Discern Truth

How Can We Discern Truth When Messages from Different Mediums Contradict Each Other?

Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 30, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

God bless you, it is Jesus. You ask an important question, my beloved beautiful friends, regarding the efficacy and accuracy of a message received through a medium. As you can well imagine, there are many elements and aspects involved in this gift. Most importantly, the harmonization of the mind and the soul, the harmonization of the soul with God, and the awakening of that soul with the blessings of Divine Love have a great bearing upon the quality of a Celestial message that may come through a medium.

The mind plays a great part in what may come through in words and sentences and themes and content of a particular message. Since the work of our beloved James Padgett, there has always been a desire with those mediums who aspire to speak, as James did, as a channel for the Celestial angels, to bring forth my words and teachings to the world. This is a noble aspiration. This is a true desire to seek for the highest. But often this desire and expectation of the mind cannot be met by the progression of the soul in regards to drawing my person into close rapport with the medium in question.

The mind may inform to a great degree what is written or spoken upon the communications from us. When this expectation is excessive and imposes a rule or a stricture as to who may speak and what they may say, there comes the intrusion of the thoughts of the medium which may indeed distort the message. In some cases, because of the will of the medium and a deep desire for a certain type of message with particular contents, they do not draw the Celestial spirits to them. They draw those who are indeed from higher realms of the spirit world and who are all too eager to communicate with mortals. Because these higher spirits of light feel to the medium to be Celestial in nature, there is an acceptance and a release of control to the spirit so that they may speak.

No medium is 100% accurate in what may be brought through. There are markers within the message which may indicate that a Celestial speaks. The medium will experience through the rapport of that spirit or angel the conditions that indicate that this is a valid communication. As with my presence with a medium, there is a true sense that is conveyed that is unmistakable. There is no ambivalence as to who is present with the power of my love and blessings upon that individual which is always conveyed in these communications as potent and brings a great blessing to that individual.

The use of mediums for communications between we in spirit and you in the flesh is subject to many laws and variables. and the greatest variable is that of the desire and condition of the medium that is being used. As I’ve said in the past and will say again, always test the truth that comes. If you are not satisfied within your hearts or through some demonstration of this truth in your experience, then do not give credence to what is spoken, with the understanding that there are always some distortions within the message. But are these distortions crucial or are they minor in your understanding of what has been conveyed? If there is doubt, release your hold upon this information and ask for guidance and confirmation of its veracity. Mortals are prone to not take responsibility for their acceptance and absorption of the truth. They prefer to put the onus upon the messenger rather than the capacity of the soul through the spirit of truth that is within each soul to comprehend and accept what has been conveyed. As for those mediums who desire to be used in this way, I say may God bless them deeply, for these efforts are not easily attained . It is always a struggle upon your earthly plane to keep this form of communication clear and without intrusion from the mindful conditions of your world. My love goes to all those who make efforts in this way. For you know and we know that to have this form of communication is a great boon to the journey of the soul to awaken in Divine Love. Your love must go to those who seek to bring Truth, who struggle to reach for the highest, who desire to be an instrument and channels for Truth. There are many potential mediums in the world. Some are highly gifted indeed but have chosen to use this gift with the great development of the mind but lacking within the soul. In your world, the vast majority of the information that is transmitted through mediums is not of the quality and consistency of the Truth of God’s Love. So one must take this into account when one reads or hears of a message conveyed by a medium whose soul is in a degree of light but not imbued with the great power of Divine Love. For it is that power, that blessing within the soul of the instrument that has an influence and informs to some degree the quality of the communication. I will say that this instrument has a higher soul development than James Padgett had for he began his journey late in life and had a degree of the Divine Love within his soul, but we spent many, many hours with him in prayer and upliftment so that we may have the opportunity to speak and bring through messages of Truth. This took several years to be accomplished and yet he was the first who brought forth Truth in a clear and concise manner. Yes, some of these messages were not of a high caliber and had distortions of truth. This is to be expected, beloveds. No medium is perfect but every medium who desires to be used in this way for the highest of purpose, for the highest of truth, is to be nurtured in love. We from the Celestial Realms take great care in choosing those we will speak through, educating and bringing the soul condition of that individual as high as in possible in your plane. This channel was invited by us to be used in this way once he had attained a certain level of soul progression. This is the way we prefer to designate channels and mediums for this purpose. For when a medium puts forth an intention and desire, a mental ambition, to be a medium for us, they cannot circumvent the tests and trials, the experiences and prayers and efforts that are required to bring a medium to a place of clarity and effectiveness.

Yes, I chose James Padgett to do this work that has brought a measure of understanding and clarity regarding the Truth of the bestowal of God’s Love. I endorse this medium through which I speak for it is our desire to continue to bring Truth of the laws pertaining to this gift and truth, the higher laws of the Love of God. You have witnessed this effort to bring these truths forward and we continue upon this path together. It requires not only the instrument to be in a condition of Love and Light, but you as well, my friends, to be of the highest condition you can be when you come together is such circles. Yes, when you are successful and for a circle that is of Light enhanced by the blessings that God has given you with portals and energetic signals within this room, within any room or area that you may practice this, then there can be a great success and at times surprising information given.

You all journey along life’s path of discovery, of growing within your soul, of deep commitment to your relationship with your Heavenly Father, and the deep desire to serve humanity in love. In this you create through your intentions, the atmosphere, the environment of Light and Love, drawing the angels close. You have done this many times in the past and will do so many times in the future. For there is no end to the Truth, the information that might be transferred through a medium to you all. Our intention is to utilize whatever conduits are available to us to bring greater Truth to humanity. This is God’s Will. This is our joyful effort and desire, to uplift your world and so we all work together, beloved souls, in this effort. My love and appreciation for you all is great for there are few willing to take these steps, to desire for the highest, to bring the great blessing of the Father’s Love into your soul through prayer and supplication and yearning of the soul.

This is the key to all that comes as a blessing from God and the workings that we share together for the upliftment of mankind. You are deeply blessed, my beloved brothers and sisters. You are deeply blessed indeed, for we consider those of you who seek for the highest as precious souls in your world. We surround you constantly. We seek to uplift and influence and assist you upon this journey. You respond to these ministrations to God’s blessings. You yearn for truth. You seek it in your prayers. You seek it in your thoughts. You seek it in expressions of your life. This is all that we may ask of you, beloved souls, and to consider that truth grows as your souls grows in Love, that you walk in Light, that you shed all that is of darkness. As you awaken in this beautiful blessing of Love, so Truth will grow within you. Your gifts will blossom and bring forth much fruit that may be used to nourish your brothers and sisters upon their journey of love.

So I say to you, beloved souls, when you doubt something that has been spoken to you and you yearn to know its truth or error, bring it to God. Ask for confirmation, for a sign, for the signal from that place in your soul that knows truth. When you have confirmed and have conferred truth within your mind, let it sink to your soul. Embrace this truth and live by this truth. Do not allow another to convince you otherwise. It is your journey to know truth, to truly know, to embrace, and to allow truth to be in every part of you. In your actions and thoughts, in your soul, in all of you, may Truth reside and be an expression of who you are, your beautiful being that God has created and has a deep desire that you know of His Presence, His Being, and His creation. This gift is given in Love. The gift of our presence is given in love. The gift of His Love is the greatest and Holiest Touch upon your soul.

God in His Mercy and Love, His power and glory, His beauty, His Being has much to convey to every soul in creation. You, beloved souls, have started a journey that will last for all eternity so truth will come golden drops, freeing you from error, bringing you to a place of strength and clarity, of a knowing that is deep and abides within your soul. Thus God in His Love desires to bring all humanity to that place of purity, light and truth where Love reigns supreme and harmony in your life, your being. Go to God, beloveds, for your Truth. Words are but words but what they convey may inspire an awakening within your soul of Truth which will bring joy and freedom and upliftment. May God bless you on that journey. I am your brother and friend. I am Jesus and I love you. I love you, beloveds. You are close to my bosom. I embrace you all. God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls.