Many spirits

Many Angels give their message of reassurance and comfort to a group which came together for a prayer retreat

Spirits: Andrew, Peter, John, Francis, Keea Kem, Seretta Kem, Augustine, Goldie, Martin Luther, Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC Date:
August 23, 2015

And I too come to bring my words of love and support for all of you for every soul that earnestly seeks the Truth and to serve their Heavenly Father will find their blessings, will find what it is that will carry them forward in their lives and will find a deep healing within themselves through the Father’s Love and I will support you, my beloveds, with my prayers and my efforts to influence, protect and guide you. Andrew loves you and is with you.

As is Peter, I am with you and I will guide those who are my charges and some of you know that I am your guide and I will support you. I will help you with all of your challenges in this world and I will pray with you when you pray and I will bring my love and influence when you require this and I will pray for you constantly, my beloveds, for you are precious upon this Earth, you are precious for you carry the flame of Truth that must ignite the world and bring the harmony that is the Father’s Will for all mankind.  Continue; continue to pray and to serve, my beloveds.

I am John and I bring my love to you, my beloveds. And the Father sends His great Light into your midst and He will bring you the salvation that you seek. It will be given.  He will feed you as you hunger, He will guide you as you question, He will carry you along your path and I will also accompany you as will many, many from my side of life.  Know that you have the resources of the entire Celestial Kingdom at your bidding.  Many bright and beautiful souls wish for you to be successful in your efforts to carry the Truth into the world and you will do so in wondrous and creative ways and beautiful and loving ways, you will do so in service to mankind. Do not doubt this, my beloveds, but seek the ways of service. When God puts before you an opportunity to serve in love accept this invitation, do not turn away, do not turn away. Walk in Love and Light, my beloveds, and you will be accompanied by many angels. God has given a great blessing to all of you to make this possible. Do not turn away but face the light. Walk in the Light; be a part of that Light of Love and your eyes will open and you will know the road you must take, the life that you must live and your souls will govern your actions, my beloveds, and this is what is meant to be. God bless you, I am John and I love you.

I am Francis of Assisi and my love goes out to all who love this world and all the creatures within it and who love their brothers and their sisters and all of God’s Creation.  Walk in this way, loving all, being in the world as God’s beacons of Light and you will draw many to you for many seek the Light and you will be guided to give the Light, the Light of God’s Truth, the Light of God’s Love. Blessings to you, my beloveds, I am with you in your efforts to heal this world so in need of Love. God bless you.

Keea loves you, Keea loves you and I will help to teach you the Truths of God’s Creation. I will be with you as you seek the Truth, I will help you and I will support you in teaching the Truths to others. Your friend and servant, Keea is with you.

I am Seretta Kem. When you touch another soul, when you touch their bodies you bring healing to them, a comfort to them and I will assist you to be that channel of healing for others. All of you who are gifted in this way, you have my love and support and efforts to bring healing to the injured souls. I am with you and I shall continue to be with you. Ask for my help and you will receive it. Ask for my help and I will be a channel for God’s great blessings of healing for you, my beloveds – carried in Love, carried in Love.

And I am Augustine your teacher. I come to give you strength. I come to give you a sense of the Truth. I come to love you and support you on your journey, for no man is an island, no man can struggle and rise above the conditions of this Earth alone. And God provides his gifts of angels, His gifts of Love, His gifts of healing to support you upon your journey. You are never alone, my beloveds. You are never alone and shall never be alone. God is always with you and His angels minister to you, my beloveds are precious, precious flowers in God’s garden, nurtured and given the warmth of His Love and given the living waters of His Love and though you grow in soil, your heads face the sun. Beloveds, continue in your efforts. Do not shirk your responsibilities. Be strong and we will strengthen you. Be loving and God will love you, God bless you, beloved souls.

And I am Goldie and I love you too. And I was with you when you danced and laughed. I even rode upon a few shoulders (laughter). Oh how important it is to be joyous in life, to spread joy, to be Light and to have laughter, to love one another in this beautiful laughter and Light. May all your burdens be lifted, my beautiful friends, and may you always dance in the joy of God’s Love. I love you, beloveds, I love you.

I am Martin Luther. I too support you in your journey and will continue to educate those who are receptive to my teachings. The depth of God’s Truth is unlimited. There is so much to know in this world, my beloveds, and the world of God’s creation, so much to know for those who are curious and for those who have a solid foundation within God’s Love, their souls will absorb what I and others have to teach. Ask to be taught, ask to have that deep understanding of the Truth and I shall support you in this, beloved souls, God bless you. Father, bless these precious souls as they journey forward in the world. Open their eyes, open their hearts, open their souls to what you have to give to them for they now stand upon the threshold of deep and wondrous change within them and they are prepared to carry the torch of Truth into this world. Father, guide their steps, bring them what they require, help them to seek you in everything that they do in this world, for without You their steps are hollow and with You they are resounding and shake the Earth, they will shake the Earth in love. Father, may your hand be upon every soul present.  May Your Love envelop them always and may they be Your comforter for others, the purveyor of Truth in the world. Keep them within Your Light and Protection. Guide them always, light their path, they are beautiful and we are all your children, my beloveds, we are all your children.   God’s Holy Spirit has touched each soul in this room deeply, very deeply. Bring your light into the world, seek to serve the Heavenly Father and walk upon the Path Divine.  And as you see many love you and support you, and this shall continue as long as your souls desire to walk this Path, to live this Truth, to know God’s Love, it shall be yours given freely, given in Love.

Precious souls, do you see now how much you are loved?  Do you see God working within your lives and bringing you together in this Light? And He shall continue to do so and He shall continue to bring you together with your brothers and sisters all around this world. Seek to draw others into this circle of Light.   Seek to draw your brothers and sisters into that place of deep respite from the conditions of this world. For every circle you build, you build a place that will nourish and enlighten and enliven those who are willing to be drawn within it. Circles of Light that will grow and expand and within time will cover the Earth. Blessings to you, my beloveds blessings to you, I am Jesus and I love you. God bless you.