The Light Must Overcome the Darkness

The Light Must Overcome the Darkness

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 4, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Brothers and sisters, I come. I am Jesus. There are two powerful currents in this world, one that flows towards darkness and one that flows towards light. At the moment, the more powerful current is that of darkness. It continues to wash over the many lands and oceans of this world creating disharmony and destruction, fuelled by the greed and desire of humanity for more material sustenance.

Humanity puts its desire for safety within these misguided places rather than coming to God, coming to Light, coming to Love. And so, we continue to come to you, and those who pray for Light, to support you in your efforts, to encourage you to build this current of light in the world so that it may overcome the darkness. Your numbers are strengthening, beloved souls. There are many upon your planet who are seeking solutions, who desire to bring greater harmony to this world, who are channels of Love and wisdom and Truth. God continues to bless those who seek in this way and express Light within their lives. Beloved souls, you carry a great Light and a great responsibility to build Light within yourself and within your life. In going to God and receiving this great gift of Divine Love, Light continues to build within your souls. Light spreads and expands out in every direction as you walk upon the Earth.

We walk with you, beloved souls, those of you who are seeking Truth, who pray for the healing of your world, who pray for all within this world, all of God’s creatures, all of humanity, all that is alive and in motion on your Earth. All needs your prayers. All needs your Light. For as God establishes beachheads of Light in a darkened world and you continue to act to empower this Light through your thoughts and prayers, actions and efforts to bring greater Light, so these nodes of Light expand and grow. It is subtle, beloveds. It is subtle and gentle and it touches many, many more than you are aware of. My beloved brothers and sisters, have faith that what you do is important, how you are in the world is a great gift to this world and God uses you more than you know in this great effort to heal and bring balance to your world. God has a magnificent plan for the salvation of mankind and for this world.

You are a part of it, beloved souls. You carry a key, an important key. For when changes come and humanity starts to ask deep and important questions as to their existence and their meaning and the power of their relationships with life and with creation, you may present this Truth and point to God and say “This Source, this Light, this Love will bring the answers that you seek”, for you are receiving Truth as you continue upon this path. Your mind becomes clear, your soul awakened and excited in Light and Love. Joy wells up from within. Truth becomes clear. Your walk in life is simplified and your desires change as this Love permeates every part of you so that you seek that which is in harmony with God’s creation, that which is in harmony with Love. In this way, you are an example of this Truth. In your own way, you teach this Truth with every breath and exemplify the power of Love as your soul continues to grow and expand in this gift. Many seek your embrace, beloved souls. Many are lost and in deep need of love.

As you continue in your daily lives allowing Love to flow and touch those who are in your sight, you give hope and you inspire the souls of others. You stir them that they may seek for Love. God brings this gift, this flow of Love through you, this Light that is your expression and true self flowing out into the world as your souls continue to find predominance over your minds and envelop all that is of darkness within you transforming this into Light. The whole world needs to accept the transformational power of Love and be deeply touched by the Hand of God. You must teach that the Truth of the soul is greater than the truth of the mind, that the power of Love is greater than the power of the will of humanity, that the existence of God and the flow of His Love and Light is the Source that all truly seek within their souls, That this Truth may be shared in order that others may be awakened from that deep slumber of the soul, that all within may be awakened, that all that is each beautiful child’s creation of God may find their expression, their true selves upon their journeys upon this world.

May God bless you, beloved souls, as you continue to journey in Light. May all that you require to be in Light, to know this deep joy of God’s Love be given. It is given in abundance to those who seek and allow this gift to touch the soul deeply, transforming you and bringing into alignment all that is within so that you may know God, to truly know and experience the blessing God’s Touch and Presence in your life. In this, you bring great Light. In this, the power of Love can heal all and bring all to Truth. You carry the key, beloved souls. God has gifted you with a powerful antidote to the darkness of this world. May you use this key wisely and express this Truth with all of your heart and soul, your desire, and your will. That all may come into alignment and bring through your beautiful light, many blessings and great Love and Truth that your light may shine brightly in the darkened world. I walk with you, beloved souls. I walk with you and my love is with you. You are my brothers and sisters and we walk together carrying the Light in your world. As the great stream of God’s Love continues to carve through the darkness and bring comfort and peace to many, I am with you and shall always be. Know that I love you, beloveds, that I love you dearly. I am Jesus and I am with you. God bless you. God bless you deeply.