all be a part of a wondrous transformation, a beautiful event that shall change the world irrevocably.

You are given great gifts, beloved souls. I urge you to be open to the different realities that God has created, not only within you but about you, for as you emerge from the old you, the old perspectives, you will come to understand these things in such a way that they will not disturb or cause you great confusion but will answer many questions and will add to your wisdom and knowledge greatly.

The transformation of your soul will become a reality within your life, its expression beautifully unfolding, absorbing this new reality, the many realities of God. Indeed, as your efforts to shift and open to the gifts that you carry, to ascribe to the development that your angel friends have put great efforts into, the new reality will come into you in a conscious way. I acknowledge you all as you dedicate yourselves to such things, as the purpose and the focus of your life continues to shift toward transformation and awakening. Know that as you do so, you draw to you many angels. You draw to you a great light and you are protected and cared for accordingly, God’s ministrations flowing upon you powerfully.

There is much that you can do already, beloved souls. Although, many of you do not see or perceive what is happening around you, the manifestation of your gifts as God uses you as His instruments, yet you will continue to awake, opening to your great potentials, the potentials of your soul. So, the most significant chapters of your life are just beginning. You will see yourselves differently. Very soon, perceptions will change as will attitudes and awarenesses. As your gifts emerge, as the wisdom of your soul takes precedence over that of your mind, your doubts will fall away, beloveds. In its stead will come a great faith, a great knowing of who and what you are and the purpose that you carry.

May God’s gifts touch you deeply, beloved souls. May you truly come to understand the light that you carry and the beautiful love that shines within you, that which continues to grow. Know that we are close and shall get ever closer to you. There will come a time when you feel that we are truly a part of your life and exist as your friends and relatives and loved ones exist in your life. This too is indicative of a shift in your reality and it is coming. You are truly blessed, beloved souls, truly blessed.

I thank you for listening to me today, to present another lesson to the world. May the world come to awaken to God’s reality and all that this entails for this is and will be the healing of the world, the shifting of consciousness, the awakening of the soul. God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you. I am with you. God is with you. God bless you. I am your brother and friend, Jesus. God bless you.