You Seek the Peace That Passes All Understanding
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You Seek the Peace that Passes All Understanding

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 4, 2019
Location: Manhattan, NY

I am Jesus. I come because I feel the yearnings of your hearts. Each of you has a deep yearning to know your true selves, your soul. Each of you is seeking the journey towards that place within that is deep, where God and you may commune in harmony and love. Each of you continues to struggle with the material world in your own way. These difficulties in your life will fall away with the blessings of God upon you.

You are not lost, beloveds. You are not lost. Merely, you continue upon that journey of awakening, of knowing, of acknowledging that God indeed is with you. So you have been drawn to this little Circle of Light. You seek answers. You seek to know the way beyond your dilemmas, beyond your challenges to a place of deep healing, of deep knowledge, of peace, the peace that passes all understanding. Beloved children, know that he whoever walks in light shall be blessed in light. Those who seek truth shall find truth. Those who open their hearts to God will find love, great and abiding love that will warm those places within you that feel alone and cold, love that shall open those places that you do not realize are there but have great gifts to offer to your life and truth that will carry you far beyond the pale versions of truth that this Earth has to offer to a place where truth is immortal and powerful and awakening. For God will touch your soul, beloveds, in such powerful ways that you will be changed as will your life.  Beloved and beautiful souls, I come to light the way for your journeys of discovery, of truly knowing yourselves and your relationship with creation, with God.

It is by no accident that you have come to these circles. Your souls urge you forward. The light draws you into this dawn of awakening, this deeper knowing that will not only satisfy your minds but deeply nourish your souls. This is what every soul seeks: the nourishment of the Holy Touch of God upon them, towards that place that will come in time, at-onement with God. Seek this gift of Love. Yearn for this gift of Love. In this yearning will come the answers. In your prayers will come the blessings. In the blessings will come great healing and peace and joy and true knowledge. It comes with the opening of those places deep within that are full of yearning and pain and a desire to truly know.

Beloved souls, each of you carry gifts, great potentials that are needed in this world True insight that will come and be expressed and will inspire many souls upon their journey of light. Think of yourselves as instruments of God. Seek for the highest path that will bring the highest blessings, the greatest of good, not only to yourselves but to all of humanity. In this way, setting your intentions for the highest, the greatest blessings will come to each of you that will lead you upon a journey of wonderment, beauty and grace, uplifting and bringing you to the fulfillment of your purpose in life. Each of you has a purpose. Each of you have many gifts that will be evident as time goes on within your life as you seek to open your soul. These gifts will burst forth in all their beauty, in all their power and light. Blessed are those who seek and blessed are those who find upon the journey to God. Great gifts, openings, awakenings and knowings will come to you, beloved souls.  I am your brother, your friend. I am Jesus. I have great love for you all, beloved souls, great love and a desire for all of humanity to awaken in your world so that the true life of this world may be realized, the true journey of life may be in harmony with God’s Laws of Creation and the Laws of Love. 

Beloveds, beloveds, may you continue upon your search and your journeys to light and God will bless you on that journey, will help you to awaken, will bring the keys to awakening to each one of you if you have faith and walk with deep trust in the Will of God. In this way, you will find what you seek. The truth, the truth will come. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you and my love is with you all upon your journeys. God bless you.