Jesus blessing

Jesus gives His Blessing to Those in the Retreat

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons,
BC Date: Aug 22, 2015

Blessings to you, my beloved brothers. Blessings to you, my beloved sisters. I come. I am Jesus and I come on a wave of Love that you have brought from your Heavenly Father through your longings from your souls. I come because I bring my Love to add to your Love to this world and to one another and to your Heavenly Father.  

Blessed, beloved souls, I am well pleased with what you have accomplished in these days. You have come together in Love and harmony. You have brought bounteous blessings into your midst and into this world, and you have shown one another that, through Love, mankind can live in harmony, through Love all is possible and all is beautiful. We will continue to be with you, my beloveds. We will continue to draw you close to one another, even when you are far away you will be drawn into this circle of Light that you have created together with God blessing all and we in spirit assisting you in this accomplishment. And we will use what you have created for your benefit and for the benefit of this world. It is difficult for you to understand all the complexities and layers of what these blessings have accomplished and provided. But I tell you, my beloveds, this is a great work.

This is the beginning of something new within you and in this world, something that will bring change in deep and beautiful ways in this world. And you have sparked a reaction that will reverberate out and touch many souls and will cause many events and Light blossoming in this world. An effort by this small group, a handful of beautiful souls, will have great effects in the world, my beloveds, great effects in the world. And you will see within your own lives the changes and the shifts that will happen and the beautiful souls that will be drawn to you in the coming days and weeks and months and years. Each of you brings a spark into your lives; each of you will cause wonderful things to happen in this world as God’s channels of Love.

You will see for yourselves, my beloveds; you will see how all of this flows within the Father’s plan for the salvation of mankind. You will see and you will understand because your souls are awakening and your souls are flourishing with the nourishment of God’s Divine Essence. And in this awakening you will see the world from different eyes and know your God in deep and abiding ways and feel a Love for all, all your brothers and sisters, that is healing and nourishing for others, comforting and inspiring. You will touch many souls, my beloveds. You will touch many souls. Open your eyes to what God brings you, these daily blessings and opportunities, to be a channel of Light and Love, to create ever larger reverberating circles of Light in the world.

Your work begins. Your work begins and I have called you to begin this work, my beloveds, to travel this Earth in Love, to live your lives in Love, to be that beautiful soul that God created you to be. Beloved, beautiful souls, open your eyes, open your hearts, open your souls to God and in this great opening, within you, will come the joy that you seek, the fulfillment that you long for, the Love that is gifted always. Beloveds, walk with me, walk in my footsteps and I will guide you forward. I will be with you. I will always be with you, my beloveds, and I love you, I love you. I am your brother and your friend, I am Jesus.