knowing your soul

In Knowing and Growing Your Soul, You Will Find Your True Self

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: April 4, 2016

God bless you, I come. I am Jesus. I have watched you grow, my beloveds, beautiful brothers and sisters, in this Love Divine. I have seen the Light grow within you, within each one of you this lantern burns, this lantern of Truth and Love. And together you create this Circle of Light, this Circle of Light in the world. And I ask you, beloveds, do you consider the influence of God’s Love within your soul and within your lives? Do you consider the potentials which can be realized with this Gift? Do you consider how you may serve God in ways of Light and Love? For there comes a point in each soul’s progression upon this Divine Path, where a choice is made to serve God more fully, to know His Will and to recognize His Will within your lives, beloveds.

God beseeches you to come to His feet and ask for His guidance. Your souls, each one, each beautiful soul in this circle have many gifts, many possibilities and potentials that God may use in service for all those around you in this world. But first and foremost, you must have a desire within you to seek this service through the flow of God’s Love and Will. It is one thing to have an idea and a desire and a mental construct as to what you may do to help others, and there is good in this, to assert yourself in the world in this way, but there is also a higher road, a road of service that requires a form of obedience to God, of listening and knowing within yourselves, that this is God’s Will, that what you do is in an outflowing of God’s Will in the world.

This can be challenging, my dear ones, for to put aside your own mental reckonings and desires is difficult in your world. You have been taught for many years that this is how life should be lived. Asserting yourselves in the world, asserting your own power, formulating your own abilities in certain ways to be expressed in service and to pursue a successful life that is recognized by those around you and reflects the human condition. This is the easy road, the road most commonly taken in this world. And I do not mean to denigrate those who take this path, but I tell you, the time draws near for each one of you to see a different way in the world, to move in a different way, to hear a different drummer, one which strikes a beat that originates from God. And you must each go within yourselves to hear that beat, to know what it is within you that you are meant to do in this world. Each soul is imbued with purpose, each soul has special gifts, each soul is meant to do some fulfilling work for God in this world, which reflects your gifts and your innate abilities rising from the soul. And as God’s Love ignites those aspects within you, those gifts and Light, those things imbued within your soul which God has planted there, there can be no more fulfilling way within your life than this, to enact your true soul’s purpose and ability and gifts. And through this you will have great joy and fulfillment, you will truly express something unique and beautiful that is yours and is God’s. So I ask you, beloveds, go within yourselves, ask yourselves this question: “What is it that I am meant to do in my devotion and love to God? What is it? Show me, dear Father, show me.” And with this sincere desire and prayer, with this longing to know, God will reveal to you in ways that are harmonious and unique to each soul through His Love for you, through His intentions for you whom He has created to go forth in this world expressing that beautiful gift, which is you, my beloveds. A gift to the world. It is you! And as you truly acknowledge this and love yourselves, and seek to express yourselves in this way, oh what wonders your Heavenly Father may manifest through you, oh what love will flow, oh what grace there will be within your lives. And those petty conflicts and fears within you which reflect the human condition will fall away, turn to dust and your lives will be a beautiful flow and an expression of Love.

You all seek this, every soul deep within seeks this. And you are closer than so many to opening this wondrous secret within you and acknowledging who you truly are, the wonderment of your creation. What Light this brings, what beauty, what power, what glorious expression will come of this true acknowledgment of yourselves, understanding your soul, understanding the power of God’s Love to ignite and transform the mortal soul and make it whole and bring it into God’s embrace. Beloved souls, seek ye the Kingdom, and all else shall indeed come to you. Seek to be humble, to be generous to yourselves and to others, to be generous in love and be generous in service, reach out to all those around you who are in need. For in these humble ways, this simple service, embracing each child, meeting some simple need, is the way of God. And in this humility and obedience and faith and trust in God lies the key that shall open this door to your purpose. Walk with me, my beloveds. Walk with me upon this Path of Love and God will show you wonders. God will show you the Way. God will teach you how to love. God will embrace you. Can you ask for any more than this, beloveds? Is there anything you need more that this?

It awaits. It is only you that holds you back. It is only a breath away, a touch away, a willingness and acceptance that God will show, and guide, and love, and heal you. Allow this, and as you do so, you will truly understand my message and what I mean to teach to all, that Love is the way to all and to solving all dilemmas and needs. Beloved souls, I am with you in your struggles and I am joyed when I see the Light burning within you. And I see that you are close to truly understanding my words and coming to that place of surrender to God. You shall all come to that place in time, in your own ways and God will be there waiting to embrace, waiting to take all of your burdens and to care for you completely, lovingly.

Walk this road, beloveds. It beseeches you forward, and we will be with you, to support you and carry you along so you may come to that awakening, that great release and acceptance. God bless you, I am Jesus and I come to love and I come to urge you forward, I come to tell you of the power of God’s Love and to tell you that I love you. You are my brothers and sisters and I love you. God bless you.