Love is My Message

Love Is My Message

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 14, 2019
Location: Monroeville, PA

My brethren, I come. I am Jesus. I come because you have called me, because in your hearts is a deep desire to follow the way that I taught. I come because I love you my beloveds. I love all my brothers and sisters in this world, no matter their beliefs, their color or their creed, I love them. I implore you to love all, for they are your brothers and sisters, and they are loved by God.

You follow the teachings of the Bible. I say to you there are many things there that I have said and done and there are many things that I have not said nor done. I say to you, when you read that book, that history of the spiritual endeavors of the Jews and the Christians, bring it to your heart and listen to what your heart has to say to these words. For within you is the knowledge of truth. Within you, you have a feeling for truth. For I do not wish for my brothers and sisters to believe and follow error. I wish for them to follow truth. The greatest Truth of all is that God is Love and that His Love may be gifted to every soul who desires this gift. With this understanding of truth, all truth will come in time.

All understanding will come to your minds and your souls in time, but all truth is predicated upon love. Love opens the door. Love awakens the soul. Love is my teaching. Love is my message. Love one another. Love God. Love your brothers and sisters. I have a deep desire that all churches of the Christian faith may be reformed in a way that will bring all together in love, to simplify the doctrines, to wipe away the error, to bring truth. That these edifices created for prayer may be used for true prayer, may be used to bring truth to those who hunger for such, may be used as sanctuaries of light in an ever-darkening world.

This is my wish and my desire. That those who pray within these churches may not pray to me for I am your brother, but I am not God. God is separate from me as He is from you, beloveds. Yet I am closest to God, for I have received the benediction of His Love to such great quantities that I am very close to my Creator. I wish to lead you all upon that journey that you may feel the wonderment, the joy, the power and the glory that comes with knowing your Creator in such an intimate way and knowing that God loves you beyond all measure, and this Love is a gift to all souls who desire to receive it. My beloved brethren, may you continue to seek within your hearts the truth and know the power of this gift of love and carry this light out into the world in whatever way and means that you may express this truth in your lives. Know the deep peace of God, the peace that passes all understanding.

Know the wonderment of your own souls for within your soul are great gifts and capacities to know truth and love. Be a channel of God’s Love in the world, for the world desperately needs this blessing of light. Beloved brethren, know that I am with you, that I will continue to walk with you. I see the light within your souls. Each one of you here has a light and this light shall draw you to God time and time again and bring to you many blessings, nourishing your souls, and in turn these blessings will bring deep rewards to your life and opportunities to bring light into this world.

Beloved souls, you are a gift in this world, for you bring a light that shall be used to bless many. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Pray for this world and in the power of your prayers will come deep blessings and the flow of light and love through you to those you love and those who are close and those in the world who are in need. The power of prayer, beloveds, sincere and longing from your soul. This is what you must do. I implore you. I implore you to continue to grow in light and love, to walk in this world as an example and channel of love and truth.

God will bless you as you walk. God will carry you and uplift you as you pray. God will be with you always. May you always be with God, my beloveds. I shall accompany you upon this journey and keep you in the light. I embrace you all, beloveds. May God bless you. May God bless you deeply. I am your brother and friend. I am Jesus. God bless you.