Saving of Souls
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The Work Before Us

Spirit: Jesus
Received by: Dave Lampron
Date: December 31, 1987

I am now here to write, my beloved brother in Christ, and most assuredly I am more than happy and pleased to come to you today to share more of my thoughts with you and for the benefit of all humankind. I am your beloved brother in spirit, Jesus, who is Master of the Celestial Heavens and the eternal leader of our church on Earth.

As you know, the work before us all is a great one. In fact, there is no greater work that can be performed than in the saving of souls by bringing them to the Bosom and Heart of the Father’s Love. I am happy today that you have given me the opportunity to speak to this issue and the progress made in this past year owing to the combined efforts of we, in the Celestial Heavens and you, our beloved co-workers on Earth.

First, let me say that progress is not always easily seen or even felt to any great degree by those of you on Earth who do not share the broader perspective which we are privileged to discern from our higher vantage point and greater view of things. But, notwithstanding your own more limited perspectives, I can tell you and assure you that the progress already made in these past several years is already beyond your faintest conceptions of greatness.. And why do I say this? Because in the saving of but one soul there is an act of greatness beyond conception; more valued than all the material gains and acquisitions combined in the earthly existence. But, in your efforts, and by this I mean the efforts of all the Trustees and many of our church members on Earth, there has been not one but a great many souls who have begun their progress to the Celestial Heavens owing to the works you have performed and the assistance you have given, through prayers and otherwise, to lead them upon the true path to salvation which I first enunciated to the world nearly 2000 years ago. T

hus, with these many souls who have begun their progress and who we are now continuing to assist and lead to happiness without end, both on Earth and in our spirit environs, there is no way that I can put into words the value of the initiating work you have performed. If one soul and its salvation is priceless, what price can be put on the saving of a vast number of souls? Only in your own experiences of soulful reward will you get any realistic conception of how valued, nay priceless, your acts of service have been. And this will continue to be, for your acts of service have only just begun, relatively speaking. In fact, although I myself have been performing my Father’s Work for nearly 2000 years, this too only represents the barest beginnings of all the work that lies before me and before us all. Not until the Consummation of the Age has come upon us will we be able to consider the great work before us completed.

As far as we can gather and understand from our own perspectives, this time is yet afar off in terms of any earthly standards of reckoning. So, we must continue to work until the decree comes that the Celestial gates are to be closed and we are to enter therein for the last time; no longer to gather the harvest, for the harvest will have been gathered and our labors will have ended. As you have been informed, thereafter, our work will only be among fellow Celestial spirits in the Celestial Heavens themselves. Earlier, you were reading a message in volume IV that was given by Mary Kennedy wherein she alluded to a ripple effect that takes place when but one soul enters the “pool of salvation,” if I may put it that way. Well, indeed, she spoke truly when she explained that the individual thus saved does not simply remain unto himself in any self-satisfied way, but very soon begins to influence others to recognize and embrace the Truths which he himself had been so fortunate to have become privy to. And as he “moves” one other soul, this moved soul also turns to others and brings them the glad tidings of salvation truly realized. In this way, what starts with one soul saved multiplies to souls without number. I say “without number” because this process is virtually indeterminate and potentially without ending. So, my beloved ones, it is time that you truly know the vast scope of the work and accomplishments not only already made but also that lie ahead.

While it is true that the amount of souls saved in the beginning of the Padgett era has been comparatively few, if we are to consider the myriad of souls already in existence, and perhaps a myriad more of souls yet to be born and individualized in the mortal existence, what should not be lost sight of is the wonderful and growing geometric effect of the “rippling process” previously referred to. In business, and especially in the insurance business, you are familiar with the percentage effects accruing to the salesman who sells insurance.

This is not a perfect analogy because the monetary or percentage gain the insurance agent receives ongoingly is reduced over time. But this analogy will serve at least to parallel the spiritual reality that a soul saved similarly does not end with one reward, but continues to amass rewards upon the effect one saved soul has upon another. Whoever initiates the saving of but the first soul necessarily must share in the benefit and reward of all saved souls to follow. So, I ask you, how can we measure the value of but one saved soul when it is understood that salvation does not stop with that one soul, but proceeds geometrically thereafter to include a potential myriad of souls similarly influenced and persuaded to seek the Father’s saving Love? You can perhaps now better understand how enormously important the saving of but one soul is.

If that one soul were not saved, a potential myriad of souls would remain lost, not having benefit of that one redeemed soul bringing the Pearl of Great Price to their understanding! So, not to belabor this message any further with analogies, let me now speak plainly and simply when I say that not only we but also you should all realize and take the fullest pleasure from the living reality that each and all of you working in the Father’s Service have already made remarkable progress in the saving of souls. Accompanying this fact, know that your rewards will not only be great in terms of that already accomplished, but will be greater still by the time you come to join us, owing to the many more souls we see you starting on their way to the Father’s Love, and also because of the greater rewards accruing to you daily on the basis of the rippling or geometric effect put into motion by the souls you are already primarily responsible for having started upon the path to their salvation. I and all my Celestial co-workers would like to take this opportunity at the beginning of this New Year to thank you with all our hearts for all that you do and have done in the service of bringing more and more of the Father’s children under the umbrella of our Great Father’s Eternal Protection and Love.

This is all I wish to communicate at this time other than to assure you that, while many of your rewards are already coming to you through such blessings as increased or restored health and other benefits, I can only say that what lies ahead of you in terms of soulful reward is beyond my capacity to convey to you, because there are no words to capture the ineffable happiness that you will experience and that will be yours when the time comes for you to put your earthly labors aside and to join us in the spirit world.

So, I, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, leave you all now with my blessings and love, and with the promise and assurance that this year will bring to all of us yet more of the Father’s Infinite Blessings, as we continue to serve Him with all the love and dedication of which we are capable. I am your brother and everlasting friend, Jesus.