Be a Light

Be a Light and Take Part in the Plan for the Salvation of Mankind

Spirit: Jesus Medium:
Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: August 28, 2015

I am your brother Jesus. I come to bless you upon your journey home my beloved, beautiful souls.   You have learned much while you were here in this place of love. You have been given respite, your souls have been nurtured, you have been loved and you will carry the Light to your homes far off. The bonds that you have built amongst one another have a great strength and purpose for you will work together, beloveds, in this great work of God’s salvation of mankind.  

So much awaits you, my beloveds. Do not let your minds restrict what your souls know to be true. Allow God’s Love to manifest through you and everything that you do. Trust in this, trust in one another, trust in the unfolding plan which you are a part of, which has brought you together, which will bring you together time and time again in order  to bring Light into this world, to build a great Light in this world. I do not promise you that this will be an easy task for it will not be so.

There will be trials and tribulations, challenges and difficulties. But I will tell you that I stand with you and God’s Light is upon you, my beloveds, and in this you will have the strength you require to be upheld in truth and to do this work in the world. There is so much to be done, so very much and God requires the souls that are willing to put aside that which burdens and distorts and deflects them from the Light and to accept God’s Great Benediction upon you and His guidance that lives within your souls, for it lives in Light, it gives you what you require to move forward in this world in Light.

God will meet your needs my beloveds. God has always met your needs. Accept what is given. Walk in Truth. Be simple in your ways, in your words, in your Love. Be generous and kind and loving, and do not hold back your Love, but give, give abundantly and God will give to you. And He shall do so for all eternity. Beloveds, beloveds walk with me and I will light the way. I am with you and I love you, I love you dearly. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.