Earth Changes - 1st Lesson of Volume 2
Jesus Messages - Volume 2,  Recent Messages

Volume 2 – Lesson 1: Earth Changes

April 9, 2021
Gibsons, B.C. Canada
Received by Al Fike

May the highest blessings of God be upon you, beloveds. I come, I am Jesus. I come to pray with you, to be with you, to share my wisdom with you, and to walk this path together in love.

Yes your Earth is undergoing great change. I wish you to know that there is a counterpart to each physical manifestation of God’s Creation. That counterpart within you is called the spirit body. The counterpart of your globe, your Earth, also has what you may call a spirit body, an energetic reflection that is the true manifestation of God’s Creation. Like your physical body and your spirit body, you respond and react within that energetic envelope which is your spirit body. This in time, manifests upon your physical body.

So is this with your world. As humanity continues to desecrate the Earth claiming for its own so much that is within the Earth and upon the Earth, so the planetary body feels these desecrations manifest within the energetic field which is the spirit counterpart of your Earth. In this sensitivity and response, so the Earth has eruptions and defenses which try to heal itself given the inharmonious conditions and actions of humanity.

So much about life, about what God has created, is unknown to humanity as your brothers and sisters continue to strive through their own mindful reckonings and desires to make a life upon this planet of yours. Yet they do so often in ways that are born of ignorance and self-gratification and thereby are not fostering harmony upon your world.

Your prayers are very important, beloved souls. Continue to pray for the well-being of your world and the well-being of your brothers and sisters. Indeed your brothers and sisters must come to truly understand who and what they are and what life truly is. In this understanding they may come to know the power of love, the power of God’s Love to heal and transform, the power of God’s Touch to bring vitality and health, the power of a soul awakened in the wisdom and glory of the Love Divine flowing within the soul. In this way humanity can become an active agent of God helping to nurture and bring about greater harmony upon your planet, for this is truly possible and can be manifest given the awakening of the soul, the faculties of the soul engaged with the mind to bring about those things that are truly part of God’s intentions for life.

It is for you to continue to delve deep within yourself, to seek God’s blessings through your prayers, to be in harmony with love and the Truth of God’s Love. In this way will come a true insight into the condition of your world, the condition of humanity which is not often a pleasant experience but rather shocking and disturbing to see how clearly and naturally humanity continues to act against the Laws of God mostly out of ignorance, mostly out of fear, mostly out of a desire for material well-being.

So the Earth cries out. The true essence of what the Earth is, this sensitive and dynamic aspect of the Earth, feels every imprint and desecration upon it as the consciousness of the Earth is present in everything upon it. It is only humanity that through its inability to know and feel does not know the harmony and beauty of the Earth’s expression that envelops you all. This allows you to go about your business unaware of what you do and how you continue to claim ignorance of all that is of the Earth and yet do not ask and do not seek to be in harmony with what God has created.

Indeed God has provided for humanity. This you have no doubt of and this is the truth. But the way in which that provision is made relies upon your awareness and sensitivity to how the Earth may function and be part of the entirety of God’s Creation in harmony and in continued evolution towards greater harmony. You must see with the eyes of your souls and understand with your true nature which is the mind and faculties of the soul.

In this way you will see that which I speak of, and come to understand with a greater appreciation and knowledge of what the Earth truly is and how you may be a part of this beautiful and wondrous creation which is the Earth. The Earth is God’s gift to humanity. In the beginning, a beginning which starts with the material and leads to the spiritual, bringing to you the gift of life so that you may progress as an individuated identity and true individual creation of God. This includes a soul, with a spirit body, having great and powerful inclinations and possibilities, some of which are used and some of which are not known. But upon your journey of awakening, you will know your true selves and will come to understand why you are created and with what materials and aspects of your creation which makes you the wondrous soul that you are, opening to God’s Will, and the great possibilities that God lays before you.

Beloved souls, you are given a great gift, the gift of life. This gift is multi-layered where many aspects lie deep within you and are waiting to emerge into consciousness and be expressed in life. So you must go to God seeking His Love, this great nurturance of the soul so that these parts of you may awaken. In so doing, you may teach your brothers and sisters of the things that you may know and understand upon this journey of life, that they again may teach their children and children’s children until the entire world has been brought back into balance and harmony with creation.

This is truly a part of God’s plan for the salvation of humanity of which many of you are a part given your dedication, your time and efforts, your application of truth, your faith growing and becoming a powerful force within you, your soul awakening so that you may be guided forth, and have the insights and possibilities of knowing the truth in ways and means that are rarely known upon your world. These things will come about given your willingness, your choice to follow this Path Divine into the realms, into the great unknown that shall be known and manifest within you.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. May you come to truly know the gift of life, that gift that is you and that gift that is this beautiful place in which you inhabit and are an integral part of. Each of you, beloved souls, are connected to one another and will help nourish one another.

Through your individual journeys and efforts, so this will flow through this Lattice of Light, this intricate web that is woven between you and will come to nourish each one as you journey forward, as you all find your way and your place within this great plan of God’s desire and intention to heal the world. His blessings pour forth upon you, beloved souls. So the world feels the nurturing warmth and blessings of God’s Touch upon it invigorating and healing those damaged parts. So you will come to be truly a part of this world and a part of God’s Universe and a part of God’s great family of souls walking in the light, being a part of a wondrous place and expression of God’s Creation.

God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you deeply, that your faculties may open, that you may drink in the Living Waters of God’s Love nourishing and quenching the thirst of your soul so that you may truly know and awaken to His deep Touch upon you. God bless you, beloveds. I am with you and I love you dearly. I am with you and I am close. God bless you, beloved souls.


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