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Know The Subtleties of your Soul in your Work as a Channel of Love

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 27, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I come. I am Jesus. I come to bless you on your journeys and your efforts to bring the Truth of God’s Love to the world. I come to tell you that God’s Hand rests firmly upon you, each one; that you are truly blessed within your souls and that those blessings that reside within your souls, this Love of God’s Essence that shines forth within you, will touch many other souls as you travel this world, as you continue to speak the Truth and walk in Light and Love. You do my work, beloved souls. Know that I am with you in this work and will continue to guide and uplift and bless you beloved souls, as you seek to be God’s instruments of Truth and Love and Blessings. God bless you. God bless you and keep you in His Love. I am with you, my love is with you. God bless you.

Maureen: Jesus, may I ask you a question?

Jesus: Yes, you may ask, beloved daughter.

Maureen: When you say that others will be blessed by our presence when we pass by these people, can you express what that blessing may look like?

Jesus: You must understand dear daughter that there is communication from soul to soul; that your work is soul to soul; though in your mind you may not recognize and understand this communication, there will come a time for each of you where you will see and comprehend the depth and the value and the blessing that comes with this connection that is made from soul to soul.

I know that you are all eager to understand the dynamics that the soul expresses and is a part of in this work that we all encourage you to do in the world and it is difficult for any of us to explain to you with the limited functions of the mind how this may be and how you may understand it to be. This, beloved daughter, is where faith comes in to your work; to have faith that God is indeed guiding and using you as a channel of Love and is using you in many ways in accordance to the gifts of your soul, flowing and expressing themselves through your daily routines and existence.

You may indeed touch another soul who is far distant from you but who is in prayer, and we utilize your light, the power of your soul, to touch another in blessings, to reach another who is praying and longing within their soul to be blessed and uplifted. So, the flow of your work is very deep and what you comprehend as your work is somewhat shallow in comparison to what truly is. There will come a time where you will understand, dear daughter, and all of you will come to understand the flow of this work, the depth and the intricacies of what you do as an open channel for God.

So I say to you dear daughter, in times to come you will receive this understanding and guidance that will assist you to truly comprehend the power of truly being a channel of Love in the world. For now, it is a matter of faith. For now, you feel the energies and influences that ebb and flow in your lives, and this is an indication of what is being expressed through you and blessed through you from God. But, further than this understanding, you must have the soul progression; you must be awakened to the subtleties of knowing the dynamics of the soul and this is not just a life-long pursuit, it is a pursuit that will last for all eternity as your soul evolves and grows in the Love and Essence of God. But you begin dear daughter, as all of you begin, to have an inkling and understanding of the depth and wonderment of the great potentials and possibilities of the soul awakened in God’s Love. And we continue to assist you in this understanding and  awakening. We are like the midwives attending a birth; the birth of your soul beloveds, and we will take the utmost of care, with the tenderest of love, to ensure that all that you might come to understand and know of the Truth and wonderment of God’s Love within your soul may be realized. God bless you beloved daughter. God bless you all.

Maureen: Thank you for the blessing of your words, for your soul and for your gift to all of us. We love you dearly. We love you.